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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
Broadway theme party centerpiece and setup here we go I popular the minute I give you guys a
brown wait the centerpiece let’s get started alright guys so the first thing
I’m going to do is get my painting out the way so it can dry while I do the
rest of the project I’m going to be painting this canvas sign from Dollar
Tree in a gloss black I’m also going to be painting for push lights but you only
want to paint the outer area of the light so what you want to do is pull
apart delight or you can cover up the extra light with painters tape so I
wanted to show you guys the inspiration behind my centerpiece and right here you
see Times Square and all of the place on Broadway
they are displayed on the building on the Jumbotrons
and I love that look if you’ve been to New York look at that here’s another
picture and this is the feel that I want to give you guys at the end of this
video I hope so I feel like this centerpiece will be great for like
birthday parties or for a retirement party for a anniversary party because
you know I am going to be placing a picture of myself on the top which will
be like starring Tyra / S or starring you know the couple or starring the
birthday girl so I’m going to be using two black boxes from Michaels this one
is a seven point three by seven point three and this one is a 10 by 12 inch
box and these are pretty inexpensive this one was $2.99 and this one was 349
very very cheap and this is build another one I didn’t have much of a
choice to make my vision come alive but after being at Michael’s for about an
hour I decided that this was perfect okay this is Times Square if you can
envision that and these aren’t gonna be the Jumbotrons
and this is the mega Jumbotron and I’m going to be placing up
sure of myself I am NOT a narcissist I’m just me you know just picture your face
being here instead of buying alright so yeah so the birthday girl the
anniversary couple or whoever picture is gonna be here and also on the back okay
and then I’m going to have all the playlists are gonna go all around the
lower box for your centerpiece to look top notch and for your pictures to look
great you’re going to want to print it out on photo paper and this one is from
Dollar Tree and you get eight sheets in a packet and that is going to go on your
Megatron or your yeah this was Megatron to star Jumbotron
and you are going to place a picture here and one on the back so you’re gonna
want to you know place a picture of yourself where you think you look good I
recently took this picture and you probably seen this on my Instagram and
on my Facebook and if you’re not following me follow me the Tyra Perez
project on Instagram and Facebook anyway so so that’s four pictures for your job
at Ron you are gonna want to print out the pictures of your play billows on
stock paper because he just looks better and feels better and you want your
centerpiece like I said to look top-notch and you are going to go on
google and you are going to Google Play Bill’s on Broadway and then you are
going to pick whichever play you like the most
I picked the most popular ones or the ones that I think are the most popular
and I print them out I print out five but I only need four cuz I’m not sure
which I’m going to use yet I’m also going to be using to Broadway signs that
I printed out on cardstock as well and I got these off of will go by searching
Broadway signs and I got this beautiful sign very nice right and these are going
to go over my canvas signs that I painted in black and I will show you
that in a little bit but first I’m gonna go ahead and start cutting all of these
and pictures I’m still not sure which I’m going to pick it but you’re there all right so now I’m ready to put
everything together but first I’m going to dispose of the lid from this square
box I’m not gonna need it and then I’m going to turn it over and
then I’m going to turn it to sideways okay not forward but sideways and then
I’m going to place my bigger box on top and this is going to be facing forward
and I’m going to use some hot glue to bond them together so I decided to go
with phantom of the opera’ Lion King Hamilton and wicked I really do like
kinky boots color just color in general but it just really doesn’t go with the
rest of the playbill so I’m going to stick to this once next I’m going to be making a frame out
of this silver foil paper from Dollar Tree I basically want this frame to go
over my picture and basically what I have to do is just cut out the middle
part of it what I have to cut it smaller than the picture I know you can barely
see this but um I basically just cut half an inch from these sides and half
an inch from the top and bottom and I’m going to use my x-acto knife or my craft
knife to do so so it should look something like this and eventually this
is going to go right over my picture or your picture and it will look something
like this totally looking like a glamour shot from the 90s horrible now I am
going to be gluing my glamour shot right in the middle of my Megatron here and
I’m going to be using hot glue really lightly on these four sides because I
don’t want it to show through and for my frame since this paper and very thin I’m
going to be using Mod Podge to add a little dimension to my
centerpiece I decided to use this canvas sign from Dollar Tree alright so now I’m
going to place my Broadway sign right on top of it and I’m going to glue it with
hot glue now I’m going to install my wire LED lights behind my Broadway sign
and around it and what I’m going to do is turn this over make sure everything
is clean so you won’t get that dirty and I’m going to place it right in here and way I’m gonna wrap this around you
don’t need this little part showing or you don’t want that showing either so
you’re gonna wrap that around there just make sure that all the lights are out
and that wire is in I’m also going to add a little bit of glue right here on
the wood so Dion pocket here will not move and I also turn the pocket over to
this side so I’m able to turn it on and off easily now I’m going to bring your
under and then I’m going to push the wire here so you can curve and also here
I’m going to add a little bit of glue right here not too much because you
don’t want it to look sloppy so for the last little wire that was
hanging right there I pretty much just wrapped it around the wire right here on
this side and this is what it looks like I’m going to add a little bit of hot
glue here so you can stay put and I want it all the way back but not quite
touching the picture in the back okay next I’m going to be using a white bowl
from Dollar Tree and I’m going to drape it over the box to come a flash the fact
that it is a box so it’s going to go all the way from here to the other side lastly as I’m looking at my centerpiece
I thought of this star stickers that I had from some time ago I know I got this
from Walmart I’m sure that we’re like 199 or $2.99 maximum and I was just like
you know what how about some stars and I know I have some so I was like okay God
if I find it that means that he’s meant to be if not it was probably too cheesy
for it so let’s try it on so I’m this may or may not make the cut okay because
I like for things to look elegant and not cheesy I’m anti cheesy so let’s just
try one very lightly because I don’t want it this is this are self-adhesive
so and you know what if I decide not to it might be your thing and it might not
be mine and I’m already not really liking it
let’s try to spill the last without the glitter I don’t know guys you can even see it
it’s cute a close-up alright let’s start a couple of others stars or no stars you
mix a little bit of a difference this is a little bit more plain journey what it
is the back ok let’s see no stars and let’s go back to stars again stars I
think I like stars I think I like them so stars it is that I was making
spotlights so I’m using Dollar Tree push lights and
I painted them in black as you saw earlier and I’m also using my magnetic
clips also from Dollar Tree and all you have to do is pull that up and then you
these are self-adhesive and there’s usually a paper that you’ll pull back
but these are recycled so all you’re gonna do is just stick it right on there
and there’s your spotlight look at that Hollywood style let you love that so
cute okay guys this is it this is my Broadway
themed centerpiece and it is absolutely fabulous I am loving the centerpiece so
much I am loving the modern look with a little hint of the old Broadway feel and
I’m telling you guys this centerpiece can be used in so many many many
occasions I was actually thinking that you can use this for graduation season
you can put the graduates picture on top you can put his name in the middle with
the lights and then you can put the school’s mascot around these sides or
whatever you will like all baby pictures I mean you can do so many things with
this centerpiece twick sixteens king seniya an
anniversary retirement party any birthday party any occasion this is your
centerpiece I hope I get you guys justice you guys wanted a Broadway
themed centerpiece and here you have it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if
you did please make sure to give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed
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thought of my centerpiece and leave me a comment anyway because I’d love to
chitchat with you guys all the time also if you know someone that can use this
centerpiece make sure to share with them at the end of this video alright guys
until next time bye

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