Elders React to Sausage Party Trailer

Elders React to Sausage Party Trailer

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (silence) ♪ (serene acoustic music) ♪ – (employee) Welcome, shoppers. – (shopper) Ketchup, mustard.
– Oh, how cute. – (shopper) Oh! Sausages and buns.
– Oh, we got a cartoonie. ♪ (upbeat synth pop) ♪ – “The only thing food wants.” – Animated food. – I love these animations
that they have out now. – (Frank) Stand up straight, boys! Hey, look at this!
– (chuckles) I love this. – (Potato) Yes! We’re chosen! – It’s kind of like a Toy Story
in a grocery store. – (weiners) Yes!!! – (buns cheer)
– Oh, they’re living in a fantasy world. – “Food will finally learn.” – (Potato) I’m the first to enter eternity! – (Carl) Whoa-oh! Potato,
way to go, buddy! – Uh, where’s he going?
“The truth.” Uh-oh. – Oh, here comes the truth. – (Potato) ♪ The pipes– ♪
– Oh dear. – (Potato) ♪ The pipes are call– ♪ – (Potato) OH JESUS! FUCK! (peeler scrapes violently)
Oh, cut me skin! OH JESUS! FUCK! (whimpering) Oh, me fucking skin!
– (Carl) Fuck! – (laughing) Did he just say
what he think I said? (baby carrots scream in horror) – God, I just heard the F-bomb. – (baby carrot) For the love of shit, RUN!
– Well, that’s not for kids. – (baby carrot) For the love of shit, RUN! – (woman hums happily) Whoops. (baby carrots squeal)
♪ (ominous choir) ♪ (baby carrots scream in terror) – It seems like an awful lot
of turmoil here. (munching viciously) – (Carl) They’re eating children! Fucking children! – You’re next, pal. – (Guacamole) You have
learned the terrible truth. – (Frank) I’ve gotta tell everyone. – (Guacamole) No one will believe you.
– (Frank) I have to try. – (Sammy Bagel Jr.)
Run for your fuckin’ lives!! – The language!
It’s definitely not for kids. – This is obviously an adult–
an adult movie. – I’m overwhelmed with all the action. (in movie: screaming) – Everything’s happening so fast. – All of a sudden,
my stomach started turning. – (Douche) …that shit,
it’ll fuck you up for life. – I gotta see this.
– (Douche) Good luck! It’ll fuck you up for life.
– (chuckling) “It’ll fuck you up for life!” – (Douche) Good luck! Have fun. (plants kiss and giggles) – “Sausage Party.” (snickers) – Is this– is this a Pixar? No, you know, you think
that it’s gonna be a kid’s movie and then you go, “Oh, I don’t think so!” – Did they release these movies
with all that effing in it? – (Finebros) Yes, they do!
– But regular movie theaters? (movie reel clicks) – (Finebros) All right,
so how would you describe what you just watched?
– Pleasant and disgusting. – Uh, cartoon made for adults. – There were vegetables and fruits and there were all kinds
of crazy things going on. – They thought they finding out–
they found a home, where they got picked up by people. They realize that, you know,
their real destiny, you know, is for us to eat ’em. – I didn’t like the language and the idea of making
these characters so adorable that you fall in love with them,
and then see them destroyed and eaten is a little sick. If people are finding this humorous,
then I am definitely out of step. – (Finebros) So this was the trailer
for the new movie Sausage Party, an animated comedy
that is clearly aimed at adults. – Yes, I would hope so. – It’s clever. Whether I go spend $15
to see it or not, I don’t think so. – I hope that they don’t get it
confused with a kids movie and take the kids to see that
because that would not be nice. – (Finebros) Do you think that this movie
is gonna change the way people think about food in the future?
– No, I don’t think so. (laughs) – It’ll make me laugh next time
I go to Costco and have a hog dog. – Do you think this movie
is gonna make people think that food is not an inanimate object? No, I don’t think so. – The idea of eating something with a face might finally affect them
and they decide to cut back on animals that they eat. – (Finebros) The film boasts
a star studded cast, including Kristen Wiig, James Franco,
Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, and Seth Rogen, who also had a hand
in writing and producing. – I know some of the names. – (Finebros) What do think
it is about a film like this that would attract such big name talent? – Probably the salaries
they’re getting paid. – From a purely practical point of view,
it’s kind of great work. You don’t have to even
get dressed very nicely. – Everybody wants to be
a part of something fun, and I bet they had a blast doing it. – I don’t get it. If I was making that kind of money
and I had established those kinds of careers,
I wouldn’t be involved. – (Finebros) This trailer
is something that viewers have been begging us
to specifically show you, the elders. – Really? Okay. – (Finebros) Why do you think
people wanted to see elders specifically react
to a movie like this? – To watch us fumble. I used to love cartoons as a kid. As an adult, I kinda got away from it. I became a little more practical
in my thinking, although I still like to watch ’em because it’s still the basis of who I am. – Our judgment, I think,
is something that people respect because we’ve been
around a little while longer and it comes with experience. – Because a lot of young people think
that the elder community are a bunch of old fogies! – They probably thought we’d be
all shocked or something. Hopefully, people will go, “Oh. Well, they’re just not as old
and stodgy as I thought.” – I see things every day that offend me,
but it’s not language. Believe me, I didn’t have that problem. I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. ♪ (gangsta rap) ♪ – (Finebros) Some people
are saying that this movie really pushes the boundaries with its humor. Can you think of anything else
from back in the day that did the same? – Um, no. I really cannot. – Roadrunner. And the coyote always wanted
to eat that roadrunner. – When I was younger
and watching cartoons, for instance, there seemed to be
a lot of violence in them, but it was in a funny way. – The Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello. – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home,
and that was supposed to be kind of racy. – Laugh-In, and that did–
that was supposed to be pushing boundaries. And it did. It actually did. It was sort of a precursor
to Saturday Night Live in a way. – (Finebros) Back to the film,
is this something you’d let your kids or grandkids see?
– I wouldn’t. No. – Nope. I think it’s disgusting. – No. I would not. I don’t want to expose them to that. – It’s not for kids. If they were really little, they might
not want to eat a hot dog any more, which is probably good for them. (chuckles) – (Finebros) And, finally,
after seeing this trailer, what would you like to say
to the food that you ate today? – I would say, “Get me one
of your friends and come back tomorrow.” – Food, you are yummy. Love it. – Muchas gracias, huevos rancheros,
for giving your life for me. – Just don’t give me indigestion ’cause I don’t want
all that going on in my stomach. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Like what you saw?
Well, hot dog! Hit that subscribe button. – Let us know in the comments
what movie trailer we should react to next. – Thanks for watching.
I’ll never eat a baby carrot again. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ (song concludes) ♪

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