EMOTIONAL CHRISTMAS MORNING! – Daily Bumps 2015 Christmas Special!

EMOTIONAL CHRISTMAS MORNING! – Daily Bumps 2015 Christmas Special!

– Recording, okay. Hey guys, alright, it
is Christmas Eve night and as you guys may have known, last year we got Santa
on our security footage and he was having a good
old time up in our house. So this year, I’m actually going at it at a little bit of a different approach. I’m gonna be planting
cameras all around the house to see what the heck
he’s gonna do this year. I put it right over here, right on the fireplace. I’m watching you, Santa. (playful music) (giggling) (baby cooing) (crunching) (dog panting) (giggles) (sleigh bells jingling) (thumping) (jolly laughter) – Oh. This house again, huh? Olaf! Hey, buddy. ♫ Open your eyes ♫ And take it all in ♫ You might be scared and that’s okay ♫ Cause light doesn’t
always come so easily ♫ You might get hurt ♫ And that’s alright ♫ You can put yourself back together ♫ You can run away from the things we see ♫ But that’s your fight ♫ It’ll never change ♫ Yeah, you might be scared ♫ But in the end ♫ You’re fearless like a lion ♫ Oh, fearless like a lion – Oh, ho ho ho ho. Oh my goodness you scared me. – What are you doing? – You know, I’m just having some fun! – Santa, you still have
9,832,533 houses left. – Whoa, okay okay. – And what is that thing? – They’re amazing. – It looks dangerous, Santa, get off. – They probably are very dangerous, I mean these things probably
explode all over the place, you know?
– Santa! – [Santa] Look at this finish, though. Look at this cherry flame red finish. – It is.
– You’re not gonna find that anywhere else, you know what I’m sayin’? – The elves are gonna be
jealous, Santa, let’s go! – [Santa] I think I am
gonna tell them about that. Oh would you looky here, mistletoe! Girl!
– I guess. I guess we can spare a little time. – You cannot turn down the mistletoe! – Oh, Santa!
– Come to Mr Claus! (gasps) They’re coming,
quick, hurry, hide! Ho ho ho ho, behind the tree, ho ho ho ho. Shhh! – Hello? Is someone down here? Santa, is that you? Did you hear anything?
– No. – I heard something down here. Santa, is that you? Come out. Did you leave the hoverboard here? – No.
– That’s weird. – Do you think it was Santa? – I don’t know. If it is, he slipped right past me. We’ll catch him one of these years. – I think we’re in the clear. That was a close one, Mrs Claus! That was a close one! – Let’s go, Santa.
– Okay. I’m just having so much
fun here, ho ho ho. – [Bryan] Merry Christmas, buddy! Hi, oh, getting so excited
for his first Christmas! Baby’s first Christmas
today with Mr Finley. Can you say “Merry Christmas”? – I don’t want to.
– Merry Christmas! Oh no, Ollie woke up on the
wrong side of the bed today. – I think he’ll be happy
when he goes downstairs. – Oh yeah.
– Guess what, guess what? Santa came!
– Santa came? – I saw it and he’s, there’s
tons of presents down there. – [Bryan] You wanna go see, Ollie? – Wanna see!
– Hey, guess what? Mimi and Papa are down there too! – Hey Mimi and Papa?
– Yeah, and Auntie and Uncle. – Auntie and Papa?
– Auntie and Papa. – What about Uncle?
– And Uncle. – Yeah!
– Should we go see them? – Let’s see them.
– Good morning. Do you want to go downstairs? I think Santa left you
a couple presents, too. Here we go, the Christmas walk. Are you ready? What’s that? – Preh-dents.
– Presents! – Oh my gosh!
– Open it! – Open it, let’s open ’em all! And look, we got the whole crew. – [Missy] Everyone’s in their uniform. – They’re all in their Christmas uniform. Good job, you guys. Lookit, Ollie, Santa came! And Karma’s here, hey buddy! (Oliver shouting excitedly)
Is that Arlo? Ooh, and what’s that one? – Horse!
– A horse. That is a horse, yep. – Open it. – Yeah, we’re gonna open it, okay? – Little bit.
– Merry Christmas, buddy. – Mm chicken.
– Thank you. (laughter)
Merry Chicken! – Merry Chicken.
Merry Chicken! Ollie, look at this,
you got a Hippity Hop. – Ride it.
– Someone has to show him. – [Bryan] Maybe Auntie can
show you what to do with it. – Ride?
– Look at that! – Whoa!
– Where is she going? – Boing, boing, woo, woo, woo. – Oh!
– Oh! – Whoa.
– Whoa. Thanks a lot, Cassie, now he’s scarred for life for the Hippity Hop. Do you want to try and hop?
– No. (laughter)
– No, okay. – [Cassie] That’s probably my fault. – There you go.
– With this. – This is safer.
– You can ride that dinosaur. – [Bryan] Give him a big hug
and say “Merry Christmas”! – Opeen it.
– Oh, open it. He doesn’t like tags on things. (laughter) Oh, he’s gonna ride the dino!
– Aw, so cute! – [Bryan] That is pretty adorable. Good morning, are you awake? ‘Cause Santa came. Say “Merry Christmas” to Fin!
– That’s a good rule, Fin. – [Bryan] Aww, see, he does love you. We are breakin’ out the stockings! Ollie got two stockings?
