Email-Worm.Win32.Happy2018 (Happy new year 2018!)

Hello everyone and
Happy New Year! Today we’ve got the
Happy99 Email-Worm, or, rather, the
Happy2018 Email-Worm. You see, I took the
original Happy99 sample, and very carefully, over the course
of months, I opened it, as
delicately as I could, in Notepad++, and found the string where
it said “Happy New Year 1999.” And changed that to
“Happy New Year 2018.” So, this is a very advanced
hacked copy of this worm. And I’m very proud of it. So, we’re taking a
look at it today. You might know
this worm, as being my very
first malware video. Made way back, over 9 years
ago, on November 1st 2008. And again, I
looked at it in 2011. So, it’s been over 6 years,
since I’ve last looked at it. And I’m finally going to show you how
it e-mails itself to another person. So, let’s go ahead
and run the sample. We will infect our host here
and for whatever reason, it does not play well on
Virtual PC with the fireworks. But, if we move it around
a whole bunch, you know, we’ll kind of get the
idea, you know, the fireworks are going:
“Yay! Happy New Year 2018!” My very advanced edit,
is clearly on display here. And it says 2018 instead of 1999! Okay, so you close this. And, as I mentioned,
in the previous videos, the worm replaces several
files on your computer. And now it just sort of
monitors your network traffic. If you post to Usenet
groups, it will post a new message posing as
you, with the worm attached. And does the same thing with email. So, we’re gonna go ahead
and restart this computer. And then we’re going to send
an email from this computer, over to the second
computer over here. So, here we’ve booted back
up on our infected machine. Nothing seems amiss, as it does
not run the fireworks payload again. But the worm is indeed running
and monitoring our traffic. But, if we go to our
Contacts and send, an e-mail, (I’ll) call it: “Hey!” “Happy new year, it’s 2018!” And we will go
ahead and send this. Make sure we actually
send, Send & Receive. Got to enter our very
secure password. It’s definitely not
just the letter A. Please don’t hack me. Now, I’ll come over here, Send
& Receive. And here we go! Now, we only sent
one e-mail called “Hey!” But, we can see, we received two! Here’s “Hey!”, “Happy new year, it’s
2018!” from [email protected] I’ll bet that that’s a cool guy. And we have a second one, also subject
“Hey!” but with no message body, and in our attachments
we have Happy99.exe. So, it did not retain the great
“Happy18.exe” name that I started with. But, if we run this worm, Outlook asks what we want to do
with it, we’re gonna open it of course. We can still see, it’s
been very carefully edited. And has been hacked, to the extreme,
to say “Happy New Year 2018!!” Because I am a leet hacker.
Hax0r, if you will. And I can hack computer programs. Like it’s nobody’s business! Obviously. But, that’s really about it, there’s
nothing too much more to show you. I just really wanted to get
a New Year’s video out. And I figured, showing this worm, sending
itself in action, would be pretty neat, So, enjoy the fireworks,
enjoy the rapid fire clicking, and I know y’all also
enjoy the Model M, so.. [RANDOM TYPING
ON KEYBOARD] Enjoy that too! That’s about it, thank you
very much for watching. Happy New Year,
here’s to a great 2018, Thank you very much
for watching again. Take care.

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