Easy Christmas Games for Groups | Part 2

Easy Christmas Games for Groups | Part 2

hey guys! Shawn here. Welcome to prayerlights. If you are new, this channel is all about
mommy lifestyle vlogs to help you raise a Jesus loving child. Today’s video
is part 2 of Christmas games for groups. My first Christmas games for groups
video that I did last year really took off. It went really well so I figured you
all would like to see what I have done for Christmas parties this year for some
kids groups and for some youth groups. Here are three of the games that I have
played with the kids and youth this year. If you are interested in Christmas
games and you need some last-minute ideas, keep watching. Christmas game number one for
groups is the wrapping paper and oven mitt game. I will insert a video of how long it took me to actually wrap up a gift. We did a 90’s themed Christmas
party for our youth and so I put a fanny pack with a whole bunch of 90s stuff in
it and wrapped it up. I have a lot of fun wrapping it up but
it took a while. I will insert some footage of our youth actually
playing the game. They would roll dice and if they hit doubles then they
had to pass the present on and the oven mitts. Then the next person got to
try unwrapping while the next person in line got to roll. They had a lot
of fun playing this game. I know you’ve probably seen it because there’s a video
somewhere that went viral. It wasn’t my video but someone’s awesome idea so we
thought we would try it. We had really great success so I highly
recommend. The second game for groups at Christmastime is similar to the
last game that I just mentioned except this one you wrap with saran wrap. I’m
inserting a video of me wrapping up all the gifts. This one we are doing with our
children for their Christmas party so I stuck a lot of things in there that the
kids would really enjoy and then I wrapped them up with saran wrap. I
don’t have footage of them unwrapping it yet because we actually have not had the
party. That’s coming up and I’m really hoping that they will enjoy it but it
looks like a lot of fun. Here’s a video of me wrapping up the saran wrap
which was a lot of fun. I only used one roll of saran wrap. The last Christmas group game I have for you
involves chopsticks and mini marshmallows. You’re going to
set the timer for one minute and everybody will try and pick up as many
tiny marshmallows as they can with their chopsticks either using them the regular
way you hold chopsticks or like this. These aren’t chopsticks these are
actually skewers so don’t use skewers with pointy ends. Make sure that you have
chopsticks which are safer. Thanks so much for watching today’s video on
Christmas games for groups. I hope that you found one of these games helpful. I will
post a link in the description box down below to the previous game video that I did
last year that you might also be interested in. Welcome to all the new
subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet please consider hitting that red
subscribe button down below and I will see you in my next video. Thanks. Bye!

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  1. wow. congratulations on the views! that's amazing! And kudos to you for keeping up on your channel with the new baby. I don't think I could do it πŸ˜€

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