Easy Lemon Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Easy Lemon Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Hi Bold Bakers! Since the beginning of Bigger
Bolder Baking, hands down one of the most requested videos has been for lemon bars.
Finally I’m happy to tell you that your wait is over, I have a fantastic recipe for you.
The written recipe can be found on my website, BiggerBolderBaking.com with hundreds of other
recipes so make sure you go over there and check them out. So into a nice large bowl,
we’re going to add in some flour, powdered sugar, and regular sugar. So this is a shortbread
that we’re making so a really important ingredient is yummy butter. Now for this recipe
the butter doesn’t want to be really cold, have it at around room temperature, it’ll
make it so much easier to blend into the flour. So then with nice clean hands go in there
and rub the butter into the flour. Until you get a nice soft dough that will form your
shortbread. So the reason we add in two separate sugars is for different texture. The sugar
makes it a little bit granular and then the powdered sugar makes it what we call ‘short’
which is really dry and crumbly. So once the shortbread kinda clumps together in big clumps
you can feel it get kind of wetter, it is ready. So, here I have my little tin, this
is an 8×8” and it’s been buttered and lined, now I’m just gonna take my shortbread
and press into the base of your tin. And then with your hand just push it out into the base
and make sure that it’s nice and level. Well, as level as you can. Okay, lovely. That’s
our shortbread, now what you want to do before we put it in the oven is we’re going to
prick it with a fork, just to make sure that it doesn’t rise up. So just a few times on
top, let the steam out. So now here’s the thing with this recipe, you want to bake your
shortbread off in advance before we add on the filling because you want to make sure
that it is fully cooked. So right now we’re gonna pop this into the oven. You a bake the
shortbread off at 325ºF/160ºC for roughly 25 minutes or until a very light golden color.
So while our base is in the oven, let’s make our filling. Now technically what this is,
is somewhat of a lemon curd, it’s really zesty and just delicious. So our first ingredient,
‘cause it’s a custard, is egg yolks. Now if you don’t eat eggs, unfortunately there
is no substitute for this recipe because it’s a really key ingredient. Next we’re gonna
add in some sugar for sweetness, it’s also going to counterbalance that lovely lemon
juice, then our lemon juice, lots of lovely lemon juice. Then some lemon zest. I absolutely
adore lemon zest. It’s one of my favorites. Then here I have some butter, it’s room
temperature, it’s really soft, you just want it to be soft enough so it can mix into
the rest of the ingredients. And then lastly I am gonna add a touch of vanilla, ‘cause
I love a little vanilla in all my baking. Then we’re just gonna whisk all of the ingredients
together. This is a super easy recipe and great for feeding a crowd, so if you’ve got
friends coming over, or a party, this is always without a doubt a fan favorite. So now you
can probably see the reason your butter has to be really soft, because it has to just
blend in with all of the other ingredients. So leave it out a room temperature for a few
hours and it’ll be grand. Okay, lovely, I’m gonna set this aside and let’s check on
our shortbread. Okay lovely, this is perfect, now come here to me, I want you to see what
it looks like when it’s done. You just want it to be a very light golden brown color,
you don’t need it dark at all, just fully cooked through. So this is perfect. Now, we
have our base, we have our filling, and all you want to do is just pour this straight
on top. For that lovely lemon layer. Perfect. You can already see we made these in no time
and then once you taste them, I mean they’re out of this world. So now these guys are ready
to be baked off. So bake your lemon bars off 325ºF/160ºC for roughly 40 minutes or until
a light brown on top. So here we have our lovely looking lemon bars, now as you can
see they are lightly golden brown on top, because they don’t need a whole lot of baking,
and then you see the sides bubbled up, that’s all our lovely lemon filling, these are gonna
be absolutely gorgeous, right now I’m just gonna set them over to the side, let them
cool down, and then we’re gonna get them out of the tin and cut them. So once your
lemon bars have cooled down slightly, just go ahead and lift them carefully out of the
tin, once they’re cooled down they’re so much easier to cut. And then what we’re going
to do is because I like to be generous, I’m going to cut these into 9 squares. So across,
and across. I can already feel how thick these are, I’m excited to see them. So now traditionally
lemon bars are always finished with a little bit of powdered sugar on top and it just makes
them look really pretty. So I’m gonna generously dust them with the sugar, all over. Now if
you want to cut these a little bit smaller you totally can, that’s up to you. Gorgeous.
Now let’s lift one out and have a look. As you can see I like to do nice big slices.
Okay! So, full disclosure, this is my first time making lemon bars, and I’ve never even
eaten one before. I’ve never had a lemon bar but all the requests that have come in,
I’ve never eaten one and I have to say without a doubt, this might be my favorite lemon dessert
that I’ve made. The filling is so thick and you’ve got that lovely shortbread on the bottom,
it’s sweet and tangy at the same time, without a doubt I’m gonna be making these again. So
you know my rule, if you make this recipe then rate it on my website. I hope you enjoyed
this episode, hand on my heart, I really did because they were absolutely delicious, I’ll
see you back here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

100 thoughts on “Easy Lemon Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

  1. So disappointed. I tried to make this and it just didn't firm up. It just got more and more brown on the top but stayed liquid. Only bits of it set. When you take yours out of the oven it's all firm and set, mine was like liquid with a hard crust 🙁

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I love lemon bars!! <3 I have a question, why don't you use melted butter instead of soft butter (for the filling)?

  3. I love that you added vanilla extract to your lemon mixture. I add vanilla extract to my homemade lemonade and it's the best pair of the two. The vanilla just adds a great touch to lemon. ?

