DOLLAR TREE Shop with Me 📓HOMESCHOOL HAUL 2019 | ✂️Art Supplies, Workbooks, 📒Creative Consumables!

DOLLAR TREE Shop with Me 📓HOMESCHOOL HAUL 2019 | ✂️Art Supplies, Workbooks, 📒Creative Consumables!

– So, I am out and about today and I am taking four
kiddos into Dollar Tree for a Dollar Tree shop with me and haul and let’s see what we get. Okay, all the Valentine’s stuff. Oh, look at those headbands. Those are cute. Oh, cute little cups. Let’s have a Valentine’s party. Oh, this looks helpful. Soup mug. Oh, these are really pretty bowls. Those are very nice. I like those a lot. We don’t need more bowls right now. “Love you more than coffee
but not always before coffee.” That’s cute. Lots of food in this Dollar Tree. Look at this. Lobster. – [Boy] Marshmallows!
– Lobster! Oh, I got marshmallows at
Walmart, and more hot chocolate. So we’re good. I’m gonna try their minced garlic here. I think I am out. I always need garlic since
I dump it in everything. I’m gonna try those. This molding clay, I’m
gonna get some of this. I’m replenishing our home
school project consumable stuff. And I know I got someone
who needs earbuds. We’ll use some Dollar Tree earbuds too. Now this Dollar Tree has all kinds of good workbooks in stock. The last one I went to
was pretty much out, but I love these for little kiddos. Like Daniel would really enjoy this. These three subject notebooks
are a fantastic deal. I paid way more than a dollar for some of those a few weeks ago. So this is what Gabriel’s
gettin’, and then, let me see what you’re–
– These. – A lollipop.
– That one broke, I gotta put this back. – That’s cool. We’ll get a few fresh puzzles. You know how pieces get lost and the kids love doin’ puzzles. (gentle music) Well, friends, I have my Dollar Tree haul. It’s a homeschool haul and, yeah, I think it’s pretty much an
educational and homeschool haul. I did get a few things for myself. It was lots of fun in the store. If you’ve been around here a bit, you know this summer,
I went to Dollar Tree and some other stores
and I really loaded up, especially on our consumable items, you know, crayons and
paper and glue sticks and scissors and glitter and stickers. I will put that video down
in the description below. But I love for my kids
to have consumable items. Items that they can use
and create, and yes, they might run through all those crayons in a few months, but
it’s not because they’re just wasteful kids
throwin’ ’em in the trash. It’s ’cause they’re creative
kids and they’re making beautiful things with them and they have to have the materials to create. Okay, and so, I will just start here. So here is a ton of Dollar Tree workbooks. These are for Daniel and Emilia. I have not bought them
any Dollar Tree workbooks since the summer and they
needed some fill-ins. These will be used over
the next couple months in addition to other things
Emilia, in particular, is doing in her school time. But these are great because,
while I work with other kids, or, you know, just depending
on how our school day goes, Daniel, and I would let
him use a crayon for this, he’s a new four and we wanna make it fun. I’m not all about proper
and rigid schooling. I’m all about fun and
life learning as well. So he would take his
crayon, he writes a lot of his letters beautifully already, and it’s not something
I have pushed at all. It is just giving him the crayon and giving him these
workbooks and he loves to have his own book while his brothers and sisters have their bigger kid books. So these allow that,
and for a dollar apiece, he can just work though. Or if he gets really artistic and just scribbles the
whole thing, it’s okay. It was only a dollar. There’s the alphabet one. We have some first grade level. Now, technically, Daniel is preschool. Emilia is kindergarten. However, I got some first
grade material as well because we will be there before we know it and it really just depends
on the level of the child beyond even whatever grade
numbers you wanna put on it. So there’s a lot of this that she can do. Now, and like here, we have, just for fun, it says spelling. There were little aspects
I liked about the books and I did not flip page for page, but some of these are repeat buys. Like, I’ve had several kids
that, when they were younger, they did this little subtraction booklet and we’ve had the
addition book by Crayola. And the so the time and money