– Yup. Santa’s like “I don’t
know where he lives”. – Whoa, a giant sucker? That’s as big as his head. – And appley heads.
– Oh, you got more candy? You got a Buzz Light year Pez? Minions, and are those snakes? What do they do?
– Sssss! – Sssss, that’s right,
that’s what they do. Take a lick, Ollie, just
lick it, it’s a giant sucker. (Bryan laughing) Look, Fin has a little stocking too. A very big stocking, actually. Actually, he could fit in there. – I know, he seriously
could, look at that! You wanna play with it, no, okay. – ♫ Dun dun dun dun dun-ah dun dun-ah Look at this little Darth Vader case. It’s got playing cards in it. Rip it!
– Oh my gosh. What’s that?
– What is that, buddy? – M’key a mouse.
– Micky Mouse, watch this. (bicycle bell ringing) – [Toy] Hiya pal, let’s
paly Follow the Mickey! – Did you see his reaction? He literally opened it and
was like (gasps) “Oh my gosh!” He said “Oh my gosh”.
– No he didn’t. – Yes he did!
– “Oh my gosh.” – [Mimi] Wonder where
he learned that from? (laughter) – Merry Christmas!
– Merry Christmas! – Beverly, Santa came.
(electronic toy talking) (bicycle bell ringing)
Santa came. So here’s how we’re doing things, Cassie and Missy are passing
out all the presents. We have a lot of people here, you guys. We have one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, we have like nine people here, so there’s a plethora of presents for everyone. So we’re passing them all out
and putting them by the person and then we’re gonna
take turns opening them. – Aw, the Elf got me a present? – [Bryan] Buddy the Elf, yeah, he did. – Opeen it, Auntie.
– It’s a piano! – [Bryan] Thank you for not
putting batteries in it. (laughter) – Look at that, it’s
got all kinds of buttons and Papa’s little doggies! – [Bryan] Alright Missy, open this one. – Okay, ooh, it says
“To Missy, Love Jamie”. – What?
– What? – Jamie?
– Jamie? – A calender, oh, wow.
(laughter) – [Bryan] Are they appropriate? – They’re mostly appropriate.
– Okay. – It’s a box!
– Woo! (others clapping)
– I love boxes. – [Bryan] Yeah, Missy did
boxes and then wrapped ’em. – Well ya hafta unwrap it. – Oh my God, what did you guys get me? You got me an iPhone 6s?
– You got it, girl! – You know, just like willy-nilly, like my present I open.
– I know! – [Bryan] Now you don’t have
to get your old one fixed! – Woo!
– Thank you. (laughter)
– You’re welcome. – Ollie’s going to town.
– Yeah, get it, Ollie! Unwrap it, buddy!
– What is it? – Did he like that wrapping?
– Dinos! – Dinos?
(laughter) – [Bryan] Cassie, how long has
your iPhone been broken now? – Like months.
– For months? (laughter) – Just “It’s fine, you
don’t need to fix it.” – [Bryan] Yeah, ooh, a good dinosaur. – Oooh!
– It’s a dinosaur. – Open it! Open it is the theme of the year. – #OpenIt.
– I said open it. – This one’s from Jared!
– Oooh! – Oh look, he did the whole
wrap-the-box thing, too. – [Missy] There you go,
that’s how you do it. – Whoa, a Leatherman!
– Oooh! – Look at that! – [Missy] It’s got all
kinds of tools on it. – That is legit, thanks, man. – From Mom and Dad. Ooh, it’s a new purse!
– Nice! – I’ve been needing a new purse so badly. – Cute!
– It’s really nice. – Open it!
– This is from Santa. – Santa? – Santa got you this one, yeah. Open it, here, I’ll help you. – Oh my gosh! (laughter) – [Several] “Oh my gosh”! – It’s Minion headphones so you can listen to Daddy’s new EP.
– Daddy really has P? – Yeah, with your Minion headphones. – “His pee?”
– That’s weird. – Open it, Auntie’s gonna open it. – [Mimi] Oh my gosh,
what do you think it is? – I have no idea, everyone’s
surprising me now. – Oh!
– Oh, it’s headphones also! – Now you can listen to my
new EP whenever you want! (laughter) – I am gonna get you to 20th on iTunes. (several laughing and talking) – You gotta look out to the left. – You got headphones so you can listen to my new EP whenever you want. – Oh you guys, you should open it! (Missy laughing)
– Show Mama what it is. – Aliens!
– Aliens! – Okay, I’ll open it right now for you. – [Missy] Okay, we’ll open that one. (laughter) – That one meant opening them up. “Can we open it?”
– Yeah. “Can we open it?”
(laughter) – He doesn’t have the alien,
he’s got like all the others, Woody and Buzz and Jessie.
– And he loves the alien. – He does love it.
– Oh, that’s so cool. – ‘Cause Uncle plays Alien.
– Yes, Uncle’s Alien. – Can I get a knife? Oh my gosh! It’s the GoPro Session,
the black one even! Oh, it’s so slick.
– It’s so nice. – It’s so little and cool! – So more cameras for the vlog, right? – That’s awesome. This one is heavy.
– That one’s– Oh! – [Many] Oh! – [Bryan] Hey, Merry Christmas! (laughter) – Oh, man!
