Dollar Tree Haul + Target Christmas 2017 – Shop With Me at the Dollar Store!

Dollar Tree Haul + Target Christmas 2017 – Shop With Me at the Dollar Store!

hey guys it’s Tasha from one big happy I
cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner I’m so excited to
share this Dollar Tree haul with you guys and I know it’s a little early okay
I know you probably like well it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but because we’re
going away to Singapore in just a little bit I had to get a head start and the
Christmas stuff is already out in most stores and so if you don’t go now you
may not get some of the best stuff so let’s take a look at what I got so I
got two of these 18-inch Christmas trees I figure they would make great
accessories on various surfaces throughout the house in the bedrooms
things like that and this is what it looks like
completely fluffed out so that looks pretty good for you know just a dollar
so I have two of them and who knows I may go back and get some more because
they will look really cute like I said just kind of scattered throughout the
house in the areas that don’t have just like a ton of Christmas decor so I got
two of those alexis was with me so she picked up this cause she thought it was
really cute it’s for her but kind of tilt my head so you can see what it
looks like it’s a really cute fun accessory for the kids so that was just
a dollar I also got so our theme this year is red and white so you’ll see that
most of the things that I bought will be red and white so I got these for
Christmas stockings they were a dollar each and I am planning on hanging them
in the mantel right here behind me in our dining room this is actually a
twelve days of Christmas gift for Reeves. We do 12 days of Christmas gifts
leading up to Christmas itself and so it’s small thoughtful items that and we
each get one gift a day for the 12 days so this is one of those I won’t be
showing any more of the 12 days of Christmas because we’re going to be
showing you 12 days of Christmas on the channel every day during vlogmas so but
this is just a little sneak peek all right some other decor items that I
thought were cute these wooden signs so there’s a snowman one Alexis actually
liked this one so this one is hers and then there’s this cute this is like a
Christmas ornament globe type one and then also this reindeer sign now these
you know you can hang them on your wall hang them on doors there’s just there
pretty versatile hang them up in the bathroom just a little extra bits of
decor around the house to make it all Christmassy in every single room now I
also got two very kind of utilitarian kind of things you never have too many
wire ornament loops I feel like I’m constantly losing these things on my
ornaments year after year so I bought a whole bunch of them it’s three hundred
in a pack for a dollar and then I also got an extension cord because you always
need extension cords everything has lights and during Christmas and
I think this one is indoor only but for a dollar you can’t beat that
other decor type things that I got so we ooh I got some little bows for the little
Christmas trees we really like putting gel clings for various holidays on our
the glass in our the mirrors in our bathrooms so I got two of these one for
each of our main bathrooms and then I also got these which are window clings
this is for Alexis and this is ours but I might stick them on the window in our
bathroom they’re kind of cheesy but they’re also really fun so we like we
like them this I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it yet
but it is a battery-operated light set oh my gosh I accidentally got red so I
think I’m gonna have to go back and swap these out for the white ones before we
head off to Singapore because I feel like after Thanksgiving comes the whole
store is gonna be picked clean so if I want to have my pick
I better swap them out now okay and so I think everything else is basically going
to be ornaments so like I said our theme this year is red and white so most of
our ornaments are red or white so this is a really cute Christmas sweater
mitten with a little working bell – that’s really cute I like that a little
red and white gift box this wooden joy sign not all of it is perfectly on theme
but I just pick things that I felt like would complement the tree really well
this year and if they kind of don’t that’s okay I’ll save them and put them
away for a future Christmas tree this is a little bird ornament it has a little
clip on it so it could do well on the tree itself or it could get clipped into
greenery anywhere around the house or on a bow or on top of wreath on a shelf I
think this is a really versatile piece little Christmas tree bells with stars
on top and then a set of miniature bells I’m
not 100% what I’m gonna do with these yet I think they’ll get lost on the big
Christmas tree so they might look good on little Christmas trees or I might
incorporate them into some other Christmas crafts right let’s see if
there’s anything in here that I have not shown you oh these I think are just
super cute I love the little pearls and the glitter is kind of this silvery gold
glitter and I love the filigree work and also just the shape of the ornament
it’s round but it’s a disc and so that’s gonna add some nice variety to the tree
so I got a couple of these I also got this cute reindeer-head-ornament in
white I got two sets of ribbon this one is mostly for wrapping presents because
the gift wrapping that I got will be mostly red and white and then this I’m
thinking I’m gonna use this to hang tiny wreathes from the from our kitchen
cabinets so we’ll see how that looks this is kind of random I have some
ornaments to show you but this is such a cute Christmas mug and it comes with
candy in it so if you I think this would make a really great gift for a teacher
or like co-workers where you can get them a mug and they have it has candy in
it and it’s only a dollar and they had a wide assortment of different mugs so
looking for nice inexpensive stocking stuffers Dollar Tree all righty so these are kind of my
favorite I had planned to make paper stars this was supposed to be paper
Christmas this year but the truth is I just don’t have time to make a lot of
our ornaments because in between a Singapore trip and vlogmas
I am just really busy this year so I will be buying a lot more of our decor
this year just to save myself some time and honestly when you go to the dollar
store and you get your decor from there you save time and you save money because
it’s hard to make an ornament that looks this good period much less formally
$1.00 so I have I got a number of these I think about like six of them so you
will see them when I decorate our Christmas tree and then I also got a
couple of these just gorgeous glammed up reindeer really nice the last thing that
I got from the Dollar Tree is this white sparkly gift wrap it is going to look so
cute with just a simple red bow on some of our presents so I’m really looking
forward to that and just as an added bonus I did get a couple of things from
Target so I’m gonna throw these on here at the end I don’t get a lot of our
decor from Target cause Target can get really pricey really quick and they’re
slow to put their things on sale unlike some of the other places like Joanne’s
or Michael’s or A.C. Moore so from Target I got these napkins because again our
theme is going to be red and white this year and so we don’t have any just plain
white napkins we have red napkins but so I got these and these are really cute
and they’re $10 for four so those $20 for two and then I got this red
tablecloth I don’t because the tablecloth that I’m using is actually
going to be white but I wanted a red table runner the problem is that the red
table runners are like 20 bucks whereas and I needed to so that would
have been $40 so what I’m going to do is just take this red tablecloth and
and cut it and sew it and make two runners out of just this red tablecloth and this was 16
dollars so it’s just cheaper to make my own using this tablecloth than to buy
premade table runners so that’s one DIY project that I’m going to be doing once
we hit vlogmas I also got these clear icicle lights from Target because we are
going to be using these to do our family Christmas photos we’re gonna use them as
a backdrop and the dollar store didn’t have any icicle lights maybe you’ll be
lucky enough that you’re a dollar store carry them but ours didn’t and these
were seven dollars a pop I got two alright that is it for this Christmas
decor haul mostly dollar store a little bit of Target so be sure to tune in over
the next few weeks as we start decorating for Christmas and then of
course vlogmas all throughout December thanks for watching guys bye

