a frugal fam welcome back on Tuesday we
took you guys Dollar Tree shopping and today is the Dollar Tree haul so let’s
go ahead and get started we’ve heard these before but I left all
of my Easter stuff in California we’re west coast to East Coast right now
visiting family so I had to pick up another pack of these cute jumbo funny
Easter eggs you get four in a pack open next up we grabbed another a rubber
ducky I picked up this duct tape for my DIY Dollar Tree filming set up come back
tomorrow for that video it will be super quick and very simple and
straightforward and perfect if you like to have a ten dollar budget on a video
setup next you guys know I had to grab this notepad and I love that it has the
magnet strip perfect for the fridge right groceries a little note shimmer
and shine these are popping up in every dollar tree this one is the coloring and
activity book and you get three in a pack huge huge huge score be on the
lookout for brand names like Nickelodeon Disney all that fun stuff I found another shimmer and shine item
these are playing cards like I mentioned in the come with me I like to use number
cards like this for the number Association for this little one right
here and what else do we have oh my goodness these stickers they
remind me of lol surprise dolls look at them they’re so like and edgy and
eclectic and I love it I picked up oh wow you get 50 stickers
but I picked up two packs I grab some more craft storage boxes and they’re just
very simple little plastic containers to pop open in the front and you can store
all sorts of things and they have removable shelves some of the slots and
then you can just insert them back in there they have pink purple black and
white and I grab one of each purple blue and black they didn’t have
any other colors I grabbed a roll of this beautiful pastel like slightly
glittered ribbon two and a half inch wide really good deal ribbon at Dollar
Tree is an excellent deal especially the thicker rolls and then all my goodness
you guys when I was in the toy section the Hot Wheels selection I’m not even
like a Hot Wheel type of person but the items that they had over there oh my
goodness I had to pick this up and I think I’m gonna keep that one for myself
I think books and Easter baskets are an amazing idea and if you haven’t checked
out the book section at Dollar Tree please go give it a visit even if your
Dollar Tree has a small selection you should still check it out then I found
another shimmer and shine product this is a cute little book we have the Disney
princess book like this but they all just flip out and they tell a little
story with each one and these girls are just so magical and fun with their
different color hair and then another huge score okay so this is not the huge
score but this is the part of the huge score I think these are pronounced amope
paying you guys I know you have seen these in like the s in what is it called
as seen on tv stores and CVS Walgreens and they weren’t a dollar right these
were one dollar each at Dollar Tree and we went to the one in Alexandria
Alexandria Virginia if you’re curious or you didn’t check out that come with me
to Dollar Tree trip so here we have the cuticle oil and here we have the nail
file replacement heads so I saw these first and I was like okay that’s cool
that they’re selling the amope pedi stuff but what about the kid right now
I found the car’s paint set I think this will be a nice little addition for
Easter baskets and they had Disney princess Minnie and Mickey they had
everybody I decided to pick up some mini Snickers for the Easter basket my Easter
baskets typically have like one or two pieces of candy in it I like to give
toys and give other things versus a candy next in the goodie bag I have
these pastel and gold colored always let’s show them first okay so they’re
very simple just regular old eggs but I just love the color I think these will
go perfect in a teen Easter basket and then I have these cute little bunnies
which are also Easter eggs but I love that they can stand up they have little
feet you see the little base on the bottom so they can stand up nicely on
their own and then I decided to give this oh you want to show them go ahead
show them the eggs there you go then I found this faux suede cosmetic bag and
they had some different colors like purple blue and I picked up the purple
and I think that will work in the teen Easter basket as well I will put all of
this stuff together in that Dollar Tree DIY Easter basket video it’s gonna be a
very simple and quick one if you guys want something more creative
check out my one from last year we made a DIY Dollar Tree Easter basket so pick
up some paper shred you guys can see me all these before but like I said all of
my Easter stuff is in California with Easter being on the 1st of April it
completely threw me off so I did not plan properly the dogs are gonna be sad
because they’re in the little hotel they don’t have very little Easter baskets
right there Bobby thank you mommy I found a little
superhero sticker kit for your eggs and this is going in I think my nephew’s
Easter basket then I found this little pom-pom kid is
just a really cute simple activity to put together with your kid or your kid
can do it by him or herself and then I found this white chocolate Easter Bunny
so the first thing that used their baskets that I picked up is this soccer
ball Easter basket now with the fabric ones you have to keep in mind that you
can’t like put bricks in here because it might break but but it like regular
Easter basket it can hold some really nice things inside of there last year we
use the basket ball one with no issues and the beautiful sounds of the city in
the background I picked up two of these basket bags you get two in a pack
look the burgundy pack with the blue pack those are the shrinkable ones you
only get one each but my nephew he’s really into firemen like firemen
everything firefighter fire everything and I wanted to create a cool little
Dollar Tree firefighter used to basket for him but I couldn’t find any stickers
and the Dollar Tree I went into just wasn’t working for me but if I do get it
done I’ll be sure to post it on a snapchat so I think tissues inside of an
Easter basket is a nice little touch I mean you can just throw it on the bottom
to add some height so you can have your items staggered and plus they get some
tissue so this is the second Easter basket that we picked up and this one is
pretty big it reminds me of like a water bucket sorry you want to wear the bucket