– It just unwrapped. – ♫ A new Craftsman toolbox Cool, ’cause this thing is heavy. – Can I have keys for it?
– Yes, there’s keys. They’re all taped to the sides and stuff. – Wow!
– Is it the one you wanted? – Yes.
– Will it hold all your tools? – [Papa] Oh my gosh. – [Missy] I think he’s always
wanted a Craftsman tool set. – I have, and my Dad always liked them. This always reminds me of my father ’cause he always had good
tools and took care of ’em. – Smell.
– Bev just opened gloves. I don’t think we got gloves,
but since she lives in Idaho, she needs–
– You put these on before you’re about to
scale the building and jump in the window and kill someone. They’re your assassin gloves, ‘kay? – My scarlet red assassin gloves. – Scarlet red assassin gloves. – [Bryan] Open it! – Oh man!
– Open it, open it! – Oh, man! – [Missy] Oh, what are those? – Grampa, open it! – Ollie got that for Papa ’cause he said “Those are Papa guns!” They’re all kinds of tools and like a– – My battery-powered one just broke down like about two weeks ago.
– Yeah. – It just doesn’t work anymore. – Oh, that’s so funny. Yep, it’s all kinds of Papa guns. – Okay, this one is from Colin
and Katie and Macy Gaines. “We hope you enjoy listening
to your new music with this.” – Ooh!
– My new EP? – [Missy] (laughs) Bryan Lanning. – Oooh! – [Missy] Nice! – OMG, a Bose! These things are slick! – Thank you guys, that was so nice of you! – That is amazing, a built-in speaker. – Thanks Katie and Colin. We love it.
– You guys rock. We totally gotta listen
to my new EP on this which is available for
pre-order on iTunes. – Oh my gosh.
– It’s only $3.99. Okay, this one is to me and
Missy from Jimmy, Uncle. – [Papa] He worked on this a long time. – Oh my gosh, Jimmy, it’s so nice! – A box, did he tape it together even? – Gentle.
– You made this? – It’s not as possibly nice
looking as it could be but– – Shush, just be quiet!
– But there’s a lotta love. – What? It’s–
– Careful, careful. Okay, you gotta plug it in.
– It’s not a bomb. – Okay.
– It’s not a bomb. – Are you sure this is
not a bomb right now? (laughter) – My brother friggin’ made something. – Jimmy, what did you do? Is this place gonna blow up?
– Hopefully not. I don’t think it will. You gotta wait.
– Okay, set it right there. – [Mimi] That’s your subscriber count. – Shut up!
– Wow! – Yeah, it’s updating and it’ll update as fast as like anything, yeah, it’ll be as fast as Live Count ’cause it gets it from the same place. – [Bryan] So does it
connect to the internet? – [Jimmy] Yeah, it’s
connected to your wifi. – To our wifi, you already put it all in? – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh that is so crazy. – [Bryan] We just got a subscriber! – It’s really funny
when you guys lose one. (laughter)
It goes down one. – Okay, you guys need to
subscribe to this channel so that we can watch this number go up. This is so cool, Jimmy.
– That is amazing. My brother’s a genius.
– Look at it! – He literally made it from scratch. – [Missy] He made it from scratch? – Yeah, I put everything together. – All the programming.
– Jimmy, you are amazing! – [Missy] One more, we
just got another one! – He had to cut the hole for the thing and the hole for the everything and then cleaned it up nice.
– That is crazy, Jimmy! – Amazing.
– Oh my gosh. – My brother’s seriously a genius. – But if you go over like 999 million– – No, 99 million is the most.
– Okay. – We won’t get any more
subscribers than 99 million. – Once we hit 99 million we’re done. – I’ll just have to make a new one. – This is gonna be
addicting, I’m just gonna be staring at this all the time. – That’s literally just gonna
have to go in your office. We’ll just walk in there.
– Oh my gosh. – Now when it’s almost a million
we have something to watch. – It’s so cool, too,
yeah, because it’s like we’re like 35,000 away– Oh, we just got another one!
– Another one! – That is so cool, I’m
freaking out, it’s so cool. – [Mimi] “This is so neat!”
(Missy laughing) – [Bryan] This is from my sister. – I was wondering why you guys
got such a big hot chocolate the other day.
– You saw it? – Yes, I was like “Bryan,
you’re so annoying!” – [Bryan] Dang it. – You love hot chocolate,
and then you don’t have to tear into multiple
packages, you can just scoop as much as you want.
– So true! I usually have to open three packages. (laughter) – Missy likes like two and
a half, she’s very specific. – It depends on how big the mug is, okay? – Okay. Ho ho ho. Shut up! (Missy laughing) Santa? (Missy laughing) You’re too much. He even got me the right one. (Missy laughing) – Oh yeah, this one’s good.
– This is from Uncle. – Oh, guys! – [Bryan] What is it? – What’s that? – [Missy] What’s that, oh my gosh! – A ambu-yance!
(laughter) – That thing is legit,
did you see that reaction? – That’s like a army man
chain, do you see it? – Is it water?
– It’s a boat, yeah. – [Bryan] Oh, it’s a
boat, it’s for the pool! – It actually can float and everything. – No way.
– That is so neat! – Open it!