30 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul + Target Christmas 2017 – Shop With Me at the Dollar Store!

  1. I love the Dollar Tree (and used to love Dollar Store .99 cents store too, but I don;t live where they have them anymore)! Oh, good here you are. I thought at first you were being censored!! I just bought my tins from the Dollar tree to pack our Holiday baking gifts. Thank you for sharing ! Have a blessed day!

  2. It's never too early for a Christmas haul πŸŽ„β˜ƒβ„ I can't wait to see your home decorated for Christmas. Great items.πŸ’œ Thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I zip to Target right after Christmas to pick up cool ornaments. My grandson"s middle name is "Fox" and last year I was lucky to find several fox Christmas ornaments for $1.50 each! My plan is to continue to buy and save fox-related ornaments and give him a big box when he's much older.

  4. There's a saying in my country: cheapness eats all the money.
    And this is the case here imo. I am not really fond of buying plastic stuff, just because it is Christmas and they are cheap.
    I prefer to buy one quality item each year (only if I find something I really like and never a plastic one) and to incorporate it into the decoration with the older items, some of which are in the family for more than a century.

  5. Hello Tasha, great haul you have some really cute ornaments, definitley going to the dollar tree, thanks for sharing. ❀❀❀❀

  6. By the way, the 12 days of Christmas refers the 12 days from Christmas to the epiphany ( January 6), the day the wisemen reached the manger.

  7. I love the Christmas holiday season! I'm excited for your 12 days of Christmas vids, like I'm in your family! Thanks for sharing with us:)

  8. We sort of Christmas shopped at our local Lidl (it's a "sister" store to Aldi here in the EU, well actually the two owners are brothers LOL) and got some great deals there for under 4 euro. Bits and pieces to decorate. Mostly wooden items, very cute pieces. πŸ™‚

  9. Nice video. The mini trees are adorable. I used to joke and ask where the Christmas trees are at DT and now they have them…lol

  10. What an awesome haul! I love everything πŸ™‚ Great video! I just uploaded a dollar tree Christmas haul myself πŸ™‚

  11. When my kids were little, we put window clings on the Frig…..some were educational , others seasonal. They loved putting them on and off…and rearranging them.

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