71 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore on 12th Birthday Party, Madonna & the 80’s

  1. She was so worried her shirt was gonna let something pop out she kept closing it and holding her hands in front of it. Lol I don't blame her ? That woulda made me nervous as hell. Lol Love Drew. One of my favorite movies is Ever After

  2. Someone find her commercial at 11 months old. Don’t know what the product was, but she was seated next to a puppy. She got the ad because she was the only baby not frightened by the animal at her audition. She laughed and played with it instead. Apparently, Drew Barrymore has been adorable since the womb.

  3. Such an eclectic way to grow up, would you imagine the bragging like yeah… Madonna was at my party, but also she probably didn't have any kids friends to brag to.

  4. Until this interview I forget that celebs have more words in their vocabulary besides 'like', 'awesome' and 'totally'. She's so much fun to talk to.

  5. Why is just the cutest celebrity? She’s so sweet and real. I feel like i can go grab a coffee with her and talk about makeup and life.

  6. her image from early to mid 90s was similar to Madonna, i read an interview of Drew in 90s, she also claimed that people think she looks like Madonna

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