Eva Longoria’s Son’s First Birthday Party Will Have More Guests Than Her Wedding

-You know, obviously, nothing is
appropriate to a 10-month-old. But your work, “Grand Hotel,” I feel like a kid has got be
pretty old to appreciate that. “Desperate Housewives,”
I think you got to be 25. -[ Laughs ]
I know. I know. I always got surprised when I had 8-year-old fans
from “Housewives.” I was like,
“Are you watching that?” [ Laughter ] I’m naked in every episode. -“Are your parents
watching you?” -Yeah. -Do you have
parental supervision? But you are doing something
that’s very kid-friendly. -Yes. -So, live-action —
it’s a live-action — -Live-action
“Dora the Explorer.” -That’s really exciting.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes, it’s gonna be awesome. It’s — Yeah, it’s like
Dora “Tomb Raider.” -Oh, wow. -Yes, she’s in the jungle,
kicking butt. -That’s exciting.
-Yeah. And it’s not 6-year-old Dora. It’s 16-year-old Dora. -Yeah, ’cause you can’t let
a 6-year-old in the jungle. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -It was the first time,
I, as a mom, did a role. And I was playing a mom.
And I was a new mom. And I really approached it
so differently. And so I remember
the director’s like, “And then you’re gonna do this.”
I was like, “No, no, no. I would never let my child run
into the crumbling temple.” Right?
It’s falling down. He was like, “Right, but Dora
has to save the movie.” And I was like,
“Yeah, but I don’t think we should let her go
by herself.” -Right. I see.
-In the jungle. And they were like,
“Right, yeah. It’s Dora.” And I’m like,
“Yeah, I don’t think –” -I can’t wait to see this Dora
where just the temples crumble. -And she doesn’t run in.
-And she doesn’t run in. And the whole moral —
[ Laughter ] And then you look at the camera,
and you’re like, “Remember, kids, temples are –”
-Dangerous. -“Dangerous.”
[ Laughter ] -Can you say —
[ Speaks Spanish ] [ Applause ] Santiago turns one.
Is it today, tomorrow? When does he —
-Tomorrow. -Tomorrow.
-Yeah. But I guess when they are
watching this, he’ll be one. -Okay, gotcha.
Yeah, when this airs — And then you have big plans? -We do.
-Oh, no. -Oh, my gosh.
I swore I wasn’t gonna be the mom that had the big
birthday, 1-year-old birthday, ’cause I’m like,
“They’re not gonna remember it. He’s not gonna
remember anything.” -Of course.
You’re absolutely right. -I’m not —
We’re gonna have a cake. -Great. That was the right —
-That was — yes. -That was the right attitude
to have. What happened?
Eva, be honest. What happened? -My husband happened.
-Okay. -Yeah, my husband is Mexican,
so, like — [ Man cheers ]
Yes. Whoo, whoo! So we have literally
150 Mexicans coming over. -Okay, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -It’s bigger than our wedding!
-Yeah. -But what we’re doing is we’re
baptizing him the same day. -Okay.
-Yeah. So he’s like, “It’s not
the birthday party. It’s the baptism.” I’m like, “It’s 150 people! Either way,
it’s too many people.” But it’s gonna great. And it’s gonna be good
to have everyone. -I mean, the nice thing
about that, of course, is that he won’t remember it. But the photos
will be a lot of fun. -Yeah.
-A lot of friends and family. -Yes. What do you guys do? -We just have
fully lied to them. They’re 3 and 1. And we told them each they’re
still six months each. We haven’t done —
-You haven’t done one birthday. -No, we’ve done — you know, I
would say 20 people came over. -You’re Jewish.
-My wife’s Jewish. -Okay.
-Yeah, so the boys are Jewish. -Yeah.
So there’s no traditions? -There’s not really. I mean, you know, the bris
is the real tradition. And then you just spend
every birthday trying to forget about it,
you know? -Right.
[ Laughter ] -See, us Catholics,
we celebrate everything. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -I mean, we celebrate things. They got presents and stuff. I don’t want it
to make it sound like, you know, I don’t love my kids. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, no Santa Claus. What? -I mean, also I should say
one of the other problems — I don’t know 150 people.
-Oh, yeah. -I think that would be it.
-That’s just our family. -Is that really just family?
-Yeah. -And they all live close enough
that they can just show up? -No.
-They’re flying in? -No, they don’t live close.
-Wow. -I was like,
“Surely, nobody will come.” And everybody’s like,
“Yes, we’ll be there.” -Is it on par with how many
people were at your wedding? -No. It’s double. -It’s double your wedding? -Yes. Our wedding was 70 people. -And was it
because you invited people and they’re like, “We’re fine.” And now you’re like, “You want to come to
a 1-year-old’s party?” And they’re like,
“We’re on the plane”? -Yes, yes, exactly. No, it’s ’cause Santiago’s way
more popular than me and Jose. -Yeah, I get it. Well, he’s named after
a major television character. -Exactly.
[ Laughter ] -On a hit show no less.
-On a hit show. Number-one summer drama. -Congratulations on that.
Thanks for being here. It’s always such a pleasure.
-Thank you. -That’s Eva Longoria, everybody.

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