Drunk People Decorate A Christmas Tree

Drunk People Decorate A Christmas Tree

– Siri, how do you get drunk the fastest? – [Voiceover] I found this on the web for “How do you get drunk the fastest?” (“Carol of Bells”) – I’m actually way more
focused when I’m drunk. I do most things drunk, except, nope, never mind. – Hold up, I know this shit. – We have 20 minutes! What’re you doing? – Yeah, you gotta be patient. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. ♫ This music, Christmas ♫ ♫ Jesus ♫ – Alright, I’m starting
top, you start bottom. – Well what goes first on trees? – [Voiceover] Um, the bottom. – Oh, he looks nice! Or is it a she? Ha! – You see how much we did in five minutes? Man, this shit looks shitty as fuck. – Can I have another drink? – [Voiceover] I think Drake
would be proud of me right now. – Can I decorate you? – I’m down. – Gold and silver, man, that shit worked. – This ain’t a rap video. – These could be her hands. – Oh, that’s pretty good
(laughs) – I just broke that angel’s head off her head! – One thing we forgot was lights. – I don’t know who thinks
that they can beat us with this human tree. – Look at this!
(laughs) – Oh, I like that. That’s like Beyonce. – Is this a second tree? – Can we get about five extra minutes ’cause we decorated a human? – What! This looks great! – This one’s a Death Star. – Bow, bow, bow, bow. – Does this go here? How do we put the angel and the star? – I feel like the Cruella de Vil of trees. – Okay. – You shake her hand, and I’ll shake her hand. – I’m gonna hug her. Proud of her. – I, I, I, I’m so happy with
the work that we’ve done. – And this is like a
disgrace to Christmas, but love. – Hey. We did it. We were on a team together but we were a team at the end. (“Carol of Bells”) – [Voiceover] Can we just
talk about our onesies one more time? – [Voiceover] Can we talk about
our onesies one more time? – Zoom in on these humping reindeer. – Please do. – They hump. (laughs)

73 thoughts on “Drunk People Decorate A Christmas Tree

  1. lol what do they do after the video, do they go home? do they call them an uber? do they have to finish the work day? i need answers!

  2. I've only ever decorated a tree once and the only thing I put on it were one string of lights and a picture of Castiel from Supernatural that I printed out and stuck on the top as the angel

  3. i feel like they were already drunk before they even started decorating

    p.s. buzzfeed don't encourage people to get drunk

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