Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

hi everybody this week I’m going to show you how to make these easy Christmas ornaments the kids are going to love making these I came up with this Christmas ornament because I loved making my winter hat Christmas ornaments so much if you haven’t seen that video go check it out by clicking here or you can follow the link down below I think these will rings turned out so awesome and I couldn’t wait to make a video to show you how to make them too I’m going to make several of these so the boys can give them to their teachers and their bus drivers okay let’s begin with the things that you are going to need to make these wreaths you will need cardboard and since I love to reuse things around my house I use the cereal box green and red yarn tape scissors tacky glue or hot glue I used a milk jug lid and a dime to measure my wreaths and I used a CD case to measure my yarn the first thing we do is trace several circles onto the backside of a cereal box like this then Center the dime in the middle of each circle and trace the die now cut each of the circles out to cut the center of the wreath out simply cut from the outside to the center circle and then cut the circle out then use a small piece of tape to tape the wreath together again this will make it easy for young children to cut the middle out no worries the cardboard will be covered with yarn now we will cut our yarn to the size we will need wrap your yarn around your CD case many times like this this will give you enough yarn pieces to make several Reed’s I stopped wrapping when I think I have enough and then I cut the yarn along the edge of the CD case like this then I cut all the yarn pieces in half let’s put the yarn on our wreath by folding a piece of the measured yarn in half then you push the folded end of your yarn through the center hole like this then take the two end pieces and wrap them over the top of the cardboard and push them through the loop on the other end then pull it tight let’s watch that again fold your yarn in half push the folded end through the center put the two end pieces into the loop and pull it tight push all your yarn pieces close together when the wreath is full straighten all the edges lay a piece of paper under your wreath and then cut all the wreath edges evenly now we will attach a string to hang it with by cutting a long green string and looping it into the wreath like we did with the short pieces then tie a couple of knots in the string and cut the extra off now tie a bow with a small piece of red yarn and cut the ends evenly Center your bow so it is lined up with your hanging string and glue it to the bottom of your wreath I love it it is so cool you get a your wreath plane or you could make it as fancy as you want it use your imagination to come up with different and unique ways to make your wreath stand out here are some of the things that I use to decorate my rings with I use beads for this one you know how much I love using puffy paint so I had to decorate some of mine with red and white puffy paint to make it look like Christmas light you can also use colored beads I used a hot glue gun to glue the beads on but it probably would be better to use tacky glue way less glue strings I hope you enjoyed watching me make my Christmas ornaments today and I hope it inspires you to give it a try too I have even more Christmas ornament video ideas so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything as always I love to hear your feedback so please leave your comments questions and suggestions down below also check out our Facebook page it is a wonderful place to share check out the loom snowmen that Kim shared with us this week she’s googly eyes for the eyes and toothed pegs wrapped in orange yarn for the nose I think her snowman is absolutely amazing you all are so awesome and I thank everyone for watching and sharing your pictures with us I’ll see you next time bye do this whoa look at the fish I caught ya hey who the big one so hard to hold on to is it I got it good job good job Dylan good time

88 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

  1. absolutely love the Christmas ornament, I have to show my grand daughter so we can make a few for out tree, Thanks for the awesome videos, keep the coming….

  2. Me encanta tu idea, es hermosa. I love a lot your idea, it's so beautiful…..thanks!!!!! Hi from Puerto Rico!!!

  3. Adorable! There are so many possibilities to decorate these too! Of course you know I was thinking "flat back rhinestones!" LOL! :o) Wonderful tutorial!

  4. oh, adorable idea!! ♥ I like so much these!!! wonderful my dear… as always! 🙂 and too cute final part of the video 😀 Hugs! 

  5. Thank you for your videos! not only great for kids, great for adults who have some challenges! you are always so clear with your instructions! 

  6. Really cute! I'll be making these too!  : D  You have such neat ideas!!!  Hit those hot glue strings with a hot blow dryer for a second or two, they will vanish!  

  7. This is a great tutorial, I also enjoyed the winter hat ornament too. Keep up the good job. I will be making these soon!

  8. Hi blond happy lady, thank you for the very nice and easy crafts! I love you're personality and we are similar joy and enjoying the results at the end. I like to call myself "blije appelbol" that is dutch for very happy applepie. I look forward to your next video and i joined your club/youtubetutorials. Byebye from jolanda in holland, soest

  9. Love making these adorable wreath ornaments.  My girls are off from school the next two days and they will be making a bunch of these for the holidays!

  10. Another cute idea!  Thanks, cant wait to try them!  I have tons of yarn I got cheap in bags at the thrift store.  I bought it specifically for crafts because I do not knit or crochet.  Cant wait to get started on these and the hats!

  11. That is wat I made and it is so cool and awesome so I showed my teacher and we made them for a lesson and also the Christmas hats

  12. my 7 yr old just made the winter hat one and loved it i love all your little projects that you made so it was easy for kids thank you so much

  13. YES!! I remember seeing these after watching your adorable "must-have" snow hats & most definitely these will be whipped up after my hats are done FOR SURE cuz tools are almost the same & when I bought red & white yarn for hats I grabbed a skein of green for these mini wreaths!!!! Love ya, Lynda A. xo

  14. I have been searching for easy ideas to use as gifts for months I found you through pinterest.i absolutely love all your ideas keep them coming, keeping them simple .

  15. I m using toilet tubes cut.. easier circle
    ty im out of ideas for semi cheap  gifts I still got half a class to do ..my fingers r falling off

  16. LOVE the video, I'm new to your channel but you sort of sound scripted…. anyways good job!!! 😃😃😃😃👍👍

  17. I made all my grand children,family and my friends a hat they picked there favourite two colours and I put them on their Christmas bags they loved them in total I made twenty what joy thank you, I be making yellow and white for easter great fun

  18. How about cutting up plastic milk containers instead of card board for the wreath foundation? If it gets wet it won't come apart. Christine from Seaford, NY

  19. I really enjoy your videos and tips. Was hoping for more of these easy Christmas crafts this year 🙂
    ☆Hope you have a Merry Christmas ☆

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