ESO Imperial City Celebration Event Guide

ESO Imperial City Celebration Event Guide

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the upcoming Imperial City Celebration Event
for the Elder Scrolls Online. As always you can find timestamps in the Video
description. To be able to visit the Imperial city you
need to own the Imperial city DlC or have an active eso plus subscription. Keep in mind that the Imperial City is an
PvP Area and other Players can and will probably attack you. In case you never visited the Imperial City
i will explain how you can enter this zone. First open your inventory, then click on tower icon to enter the alliance war screen. here you can enter cyrodiil
or the imperial city. Click on CP Imperial City which will add you
to the queue and port you to the Imperial City Sewers. In the Imperial City you can explore the Imperal
City Sewers and the upper part the Imperial City Districts. Now we will talk about the Imperial City Celebration
Event. The Imperial City Celebration Event features
double Tel Var Stone drops from all monsters, and as well double the chance of obtaining
Stonefire Scamp and Soul Shriven Skin Runebox from slaying Molag Bal’s Simulacrum. You can find Molag Bal’s Simulacrum in the
Center of the Imperial City Sewers. It is possible to trade or sell the Runeboxes
which you earn here. In the upcoming Imperial City Celebraion Event
we will also be able to earn Event Tickets. You have several ways how you can earn each
day 2 Event Tickets per account. Defeat the final boss from either of the Imperical
City Prison or the White Gold Tower Dungeon. Or you can slay a patrolling boss monster
within the Imperial City districts or its Sewers. or defeat Molag Bal’s Simulacrum within the
deepest reaches of the Imperial City Sewers. The Impersario Event Merchant is also opening
again her shop for you during the Imperial City Celebration Event. As always you can purchase the Indrik Feathers
to summon the Nascent Indrik Mount and the Onyx Berries to create the Onyx Indrik. Additionaly you can get a wide Selection of
Imperial and Daedric furnishings for 1 to 3 Event tickets each. She also offers the Ebon-Glow Indrik pet for
10 Event Tickets. I assume that the Pet is a baby version of
the Onyx Indrik and looks similar to the Luminious and dawnwood indrik pets. Sadly there was no preview available on the
public test server. Also you can buy for 10 Event Tickets the
Stonefire Scamp pet which you can usually earn by slaying Molag Bal’s Simularcrum. The Soul-Shriven Skin is also available for
10 Event Tickets which you can usually obtain by slaying Molag Bals’ Simularcrum. If you obtain these collectibles with Event
Tickets you cannot trade or sell them. I would not recommend to use Event Tickets
to obtain the Stonefire Scamp since you can usually buy it from Guild Traders for around
2000 Gold. The Soul Shriven skin is a bit more expensive
and you can expect to pay for it more than 500 000 Gold. These prices are from the PC EU Server and
i don’t know if the price is on other platforms are different. Keep in mind that i took all this information
from the Public Test Server and i don’t know when and if the Event will be available ont
he Live Server. I guess that the Imperial City Celebration
Event will maybe come to the Live Server at some point in August, but we have to wait
for an official announcement from ESO. Thanks for watching and hopefully you enjoyed
my overview of the upcoming Imperial City Celebration event. It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like
or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!

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  1. Onyx Indrik Mount: / Impresario Event Merchant:
    The Imperial City DLC will be available for free in the Crown Store, starting with the Imperial City Celebration Event! (September 5 – September 16)
    ESO announcement:

  2. Used my lunch break to watch this video and now I know everything about the event. Thank you for taking your time to make these videos. See you in the Imperial City. Tschรผss.

  3. Ohh yeaaah! Now i can stack 3 blessings at once, still got a char whit the newlife boon, a 150% scrill and soon the pelinal scrol ???? well its a test atleast ๐Ÿ˜›
    Thanks for this video! Atleast i dont feel so insecure about getting tickets

  4. In Bethesda fan video policy you linked I cannot possibly get what the expression "people come up with stuff that has not even occurred to us yet" possibly stands for in that context..?.seems like a fake Bethesda cons' website more than fans' advices

  5. I have never been in Imperial City as it is a PvP area and I have been playing for over 2 years lol. I Personally do not PvP at all. Wish there was another way to get the event tickets this time as I feel I may have have to not play this time.

  6. I realllllllly hope this makes it to the live server in September. Iโ€™m on NA PS4 & the Soul Shriven skin is still selling for over 800K.

  7. i am hoping to get that onyx pet if they do have, (would be silly not too!) haha have the other 2 pets & base indrik mount hanging out at my lunar champion home ๐Ÿ™‚ think i will transform to the onyx mount, & leave it at that, i just want all the pets haha, thanks for this! would be my first time going in imperial city after all these years

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