Dolly Parton Goes Christmas Crazy in All Her Houses

Dolly Parton Goes Christmas Crazy in All Her Houses

Hello, Dolly Parton. Well, hello. How are you? I’m good. Thank you. I always love when you’re here. I’m happy to see you. Well, I enjoy it. And you’re right, you’ve
got Christmas all around. And congratulations
with all your presents. [CHEERING] Are you a big– do you
decorate for Christmas? Do you do a big
decoration of your house? Oh, yeah. I have a lot of
rooms in my house. And I’ve got a Christmas
tree in every one of them. In every room? A little one. They’re all different sizes. But I have different houses. I have a lake house. We decorate it. Kind of with a theme
of that with water. Christmas is all about
the kids [INAUDIBLE].. It really is. Yeah. It is. It’s about kids. And I keep saying
it, but there are a lot of kids and a lot
of families that have nothing because of the fire. So please help all those kids
out and those families out because they need that. Might I say that Linda
Perry, our friend that produced my album, she put
together a whole big show, and they raised a million
dollars for the fires out there. Oh, that’s fantastic. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, that’s great. That’s great. I have to say, Dolly,
you look fantastic. Thank you. And I know you don’t mind me
saying you’re 72 years old. Yes I am. [APPLAUSE] 72 years old, and you
are busier than ever. You’re doing what– they’re
going to do a remake of 9 to 5, which is fantastic. Yes, with Jane and Lily. You have a Netflix special. What is the Netflix series? Well, actually it’s
called Heartstrings. And it’s movies based on
songs that I’ve written. And I’m really
excited about that. I act in some of them. And I introduced them all. And they’re all based on
songs that really tell good stories, having a lot of
wonderful actors and actresses in them. So I’m looking forward to that. That’s fantastic. All right, so let’s
talk about d– I don’t know how you
got involved with this. But it’s a fantastic thing. So tell me about that. It is. I was watching you and Jen. And I love Jen by the way. And she had fun coming
to sing on the song. I made her do it. And Linda Perry
and I were there. But she and Danielle came over. It was a song that I wrote,
that Linda and I wrote, Called Push and Pull. And it was about the
mother-daughter relationship in the movie. But as far as me
getting involved, it was a book that was
out a few years ago. Yeah. Julie Murphy wrote the book. And she mentioned it
was– had me in it. So I got the book,
and I loved it. And I was very flattered. And I didn’t think
any more about it until Jennifer
Aniston produced it. And she called me, or
she and her company asked if they could
license some of my songs. And I said, well, sure I would
be honored that you would. And so then they asked if
I would write a theme song. And I said, yes. And they said would you
write it with Linda Perry? I said yes. Would you let Linda
Perry produce it? I said yes, whatever. So I was saying
yes to everything. But when I met Linda, we just
really clicked musically. Yeah. And I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. We’d never met. But so we just started
writing all these songs, and they just kept using them. So I really felt honored
that the movie was about a little girl that had
been inspired by my music because you want to be
meaningful in your life. So that’s kind of
how it came to be. It was about a book about
me, and so of course, I should write the
music, don’t you think? Yeah, of course. So I did. That’s fantastic. And it’s getting Oscar buzz. Congratulations. Thank you. It’s so good.

100 thoughts on “Dolly Parton Goes Christmas Crazy in All Her Houses

  1. She is ever so charismatic. Every time I see her face and hear her talk, I feel happy. She just exudes positivity and sweetness. Seems like a genuinely kind and nice person.

  2. NO Christmas is NOT about children though they play a certain role in it , it is about THE BIRTH OF OUR LORD which America does not believe or believe in the REAL meaning of Christmas or how to celebrate it correctly that it does not end on Christmas Day but Jan 6th Epiphany , Christmas and Christianity is totally WASTED in the US

  3. The first singer that I ever fell in love with as a kid and will love forever is you Dolly. I have sung many songs of yours and people call me Dolly parton. God bless you and keep you safe and sound untill He calls you home.

  4. well if they have to fill there houses with all this stuff they must have a very EMPTY Christmas. something is missing the real meaning of helping and GIVING cheer to OTHERS

  5. Those clapping people are like brainless robots. OMG, what is wrong with Americans.
    For goodness sake START THINKING. Don't let others manipulate you.

  6. Awwe..priceless show Ellen..Dolly is in a special place all her own..Merry Christmas to all..God Bless You β€β›„πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ™β€

  7. I love her and I love her musicπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  8. She has a good sense of humor and she can laugh at herself. Money doesnt hurt, of course. Her sister, Stella, has a lot of energy, too.

  9. Dolly is great! I grew up listening to her and I have introduced my children to her music, they receive books from her foundation… β™‘β™‘β™‘ and she looks amazing!!!!

  10. I'm 43. & u r still the most beautiful lady ever. Fan since my baby days. Sexy now as u was years ago. Like wine. Older u get,prettier u get

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