(laughter) – What do you say?
– Say “Thank you” to Uncle. – Thank you, Uncle.
– You’re welcome, Ollie. – Open it!
– Alright, we will. (laughter)
We’ll open it. – [Papa] That’ll help
when you take a bath. – [Missy] That would take the whole tub. – Wow.
– Well, open it! – Oh!
– It’s a Polaroid camera! – Say “You’re welcome”!
– You’re welcome! (laughter)
– Thank you, baby! What’s this one?
– Open it! – [Bryan] It’s a cool blue, candy blue. – Yeah.
– I know, I like the color! – Oh my gosh!
– Touchdown! – Wow!
– Film for days! – Ollie, you shouldn’t have,
give me a hug, I love you. – Wow, that’s the one
problem with having those is going and getting the film.
– Yeah, you are set up. – Oh look guys, oh my gosh!
(laughter) – This kid is too much.
– Okay. Can we just keep buying him presents so that we can hear him say that? “Oh my gosh!”
– Oh my gosh! – Elefun!
– It is kinda fun. – Oh!
– Oh my gosh. – Look! – [Missy] What is it? Look.
– What’s in there? – Estibulls. – I’m gonna dump them.
– Oh my gosh! (Bryan laughing) We got all of Ollie’s figurines and put them together in a nice box. We got you a couple of new
ones, lookit, who’s that? – [Missy] Keep them in there,
you can just grab one out. – That’s Buzz!
– Buzz. – From Holly, Holly, is this from you? – This is a fun one!
– Oh my gosh! – A Water Cannon!
– Should I open it? (laughter) – Open it?
– It’s called a Water Cannon. – The Water Cannon.
– And it has a stand. – It hooks up to the
garden hose, so it’s like– – What?
– You got him that? – Infinite supply.
– You’re gonna be the victim. – Well, Mom be in for it last week. (laughter)
– Oh, man. – Ooh, a coffee cup that says muh. – Meh.
– Meh. – If anyone asks Jimmy “How is school?” he goes “Meh.”
– Meh. (laughter) – You ask him anything, he goes “Meh.” This is from Ollie!
– Ollie, you get Mommy? – I mean it’s for Fin.
– You can open it, buddy. – It’s for your brother.
– It’s for Fin. – Yeah, Fin.
– Okay? – [Bryan] Fin also just
opened that cool little Oball. – Yeah, it’s from Uncle.
– Wow. – It is such a hard age
for Fin ’cause he’s just not into anything, but in a month or so? – [Bryan] He’s super
excited, too, look at him. Look at him, he’s really into it. – [Missy] He’s taking
a nice little snoozer. – [Bryan] What is that, buddy? Open it!
– Ollie did all his presents. – Did he?
– Yeah, and a Rock ‘n Play. It’s right there.
– Aw, that’s so funny. – [Many] Aww! – [Bryan] That was so nice of you, Ollie! Do you remember getting that for Fin? – It’s like a little
Sophie, but it’s a lion. – [Bryan] And it’s a lion! – Whoa!
– Uh oh! – [Bryan] For my new EP,
which you can get on iTunes! – Oh!
– Whoa! – Oh my gosh!
(Missy laughing) Babe, I love the color! – [Missy] It’s really cute, huh? – That is so cool!
– It’s a record player. You like it?
– I do. – Good.
– I’ve always wanted records. – Yeah.
– New albums with records. Look who’s awake, little Finney
has decided to join the fun. He’s so cute!
– He’s adorable. – [Bryan] He looks so comfy on you, Bev. – I’m warm and squishy.
– Yeah, awww. His little toes! That tickles! – A box?
– A box! – Hello!
– Oh, wow. – Woo!
– Love it! – I’m gonna go cuddle with Suzanne. – Yeah.
– So soft! – It is so soft.
– Nice, Mimi, get it, Mimi. – [Missy] (laughing) Yes! – Oh!
– Oh, shut up! Shut up, no, no, shut up, are you serious? (Missy laughing) – [Papa] Oh, we gotta hear them, right? – It’s Tori!
– Yep. – And Lana!
– I get it! – And Sam!
– You even said– – And Adele!
(laughter) – You even said Lana Del
Rey when you opened it. Isn’t that funny?
– Oh my gosh, that is amazing. – You like ’em, are they good? I thought those were all like
perfect record titles, songs. – Perfect records.
– Yes, right there. – In a sandwich of love.
– Yep. – Open it!
– Okay baby you wanna open it? Oh, it’s from Santa! – [Bryan] Jimmy’s got one
from M and D, Mom and Dad. – Mom and Dad.
– Look at that box! – It’s that other genius thing
that no one can understand. (Bryan laughing) – [Bryan] Show me the dino. Ooh, show me Genie, can you get Genie? Where’s Genie?
– Genie! – [Bryan] Genie, good job! So what is this, Jimmy? – It’s a variable power supply. So you can like set it to
a certain amount voltage and it’ll output that
voltage so you can like have projects and stuff
and if you need nine volts then there’s nine volts, so you don’t have to like run out of battery. – No one understands what
you’re saying, Jimmy. – Are you gonna build a time machine? – With that thing, yes.
– Run around the house and find an old laptop so
you have the right voltage? – But like this would
be just for that one. Working on it.
– Testing it. – Oh.
