Easy One-Layer Blended Cards – Simon Says Stamp January 2018 Card Kit

Easy One-Layer Blended Cards – Simon Says Stamp January 2018 Card Kit

– [Kristina] Hi everyone. Kristina Werner here. Welcome to another video
for simonsaysstamp.com. Today I’m going to be
using stamps and products from the January 2018 card kit. I’m mostly only going to use items that are included in the kit, but I will add an additional ink pad color and also some masking paper. In fact, that masking
paper is kind of integral to today’s technique but you definitely don’t have to have it. You could use some typing
paper or computer paper, just a really thin sheet of paper. Just makes the technique
a little bit easier if you use masking paper. So, I cut my masking paper
to be four and a quarter by five and half tall, and
then folded it in half, taking a pencil to draw on a heart shape. This is just half of a heart shape, and then I’m going to cut it out, and I’ll have a perfectly
symmetrical heart. This is the same thing you
did when you were a kid in elementary school and you
wanted to cut out hearts. This just kind of a grownup version using some masking paper, and we’re going to create a card with it. So I’m cutting out half
of that heart shape and then when I’m completely
finished cutting it out, I can unfold this masking paper and I have a really great heart shape,
that’s sized perfectly to go on the front of this card. So I’m going to peel the
release paper off the back of this masking paper,
and press it down onto my already folded card base. This is some Schoolhouse Red cardstock, from Simon, and it is included in the kit. I just cut that sheet in half,
so I can save the other half for another card later on. So I have my mask all the way on there, and I’m gonna take one of the
stamps from the stamp set. It’s this one that has Xs and Os on it. I’m going to take the Pink
Shimmer Delicata Tsukineko from the kit, and I’m
gonna stamp this X-O, all over this heart area. This is actually inspired by a design on the patterned paper,
it’s included in the kit. It has a red background and has Xs and Os, creating a heart shape, and I thought that was such a fun idea. So I thought I would mimic it. So I’m stamping all this
on here and making sure I kind of turn that, XOXO, multiple ways, so I can get some interest that way. Now I realize that the edges of the heart might not show because
of the gaps in between the letters, so I decided
to grab a mini-round blending tool and just blend
on some of this Pink Shimmer Delicata ink. This just fills the gaps
in between those letters and makes it so as I peel off my mask, you have a complete heart shape. I really love how that turned out, and I love the different
kind of shimmer that you get when you hold it up in the light. So I’m gonna take the other
part of that heart mask that I created earlier
and I’m gonna stick that onto some black cardstock, that I folded to create a card base. Using the same ink again, and this time, I’m gonna blend from the
inside of the heart out. So it’s going to create
another heart shape on my card, but I’m really only using the same mask. I just used the inside this time. So I love that it gives this kind of halo, almost like the heart is glowing. It looks really, really cool. Now you could do this with
any type of pigment ink that you have, or even
a distress oxide ink, but Delicata ink, like I said before it does have that kind of shimmer to it. It’s really beautiful, so
this gives it something a little bit extra. I’m gonna take my card
and put it in my Misti stamp positioning tool. You definitely don’t have
to use the Misti for this. You could just use a
regular acrylic block, but I did end up stamping
my greeting twice just to make sure it’s nice and solid, so it was helpful to be using a Misti stamp positioning tool. So I’m inking up my stamp here, that says, you’re my favorite, and I’ll just stamp that down right into the center of that heart. And there are few other
greetings you could choose from, from that stamp set that would fit inside a heart shape like this. So this card was almost done. It just needed a little extra detail. So I decided to take a white gel pen, and draw a dash line around the heart. Now this pigment ink wasn’t quite dry so I did put down some white paper so that would prevent me
from smudging that ink, while I drew my dash lines on. And this is actually a
bold gelly roll white pen. It’s like the same thickness
as a Uni-ball Signo Broad white pen, but it’s a little more smooth. It doesn’t skip. I find that it works, really, really well. So to finish off that red
card, I grabbed some of these blocked word stamps from the stamp set, and stamped those in
Versafine onyx black ink onto some white cardstock from the kit. I cut those out using my scissors and then adhere them
down onto the red card. I also decided to add stitching
lines around the heart on this card and I used the same gelly roll broad pen for that. So I’m gonna do one more
card in today’s video, and this time I’m using
the Cotton Candy Pink cardstock from the kit, and I’m also using some
Schoolhouse Red ink. This ink is not included in the kit, but you could use any red ink or even black if you wanted. I’m adding the Love You stamp, and then the Bunches block
stamp right below it. I then took one of the broader stamps, so it says XOXO, and
stamped that on both sides of the Love You greeting. I’m gonna do some
additional masking on this. I just cut a rectangle
out of the masking paper, and then I’m gonna take
that blending tool, and I’m going to blend
it from the center out, similar to what I did on the black card. This is going to give
the illusion of a shape, but it’s kind of outlining
that greeting area without an additional piece
of cardstock being used. This is a great way to
have a one-layer card, but to have it look like there’s some additional visual interest. So I’m peeling up this mask. You can see how it created
some division in space on the front of this card. Adding some more wide dash
lines around the shape, and that finishes the card set for today. These super-simple one-layer cards. You can pick up the card
kit for January 2018, over at simonsaysstamp.com,
and I’ll have links down below to make shopping
a little bit easier. Thanks so much for watching
and I’ll catch you guys in another video very soon. (upbeat music)

45 thoughts on “Easy One-Layer Blended Cards – Simon Says Stamp January 2018 Card Kit

  1. Hey there Kristina. Im sorry if i spelled your name wrong but i was wondering if you could make a tutorial of a simple Christmas cards for kids under 12 and without those sticker and design thingys. Because i dont have any of those.. but i have watercolour stuff. So maybe a simple watercolour card tutorial for kids to do. I would really apreciate it if you could do it…. If not its okay maybe next year. Thank you Kristina for the other tutorials i will do them when i am more experienced and yeah… Keep up the good work and you are the best!

    -xoxo Carys

  2. Beautiful clean and simple cards. Really love the simplicity of these. Merry Christmas and hope to run into you at Creativation next month!!

  3. Kristina there are lots of techniques demonstrated by you in order to make these cards from the SSS January 2018 kit.  Thank you for sharing your designs with us crafters.  :O)

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    Thanks for sharing your talent and your ideas…..hugs

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