[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA’s Surprise Birthday Party! – BTS (방탄소년단)

[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA’s Surprise Birthday Party! – BTS (방탄소년단)

V: Hyung, you shouldn’t rip it open. RM: yep! RM: use this? V: And SUGA hyung will be like “Ah~” RM: “I told you not to do things like this…” V: and With a smile on his lips … RM: YOONGI hyung likes stuff like this. RM: He actually likes it. RM: .. Hyung is 7 years old, isn’t he? RM: In his mind, he is 5years old *puts 5 V: Should we light them at there? RM: There? JM: Hello.. Happy birthday to you! SG: Why there are 5 candles? JM: yes? RM: You’re 15 years old in your mind. SG: I went home a moment ago and they also put 5 candles. V: You’re 5 years old in your mind.
staff?: That was smooth. RM: The 1st word from YOONGI hyung for our surprise party was “Why there are 5 candles?” RM: It really is YOONGI hyung! V: Tell us your wish for ’19? JH: He has to wish it first, doesn’t he?
JK: You didn’t get a birthday slap yet, right? JH: JK will slap you on behalf of us. SG: My wish for ’19… JK: Ok I’ll slap you after you say it. RM: Let’s go! JH: Careful, your cake might fall. SG: My wish is not to get slapped. RM: Invalid. BTS: Congrats! JM: HB! RM: After YOONGI hyung’s birthday, our birthday parade ends. J: Right. SG: No birthday until Septemper. JK: In September, it starts with me. The start is me. JM: What do you want to do? RM: What is it? SG: Nothing really. JK: Today’s dance practice is cancelled.
SG: I ate a meal with my family today. JM: Shall we have a meal together? JK: No no RM: Please give your words. JH: HBD SUGA!! RM: You’re 27. J: Happy birthday! SG: Not much time is left. RM: Happy birthday. SG: Heard you made a donation. J: Wah.. You’re rich. JH: Give him a big hand. SG: For a better world. SG: Birthday comes every year so I’m not really.. (excited). JM: You look very shy. RM: That’s the reaction when he gets shy. JM: He can’t make an eye contact with a camera.
SG: Anyway there’s another birthday next year. J: Of course there’s a birthday next year. SG: I’m thankful for fans and the members as well. BTS: Congrats!

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  1. Jimin tão bobinho rsrsrs. Suga parabéns mais um ano de vida. Siga se solta o sorriso menino,vc um belo sorridente

  2. Suga wear white t-shirt and omg SUGA'S skin also wear white ????

    lv you BTS again i wish happy birthday Suga ???


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