– So you can set your voltage. – That’s nice.
– That’s cool. – Okay, I’m gonna be honest,
that looks like a time machine. – It is a time machine, that’s exactly it. – Okay, Missy, it’s a time machine. – Ahh!
– Cool, cool. That’s from Uncle, buddy.
– Oh! – What is it?
– Gun! – A gun?
– Uncle, that’s awesome. – That’ll work well in the backyard. – For you.
– This is for you, Fin! – Oh!
– Ooh, it’s hamburgers. – It’s a cheeseburger stacker.
– Look at that, Fin. – [Bryan] Isn’t that cool,
and it spins and they all fall apart and then they
can put it back together. – I think Ollie’s gonna like this, too. – [Bryan] Yeah, they’re
gonna have fun with that. What does Papa got?
– From Ollie! – [Bryan] Papa’s got something from Ollie. (Ollie chattering)
– Bye-eee! – Bye-eee!
– Boop! “I say Boop”.
– “I say Boop!” – What do you think?
– That is so cool. I love it ’cause I think it’s
one of the first creative funny things that he thought
of himself, and he does. – [Bryan] Hey Ollie, say “Bye-eee!” – Bye-eee, Boop!
– Just kidding! We got a whole Christmas special to do. – And then one day he said “I say Boop!” like that’s his thing.
– Yeah, “I say Boop!” “I say Boop!”
(laughter) Alright Missy, see that fuzzy one? – Hey.
– Fuzzy box. Come here Ollie, sit with Auntie. – It’s not what you think.
– Okay. Oh my gosh, what is this?
– What do you think it is? – “Will you marry me?”
(laughter) – What is this?
– It’s a ring. – Okay, what kind of ring? – [Bryan] I found it in
your grandma’s jewelry box. Like she’s making me cry.
(laughter) I was like “Anything of my
grandmother’s would be good.” – It’s very emotional.
– So, it’s like her ring? – [Bryan] It was, okay, I’ll
show you a picture on my phone, but I had it appraised. – That’s weird, I never cry! – [Bryan] Okay so I
had it, I went through, Linda and I went through
the box and we found that and it was so beat up, it
was super thin on the bottom, it was like total antique.
– Yeah. – [Bryan] But it looked
like a nice real ring and Aunt Linda said she wore
I a lot when she was younger ’cause it’s super worn out.
– Yeah. – [Bryan] So I took it to Kay and got it completely refurbished.
– Wow. – [Bryan] They fixed it up. They said it’s over 80 years old. – Crazy, right? – [Bryan] So I was talking
to Linda and I said “Did you know it’s over 80 years old?” She said she must have
got it from her mom. – Oh my gosh. Did Aunt Linda really
want to give this to me? – Yeah.
– Aww! – [Bryan] And it’s, do
you see how antique it is? It’s like white gold and yellow gold and all real stones on it, too, babe. And you know your grandma didn’t
have a lot of nice things. – Are you serious, like
this is crazy, right? – Yeah.
– What is this? – [Bryan] It’s like a pin that she wore when she worked at the school
in the lunch department. – Oh, let me see that.
– Her pin. – Oh my God, I think I
actually remember that. – It says Louise on it.
– I wanna see. – Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] See, I knew
you wanted another kind of ring to wear.
– Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] It’s sized for your right hand. It’s a little bit bigger
because your right hand tends to be more muscle-y, does it fit? – Yeah, it fits like, it fits. – That’s so beautiful.
– Do you like it? – That’s my Dad’s ring.
– Yeah? – He got me this a long time ago. – You can tell with that one.
– Yeah. Oh my gosh. – It’s so antique, babe.
– Yeah, it’s very– – [Bryan] You are gonna
freak when you see the photos of what it looked like before. – It really does just
look like a old ring. – Wait til you see it
before I had it refinished on the bottom, ’cause it was about to crumble and fall apart. – I can almost remember
seeing that on her. – Yeah, I feel like I can, too. I feel like I remember,
when I saw her rings, they weren’t ever like huge,
like they were always like– – Yeah, she was always very conservative. – You know what’s great is
that won’t snag on anything. – Seriously.
– It’s flat on top. – [Bev] That’s the biggest
thing when you look for rings. – [Bryan] But it’s so unique because we don’t do white gold
and yellow gold, you know? – [Bev] 80 years ago they didn’t do that. – Isn’t that crazy, babe?
– Thank you. – You’re welcome, I love you. – [Missy] You actually did make me cry. – I made you cry, you made me cry. – He’s like “You might cry,” I’m like “I’m not gonna cry,
don’t get your hopes up.” – She was so sure.
– Seriously though, I found it in the bottom
of her jewelry box. – Really? – [Bryan] Like we’re just
digging through trying to find something that meant something, ya know? – I can’t believe Aunt Linda
gave me something like that. – [Bryan] Yeah, she was totally excited. – How long do you have to wear
something to wear it down? – Yeah.
– 80 years, apparently. – That’d be crazy if
she got it from her mom. – So the whole time that
gem had just laid in a box and nobody knew it was
worthful or anything. – [Bryan] Yeah, she must
have stopped wearing it when she got older and left it in there. – [Bev] Maybe that’s why she wore it down, ’cause she knew it was real. – I’m so nervous ’cause this
is like my big gift to him and he just gave me something great, too. – Every year we try to top.