I think my head can fit in it too yeah this is pretty big and I have a big
in over here is where the amope pedi perfect petty is oh my goodness if you
guys see these in your Dollar Tree you better grab them and you better wrap
these up and give them out for Christmas gifts oh my goodness oh I’m still in
disbelief I think it requires batteries so it does require two
batteries but you also get three refills and the unit then I picked up some
Easter grass that you’re a destined keep plastic one for older kids and I thought
this would be cute to add in an Easter basket use a little pink
minions yes that is pink we have two more mini
float of chocolate KitKat and we have a paddle board for an Easter basket very
old-school that simple game for a kid that’s you know older than sorry double
bubble’s Easter egg gums that out put inside it may be some little Easter eggs
and then I thought these magic towels would be a perfect little add to an
Easter basket we have a car as one to match the cars paint and then we have
this doc Mc Stuffins on right here for cute little pink flowers and then I
thought this would be really nice we included one in Valentine’s Day
little Dollar Tree gift basket but it was in the shape of a circle and this
one is a little diamond but those are hair ties really cute right and then I
picked up this kiss gel polish gel nail polish with this chunky gold glitter I
had that on in a video I can’t remember which one it was definitely a Dollar
Tree video it’s called pulse one right plus one grab this cute little plush
bunny very soft space looks a little like a dog but his cute and then
I grabbed these cookies and cream little and I think I picked up too much
candy I don’t know what I was thinking looks like we have another magic towel
this one is a Ninja Turtle one and I picked up this one for zari the magic
town Minnie Mouse we’ll put that in her Easter basket and
for my little niece I thought these sunglasses would be so cute on her
little face so she might they might be a little too big but that’s alright
I’ve been looking like I had a mustache and a beard the whole video so 14 I
thought it would be a clever and a very unique way to make an Easter basket use
the Dollar Tree galvanized buckets they have the other home decor writing but
these sunflowers are perfect right in this bag we have some more Easter eggs
these have cute a little animal faces on them tigers and hippos and elephants and
cats it looks like I picked up more paint sets paint is going to be
everywhere we have the Minnie Mouse one for sorry and the Mickey one for I’m not
sure who but these are such an amazing feel you guys huge cute little score and
then I think once the paint runs out I’m gonna just refill it with some like
additional paint because the containers are super super cute so like I mentioned
earlier in the toy section I went a little crazy because the selection of
Hot Wheels I have never seen these at Dollar Tree before and I also shared in
that come with me that target has Hot Wheels for $0.99 so if you can’t find
these and your Dollar Tree check out your target how bad is this a homemade I
think this is the bat pod love it and then they had Justice League goodies
in there as well quick in silk can’t see all right
just making sure I think they had every little Batman series where not every one
but different series and all of his vehicles within that um within that
series like this one is The Dark Knight Rises okay so this one is the bat and
this one is Batman Begins Bat mobile and I selfishly would like to keep all of
these for myself I’m not going to do it I want to but I’m not I’m not on that
why didn’t I just pick up two of each keep one for myself
and give one to the kids next up I found these beautiful pastel colored kiss gel
nail polishes these are so pretty perfect little
additions for Easter baskets for older kids of course I have more dress I think
this is going to be saris Easter basket this beautiful mint blue color oh we
have some bubbles and you get for 2-pack so I can put these and every little
Easter basket and everyone will be happy we have another Easter basket and this
one is just so cute look at the little handle it’s perfect for a little person
so I think my niece is going to get that and we also have to go with the pink
little duckie show them the duckie children the pink one we have this
little plush duckie though like I said we hauled all of these duckies in
California but because it’s there and we are in do you see I had to buy doubles
so 1/4 of my knees 1/4 sorry in their little Easter basket grab some more
paper green grass for the little babies Easter basket and then for 18 Easter
basket I have this little mani-pedi set right here just had nail files a pick a
brush and oh it also has Clippers on the inside it’s pretty good
oh and it has a little tow holder the toll um toe spacer there we go no sorry
don’t take it apart unless we have three of these even though these are called
fun packs reusable stickers oh I love these stickers they’re not like the
paper ones they’re like plastic and you can move them around and each little
pack comes with a play set or like a little setup and you can put the
stickers on there let me just show you the back so you can see these are so
cool we use the Mickey Mouse ones during potty time
because it gets really boring in the bathroom three times we’re in there for
like 30 minutes that is everything that we picked up from that Dollar Tree make
sure you check out the shopping trip we will be sure to link it in the
description box as well as in the comments like we always do if you guys
enjoyed hanging out with us give this video a big thumbs up
join the frugal fam by subscribing and if you want to see more Dollar Tree
videos or best dollar toy videos you can check out this playlist we will see you
in the next one bye guys are you gonna wave Oh what color is that buddy do I see it yeah you were right at first
you see a blue baby oh are you gonna keep trying now where’s Ari sorry does
not want to sit in her own share today no she does not
was it for Carla yes those are for Carla yes Carla’s glasses you’re wearing them
thank you they’re for her don’t you when you do that and I look terrible
it’s supposed to snow today it’s been like sleeting and raining or whatever
all day today so I am in home body mode home by mode sound does a duck make you
look like a duck you look like a duck do you wouldn’t think the sunglasses off yeah you need it I see you say hi
they buy


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