book, Emilia will love that. We have phonics. Again, grade one, but don’t worry so much about the grade level. Think about what the individual needs of the child are at that time. Some of these would
be, well, that would be review for Emilia. I know Daniel would love, oh, of course, ’cause it’s got a puppy. Again, practicing the numbers. Then we have a Cookie Monster
with the letter sounds. So these are, I just think
they’re great for kids in their age ranges
and, if you’re new here, it’s not at all all that
they do for their learning, but it is something fun to add on in. And here’s the only thing
I got for this mama’s self. Well, now, I take that back. I did get pushpins, but
that’s for the family, too. And I got Zyan a pair
of Dollar Tree earbuds. I should’ve grabbed
him earbuds at Walmart, but he can probably
get a week outta those. Anywho, I thought I would
try the minced garlic. I got two things of minced
garlic, two things of parsley. Then, again, with Daniel in
mind, I got this ABC puzzle and it looks like it just has
some really cool art on it. And then, this is a various toy puzzle. I can just see him spread out on the floor working very hard on
this, he would love it. And this is another one. We can count and talk about the numbers and poke ’em in and out. Now, consumable, fun, educational,
creative for the kids. I got five packs of this modeling clay. Yesterday, in our homeschool
group, they had clay. They did dinosaur fossils, and Naomi, I think she did some
butterflies, some frogs. So this is a different kind
of clay, but all they need is a picture and they will
be making amazing creations, so I got each of them a pack
of clay for a whole dollar. I got two packs of paint. This is for Naomi in particular. She’s so excellent in her painting. She can actually paint
independently on her bed in her bedroom, clean it all up, you don’t even know that she was painting. So I got those for her. I got two more of these
lace and learn shape packs. Daniel was real excited when he saw these, and pretty soon, Benjamin
will be pokin’ the string right along with him. Then, as I had mentioned in the store, I got some different puzzles
to add to our puzzle shelves. I got a 24 piece numbers
puzzle with Daniel in mind. I got a 60 piece American puzzle. We’ll love talkin’ about the states. You know I got this with Emilia in mind, with the angel kitty, and
then another one with Tangled. This just looked funny and I could see Liam or Gabriel or Naomi working on this. “Look differently at the
world” 300 piece puzzle. And then, obviously, with
Gabriel and Liam in mind, the Spider-Man and the Star Wars and the Jurassic World 100 piece puzzles. These are just good whenever
we’re having quiet time. They enjoy doing puzzles. The more with Daniel in mind, these sticker books have
been really helpful this year and he has finished the
other ones I had gotten him. So he’s got a Rhymes and
Opposites sticker book, and then, Around the World sticker book. And I just think, I mean, for a dollar, these are great stickers. Also got him a numbers sticker book. Oh, bananas! Mama loves it. Really, really, cute stickers. Then I got, not the best
deal in the world, by far, but two of the small packs
of construction paper. This was a pretty good deal. I paid almost three dollars, I’m pretty sure almost three dollars, for three subject notebooks
about a month ago at Walmart. I always need notebooks
for various things, so I got four of these. Total, I spent $68. However, out of that $68,
$12 of it was treats today. Naomi, Gabriel, Liam, Emilia, Daniel, and then even for Benjamin,
each of them got to pick out two treats because everybody
always loves treats. And so the rest of the
amount it what I spent on these lovely homeschool refills. So, friends, thank you so much for runnin’ into the Dollar Tree with us and doin’ this updated
homeschool Dollar Tree haul. The kids will love
rippin’ through and using and consuming all of these
products over the coming months. I’ll probably go back in
in the spring at some point and get some more supplies to add on our homeschool room shelves. I’ll see you real soon with
another brand new video. Bye-bye.

100 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE Shop with Me 📓HOMESCHOOL HAUL 2019 | ✂️Art Supplies, Workbooks, 📒Creative Consumables!

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