– Yeah. – I don’t even care, I’m just so happy that you love the ring.
– I know! – I can’t believe I made you cry. – [Missy] I know! It’s wrapped. (laughing) – Oh my gosh.
– Yeah. It’s in another one.
– Back again! (laughter)
– What did you do? Shut up. Oh my gosh!
(Missy laughing) Are you for real?
– Yeah! (Missy laughing) – It’s me!
– Who’s that? (laughter) – It’s a real record?
– Yes. – And it will work?
– Yes. – We stole all your files.
– Oh my gosh. (Bryan sniffing)
(Missy laughing) Babe! – [Missy] It’s got all his, it’s a record. – Oh my gosh, and look! (Missy laughing)
– Beautiful. – So I can actually listen to my EP on the record player now?
– Yes. – How did you, you seriously
stole all my files? – Yep.
– She was very sneaky. – Actually, Jimmy.
– Yeah, I had Jimmy sneak in. (several talking and laughing) – They’re labeled and organized. – [Papa] Would you even have thought that? – Oh my gosh, Missy, that’s incredible. – [Missy] Can you believe that I did that? It’s crazy, right?
– Take it out of the sleeve. – Oh my gosh.
– I know, right? – I wanna listen to it.
– I know. – [Bryan] This is so incredible
you guys, I am freaking out that I am on a record with
all of my favorite people. Like, this is so cool.
– Including yourself! – Including, that’s me!
– You’re in the club now. – That’s me. Missy snuck around,
got all the final files from my computer, and had that made. You’re amazing, I love you so much. – I love you.
– You’re the best. – I felt ashamed when I
got to yours, I was like– – No!
– You win. – We both did so good!
– We did good. We did good.
– Open it! – [Bryan] Auntie, he
wants you to open that. – What could the present
from my mom and dad be? – [Papa] So you’ll leave it
here and come over and practice. – It is a Cajon.
– Cassie! – I have been super fascinated by Cajons. – [Bryan] Yeah, they’re really cool. – [Cassie] I think they’re so cool. – [Bryan] And they’re fun to play. – Yeah.
– Open it! – And you can play with me and Jeffrey. – I could be a part of your band! – Yes!
– Woo! You got through a box.
– Save the box. – A box, thanks! Sit on it, hit it!
– The Cubs song! (percussive beating)
– See? – Woo!
– Isn’t it cool? – [Bryan] It’s so cool, Cassie. (percussive beating)
I love that you wanted that. – Look at that.
– That’s awesome. – Ooh, it’s from Santa!
– Ooh, Converse! He kept asking for shoes, candy, and gun. Those were the three things he wanted. Alright, we got one here to you, buddy. Do you know who that’s from?
– From Mimi and Papa. – [Bryan] Mimi and Papa! – Oh, yay!
– Aww! – It’s a little play mat,
he could play his piano with his feet.
– Oh, that’s cute! – Or he could play with it with his hands. – [Bryan] Wait, so he can like kick it? – Yeah, he can like kick it
with his feet, he can play with it with his hands.
– Look at that, buddy. – Open it!
– Let’s open it! – He can pick it up
later and play with it. Let’s put him on it. – 965,755 subscribers! Today’s vlog must be
doing really well, Missy. (laughter) And you got a little,
what are these called? – Pillows.
– They’re called Tsum Tsums. – Tsum Tsums?
– Tsum Tsum. It’s a little Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum. And we got another one for you, okay? Okay, you gotta open this present, okay? – [Missy] He’s so cute! – [Bryan] Good job! – What?
– Look at that, buddy! He’s more interested in staring at himself than at the thing, right? – Ollie, you shouldn’t have, and look, you got the same one I chose. – That’s funny. – [Bryan] Now you guys
can shoot each other. Look what Uncle got! – Looks like there’s gonna be
a Nerf war in the backyard. – [Bryan] This is to Fin from Auntie. – Aww, that’s perfect, it goes on the– – Carrier, right?
– Carrier, yeah, or car seat. Isn’t that cute?
– Thank you, Auntie. – You’re welcome. – [Bryan] Fancy new
slippers from Mimi, ooh! – Alright, I got a
present here from Ellie. – Ooh!
– Open it. – I’m gonna be honest, she told
me and I completely forgot. – It is a cute little box.
– I know. – Hmm.
– Oooh. – Diamond, a ring in every candle? Oh, I remember her telling me about this! Oh goody, okay, so you melt the candle. – And then there is a piece
of jewelry at the bottom. – A ring.
– Oh my gosh. – That is so cool, let me smell it. – It could be a ring
anywhere from $10 to $5,000. – Wow, let me smell it.
– And it smells good. – Yummy, it smells yummy.
– Yeah. – Ellie knows where it’s at.
– Thank you, Ellie. That was so sweet.
– That’s cool. I’m excited to see what’s in there. Alright guys, Karma has presents. Open ’em, Karma, get ’em! What is it? A ball! That’s so cool, there’s another one! Lookit, there’s another one. Good job, now open this one! (talking and laughter) He doesn’t do the step thing? – [Cassie] It’s like he
doesn’t know it’s his. – [Bryan] What’d you get, what’d you get? He is very meticulous about
unwrapping these presents. So funny.