  4. What an interesting recipe, Gemma!! And I love lemon flavour!!☺
    I bet your kitchen after baking the lemon bars would smell heavenly!!??

  5. I love all you yummy recipes! I’m trying to stay on a lower sugar diet. Can you possibly make some desserts that made with less sugar, but not artificial sugars? Thank you!

  6. It's interesting that there are so many people who haven't tried lemon bars. I always figured they were known everywhere.

  7. I HOARD lemon bars–that's how much I love them. 🙂 I love the balance of sweet and tangy, smooth and chewy. Thanks for this easy-to-follow recipe! Plus, the ingredients are all easy to find. 🙂 I want to make this for myself (fine, I'll share.. 😉 one day.

  8. This is one of my favorite treats (weakness)…I cannot believe that was the first time you had them! Arent they just fabulous?!

  9. I love lemon anything! Since I already have some ready made lemon curd in jar, can I just make the shortbread & top with the ready made lemon curd & then put it back into the oven?
    Thanks Gemma 🙂

  10. Heyyy beautiful sister?As usual you are looking adorable
    Wow your lemon bars looks scrummy ?
    I know you must be thinking that where I had been for so long days Actually we were agitated due to abrupt death of my family member?I hope you will understand dear
    And from past couple days I was suffering from typhoid but now i am quite well
    I love you nd missed you so much??

  11. Could you please teach as how to make French macaroons I love this channel and u channel has helped me become more passionate about backing and make me want to be a pastry chef

  12. It was a fail for me
    I cried my eyes off wen my lemon bars didnt work
    Cooked it for 45 mins
    Sliced and realized it was still runny in the middle
    Cooked for another 15mins and cooled
    But it didnt work
    Wat did i do wrong? Any advice?

  13. Thank you for inspiring me with this recipe! It truly was tangy and satisfying and not overpoweringly sweet. I'm glad I checked the website for the revised recipe too. Even after baking it to the required time, it felt like there was a jiggle to the lemon curd. I baked it for a few minutes longer. I can imagine that without the flour, the lemon curd wouldn't set much at all.

    Also, we had to use only half the quantity of lemon juice since we only get limes here in India. The limes we get here are super sour. It was still lovely and tart! Even without the powdered sugar at the end, it was sweet and mouth puckering. Definitely a keeper in my home!

  14. Omg! When I first saw this video, I had no idea that u never had a lemon bar before or even made one.It seemed like u made those all the time.U really are a professional baker!??

  15. Hi Gemma! What type of flour (bleached or unbleached) do you usually use for most of your baking? I am making some Pita bread and i’m not sure if I should make it with bleached or unbleached. Also, with self rising flour and bread flour, what do you typically use those for? Thank you.

  16. Hi Gemma, I just did this lovely yesterday. The shortbread is soo good and it smells beautiful but the lemon filling turned out little bit sour than I thought. Can you suggest me on how to eat it to make it less sour and how can I stor it? Chill them?

  17. I cannot express enough how much I LOVE lemon bars!!! They make my soul happy lol! I was eager so find a perfect recipe for them, I gave up until I seen you had made a recipe. I said I NEED to try Gemma’s recipe because her recipes come out just perfect every time!

  18. Can't wait for make these! Personally I love to use the egg whites with vanilla for a meringue and/or reserve some of the sugar for dusting across the top, it makes a nice crunchy layer which also helps prevent drying out in your fridge.

  19. Ive had lemon cheesecake before but never had lemon bars and I wanted to try them.I tried your recipe with the modifications and it is DELICIOUS.Oh my gosh it was totally worth the work .Thank you so much to take the time to share your recipe with us.Ive already eaten two squares and I haven't had my dinner yet lol.I am addicted .Have a good evening.

  20. I'm a guy who's only 5 7". I'm now describing myself as "dry and crumbly" rather than "short." (Given my current age, the former actually describes me better than the latter! ?)

  21. Just to let all of you know I baked it with 5 yolks because I didn’t want to ‘waste’ the rest of my eggs-if you know what I mean-and it was GREAT! but it was only a little goopier but wait hours until it’s completely cold to eat.

    The more yolks you have the more jello the tarte seems to be! Just want to tell anyone who doesn’t want to use that many eggs.

  22. If you don't eat eggs, you can make a set vegan lemon custard or even a lemon jam layer and then a set vegan lemon cream layer on top or something instead. Won't be exactly the same, but will be a credible simulation. 🙂

  23. I’m stepping into the kitchen right now to make these.I really really hope they turn out well as i am not willing to waste many ingredients and I do find lemon bars a bit intimidating???

  24. Gemma you didn’t add any flour or baking powder in your recipe but you put it in the website!Ive added the 2 ingredients,what the hell should I do now?im completely freaked out

  25. Ok so I made these today and they were scrumptious.. oeygoegy filling rich and buttery crust.. love love these.. the filling is to die for

  26. Love the video. I just wish I didn't see you wearing your ring as you make it. I'm seeing a lot more and more people on TV as well with rings on. Doesn't matter to me if you washed your hands. I just find it a bit unsanitary.

  27. Hi gemma dear.. i mixed all the wet with the dry ingredients at one time and missed to whisk the wet before adding dry ingredients.. what will happen nowww….

  28. Hi Gemma, thanks for this lovely recipe. The short bread is perfect, however, I think when I added the baking powder based on your recipe on website it creates tiny bubbles on the top which I'm not a fan. But the taste it's great! Thanks for sharing your wonderful videos and recipes. 🙂

  29. So like. U were talking about how good they were and how delicious they taste….. and then at the end u try them for the first time…… what?

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