– He doesn’t want to eat it. – [Bryan] Oh cool a chew toy, Karma look. It’s a little penguin! Okay, one more Karma, you got one more. – I think he enjoys unwrapping it. – Yeah he does. What’s that one? Get it, get it boy! Ooh, a ruffly ball! Yeah, alright, you
doggies play and have fun. Oh, can I have a hug? Hi Karma, Merry Christmas. – Karma, catch it.
– We love you. Oh, there you go! Mimi is cookin’ us up–
– Back in the kitchen. – Back in the kitchen,
cookin’ up some bacon! We got biscuits and gravy goin’, yum. What a fun morning. I’m still very surprised
at my present, babe. You did so good.
– I’m surprised at mine. – I love you. (Oliver singing) – ♫ This is home
– ♫ We’re at home – Sing Let It Go.
– Let it go! – You gotta sing it.
– ♫ Let it go, let it go – Say “Ayo, ayo ayo, oh, ayo.” – La la la.
– Ayo, oh. – Sing like this. – ♫ ‘Cause life doesn’t
always come so easily ♫ And that’s alright
– Ollie, dance. – ♫ You can put yourself back together ♫ You can ride away
from the things they say ♫ But unless you’re
fine it’ll never change Sing.
– I don’t know those. – Okay, ♫ This is home.
– ♫ We are home (laughter) – Look at this cute little microphone. – [Missy] It was so cute,
and it’s on the two. I even took this one out. – Check, check, one, two, hit it up. The sound quality’s not that great, but– – Yeah.
– He’ll love it. Alright, I got my new record player. – Very pretty!
– It’s so pretty. Pulling out my own
record, how crazy is this? (Missy laughing)
Okay. (record playing)
(Bryan laughing) – What’s so funny?
– That is so cool! (music playing) Let me make it real fast. This is so funny, you
can tell that it’s me. ♫ You can put yourself back together again Dance, there you go! This is so cool, babe.
– I know, it’s pretty cool. – Okay, that’s how you DJ.
– Yeah. – Ollie, it’s your song! Come here! Do you remember, I used
to sing this song to you when we took you home from the hospital? Do you remember this song? ♫ You need to fall asleep so you can We’re dancing. I love you. – Pretty cool.
– So cool, babe. You’re amazing. (happy upbeat music) – [Bryan] He really likes
it as a nose-picker. – That is awesome.
– Does that feel cool? – Feels good.
– Do it to Mama. – Wow, that does feel nice. (happy upbeat music) – Alright, we have mad it
over to Mimi and Papa’s because Ollie needs to play.
– I wanna shoot a gun! – And he wants to shoot a gun. All the boys got Nerf guns and so they’re all really excited
to have a little Nerf war. Yeah, it’s been such a fun morning. We’ve just been hanging
out and cleaning up and playing with our toys and all that. I actually put on Bryan’s
earrings he got me and just loving the ring that he gave me. Honestly, it’s just like, it’s so special. It honestly is one of
those priceless gifts. It’s not something that you
spend a ton of money on, it’s something that he
found and it’s my grandma’s. I mean, my grandma means
a lot to me, I miss her all the time, and so, yeah,
it was really exciting and amazing and one of those things that, I definitely don’t get
emotional about a lot of things other than like family and my
grandma is one of those people so, yeah, it was definitely
a really special gift and I’m still like so excited about it. – Okay, don’t pull the trigger. Take your finger off the trigger. Okay, now pull the trigger, ready, go! – Oh!
– Nice shot. Now you gotta do this, watch, nope. Take your finger off the trigger and you gotta do this, wait, wait. (laughter)
That is real water gun safety. Alright, ready, watch. Don’t “No” me. Now pull the trigger once. – Whoa!
– Ready? Watch, watch. Okay, pull the trigger once. – Ollie doesn’t really like Nerf guns because he can’t load them, ow! Son of a gun! He can’t load it, he
doesn’t have the patience to like load and shoot, so
of course the one he loves is Bryan’s which is like
an automatic machine one that just like pshew-pshew-pshew
all together, so. – Here you go, fill up
the basket, there you go. – Maybe we should have
him shooting at a target. – Yeah, probably just
have him shoot at targets. Alright, Bryan is trying
to figure out his drone. – Yeah lookit, you can see on the camera. You can see Papa and Ollie.
– That’s good quality! – Yeah.
– I had no idea. – [Bryan] Okay, I’m gonna try
and lift it off the ground. – Wow.
– Ollie! (loud whirring)
– Stay away. – This is so cool! And we’re right there, say “Hi”! And I can adjust the camera
to move up or down, too. – That is so crazy!
– I got a little fort. So wave. I gotta drone, I gotta
drone, I gotta drone. This is so cool. Look at that quality, babe.
– That is really good quality. – I think all those times
of flying the helicopters really prepared me for this, too. See, it’s nice!
– This thing is serious. – It’s so cool that I can watch the camera as I do this, ya know?
– Yeah. (laughter)
– Whoa! – It’s crazy, it’s like so strong that the wind is blowing my hair. – Oh my gosh, do you feel it?
– Yeah. (joyful upbeat music) – OMG, you guys, that was so cool. If you look closely, I sliced
up the trees a little bit so my blades are all green. You guys needed these trimmed
right here anyway, right? (laughter)
Those are all trimmed. That is so cool. Papa and Ollie are takin’ aim. You shooting Tina?
– We’re doing gun safety. (Ollie shouting)
Evil Mrs Tina! (Bryan laughing) – I think we got like a 100-pack of darts ’cause I knew we were gonna
go through them like crazy. – Bucket-o-Darts.
– Bucket-o-Darts! – He actually loves to
play Easter with them. – Oh really? – He’s really good at picking them up. – He goes around with the
basket and picks them all up so we don’t have to do anything. – Now I know why you guys are by the fire, it’s so nice over here, it’s cold! I’m cold in my shirt.
– It’s not cold. – It’s pretty cold, c’mon.
– Like 55. – [Bryan] This looks good
though, baby you look good. – Thanks.
– I love you. – I love you. Ollie has demanded Papa jump with him. (happy upbeat music) – [Bryan] You’re turning on Oliver Way! – Oliver Way now, go go go!
– Hooray! (happy upbeat music) – [Missy] You’re rocking
on the rocking horse! Is it fun? – I think he likes it.
– Aw! Say “Giddy-up, giddy-up!”
– Aww. – Say “Yee-haw!”
– You’re like Jessie! Say “Night-night.”
– Give ’em a kiss. – [Mimi] Night-night, Karma. – Oh, Uncle.
– Uncle’s turn. – Aww.
– Goodnight. – Can I have a lick goodnight, a lick? Let me have a lick.
– Oh! (laughter) – Auntie’s turn, aw, I love you. Merry Christmas.
– A yick! – Huh?
– Oh, a lick! (laughter)
– Good job, Papa. Papa feels very accomplished right now. (adults laughing) – He like moved his cheek
over, “Lick, lick it!” My dad has been playing
this joke on him forever and we’re always just like “Oh my gosh” and now Ollie thinks
everyone has to, yeah. – Don’t lick me.
– Yeah he’s always like, yeah. Oh my gosh, okay Ollie,
go give Mimi a hug. – And a yick!
(laughter) – You know what?
– Goodnight, Ollie. – We’re all gonna lick you goodnight. – [Papa] You all licked where I licked. – A yick!
– Muah! I love you.
– And a yick! (laughter) – You need to lick him!
– I did! – [Papa] We’re starting a new tradition. – Ew!
(laughter) – I love you.
– I love you. – Merry Christmas.
– I love you! (laughter)
– Go give Bev a hug goodnight. – That was a little gross.
(laughter) – [Missy] Go say “Night-night.” – Goodnight, I love you.
– I love you. – [Bryan] Ollie, take Arlo to bed, okay? – [Missy] Have Arlo give you a lick. (clapping)
There you go. Come say “Night-night” to Fin and you probably have to give him a lick. – [Bryan] Give him a lick! (laughter) – Happy Christmas.
– This is not good. (laughter) My dad, that’s seriously all my dad. – [Bryan] Night-night Ollie, I love you. – [Missy] Alright, say
“Bye,” say “Love you.” – [Bryan] Hope you had a good Christmas! – Say “Merry Christmas!”
– They should get a hug. – [Mimi] That was definitely
not “Merry Christmas.” – Say “God bless us, every one.” – Hey, gosh you to everyone.
– “Gosh you to everyone.” – Say “God”.
– God. – “Bless”.
– Bless. – “Everyone”.
– Erryone. – That’s right!
– Good job! – [Bryan] Have a good night, buddy. Alright, we got Ollie down for bed and I just pulled this
amazing looking roast out of the oven, that looks amazing Jim. – I know, I know.
– Oh my goodness, oh yeah. That is cut, that is cooked perfectly. (peaceful happy music) – Guess some kids just
can’t handle Christmas. He’s out like a light, everyone left, and the day is winding down. How was your Christmas, Baby?
– Good. – It was really good for me, too. I love you.
– I love you. – Think we’re gonna go and end today’s big Christmas special, I
hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, give it a thumbs up and subscribe and leave a comment. Subscribe so we can watch that number get up high, lookit,
where is that, 967,893! Isn’t that crazy?
– My brother’s cool. – Oh, 94! Tomorrow my sister leaves for U-daho. (laughter)
Get it? Get it, like Idaho? Except I would say U-daho.
– Yes. – Like you’re a ho, but you’re not. So everyone say “Goodbye”
to my sister Bev. We’ll miss her, we had
a really great trip. Thanks for hanging out with us. – Thank you! – She was amazing with
Fin the entire time. She takes him all the time,
she puts him to sleep. She’s had so much fun,
but anyway, thank you guys for watching today’s Christmas special. Be sure to go check out our
Anchor Cambodia fundraiser, link down below in the description. And you can pre-order my EP on iTunes, that link is also down below. We will see you manana,
you gotta do the “Bye” ’cause Ollie’s asleep, okay?
– Alright. Bye-eee! Boop! ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a ring
and that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes welled up and said ♫ This is home ♫ In the flicker of an eye
it never looked so good ♫ Holding you tight, kissing – Oooh! Hello? Do my wandering eyes did see? Oh, this guy’s trying to get me! Well it’s not gonna happen because I know how to erase footage. I’m gonna do it right now. Hey, hey, hey camera,
erase this footage, okay?

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