– Evee’s birthday! – Happy! – [All] It’s party time! (giggles) – [Rachel] Oh, run Cora, run! (upbeat soft rock music) – It’s party day. – [Child] Yay! – And we have been trying to have a good conversation, but this has been going on. (children playing and giggling) – It’s so fun tickling the boys! – That’s the tickle. (giggling) – [Jase] When you have six kids, there’s always a party. There’s always a
wrestling match somewhere. – [Rachel] What’s going on Evee? – Evee’s birthday! – Happy! (squealing) – We’re so excited! I’ve been waiting for this day for my entire life! – [Rachel] What kind of
party is it going to be? – It’s going to be a soft and sweet and unicorns! – Woo, unicorns to the rescue! – Evee got some Unis for her birthday so we’re gonna make that a fun station for the kids to play with. Okay, party time has begun! We’re so excited! And the kids are already arriving. So, we’re going to show you how it’s set up, which I wanted to do before the kids got here, but we’re ready! So, welcome over to our party, look at the decorations that Klai did with all the kids. So, at the party we’re going to have three stations of games. Our first fun station is all from Lily Jane. And they have awesome products that you can find. And I’ll link everything down below of all the awesome brands that helped and donate to our party because we had some really great ones collaborate with us. So, Lily Jane is one of them, find them at Target, fantastic! – Welcome to za Uni section. – Okay, these are Unis. They actually just sent it to us. These are really, really fun,
so we thought we’d put ’em in a fun game. They’re gonna build their own Uni animal. So cool. – [Jase] Oh, is that your example? – [Child] Yeah, example! – [Jase] So you take those. – [Child] You put it in here and there’s a needle that goes, and then you get, and then you pump it up. And then you can put one extra on it and two eyes. – [Jase] Are you the Uni expert? – Yes, I am. – [Jase] Awesome! – Welcome to our candy bar. Look at this. Our sweet treat bar. So, after the kids break the pinata, we have tons of Little Heavenlies. This is freeze-dried ice cream. It’s amazing. We have all different kinds
of flavors that they sent. We’re so excited. Here’s all our other flavors, too. But these are a lot of
Evee’s favorite treats. We have M&M’s. We have Mike & Ikes, sour worms. We have Legos, we have
Kit Kats, Hershey’s. We have gummy stuff. So, they’re gonna fill some of their baggy with some goodies. And this is kind of what they’ll take home or they’ll munch with here at the party. Alright, we have our unicorn pinata! Oh, and, my not-so-amazing but amazing unicorn cake! Like it? – [Jase] Yup. – And Rykel is decorating
the other cupcakes. – [Jase] What’s up, designer? How are you? – Good. Gonna make each of them have
a shimmer spray on them. – [Jase] So professional! – So, we’re going to get
started at the party. But, one of my favorite things
at the end of the party, we always give a party favor
or a thank you for coming. And this is what they get. These are Squishies, but
they’re soft like a cuddly. And they smell really good. They smell really, really good. They really do. So, they squeeze like a Squishee. Anyways, they have lots of cool animals. We’re so thankful for Squeezamals. – [Jase] Is this a sloth? – [Evee] Yeah. – [Jase] That is a sloth. – [Rachel] Isn’t that cool? – [Jase] That is nice. – [Evee] Daddy, look at the hedgehog! – No, look at the hedgehog. Look how soft that is, isn’t that cool? We want to thank Squeezamals for donating lot’s of
fun things for the party. – [All] It’s party time! – [Jase] How’s the hair station going? – Horrible. – Good. (upbeat soft rock music) (children yelling) (calming music) – [Rachel] What are we doing
for these gorgeous girls? – I made braids. – [Rachel] Oh, a mermaid braid? – Okay, look up. – [Rachel] And the Dutch braids? – My mom already did my hair. – [Rachel] Oh, beautiful! Is this your Lily Jane headband? (giggles) – [Rachel] She’s going to hand out the unicorn hats. Who’s ready? Can you commit? Are you going to become a unicorn? – Yes. – I think she’s embarrassed, but you being a unicorn is essentially everything
that we all desire to be. – [Rachel] Ah! Go! Oh, almost! Woo, she did it! Build the unis. – What’s this thing do? – What’s this do? – [Rachel] Here we go,
the big hair reveal. Set, go! Oh, amazeness, so cool! Hey, she needs a Lily and Jane, maybe a butterfly? – Thank you. – [Rachel] Right in the top. You are accessorized. Do you feel beautiful? – Yeah. – [Rachel] Did you put those on his head? – Yeah, in a row. – [Rachel] Whoa, high five. You are the unicorn master. These guys are real unicorns. What is that? What kinda Uni is that? – I don’t know. – [Rachel] Is it a elephant bird? – It looks like an elephant bird to me. (children talking at once) – Alright, it’s time for… – Pegasus, Pegasus, unicorn! – [Rachel] Alright, it’s just like Duck, Duck, Goose. Here we go. Go, Evee, go. – Pegasus, Pegasus, Pegasus, Pegasus, Pegasus, Pegasus. – [Rachel] Are we going around again? – Unicorn! Get her! (children yelling) – [Rachel] Aw, your turn! Get her! (children cheering) – [Rachel] Oh, she’s a tricky one! (children laughing) – [Rachel] Oh, she got you! Alright, get going, Cora. Oh, run Cora, run! (children cheering) – [Rachel] Oh, you were so close, DJ! You were so close. J! He is manning this awesomeness. What time is it? – [All] Pinata time! – [Rachel] Great scream, girlfriend. Holy cow! That girl’s got pipes. K! Ready? It’s Evee’s turn. – [All] One! Two! Three! – [Rachel] You’re out, missy! Nice try! But, guess who won. – Who? – [Rachel] The unicorn. (giggles) – [All] One, two, thr..three! – [Rachel] Aw! Pass on the bat! (slow rock music) (children cheering) – [Jase] Oh, my ankle! – Two, woo! (slow rock music) (children cheering) – [All] One! Two! More! – Hold on, here we go. Ready? – [Jase] Mom, can you break it? (children cheering) – [Rachel] Okay, all say PARTY! – [All] Party! – [All] Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Evee! Happy birthday to you! – [All] Blow them out! (upbeat soft rock music) – Hey, look at these kids getting all their treats and goodies. (upbeat soft rock music) – Oh, it’s so cute! It’s so tiny! – I love it so much, I can even squeeze it! It’s so fluffy! – [Rachel] Evee, did you
get one more present? – Yeah. – [Rachel] What is it? Look at it. It’s like the biggest, softy cuddly ever. Feel how soft that is. Wow! – [Walker] There are different ears. – [Rachel] Who gave you that? Yeah. Was Walker your good friend before we moved? – Yeah. – [Rachel] He was super
cute, huh? He was a nice boy. Alright, so tell me about your presents. What did you get? – I got some magical bubbles, and I got Light-Up Diaries. – [Rachel] Wow! – [Evee] And some bubblegum, some silly putty, and Mike & Ikes. – [Rachel] Cool! – And then, a composition
book with some crayons. Journals with Legos and pencils in it. And then I got a cat
from Taya, she painted. And then I got these cute Squishees, that’ a dragon and a Squishee ice cream. These, so you put them on this thing you can make whatever. And then, you put them on string, so you can hang them somewhere. And then you spray it so it sticks. – [Rachel] Cool! – And then, I got some
nightgowns down here. And these were from Ginger, my friend. And this one matches her. And then, I got this cuddly from Walk. He was very nice. – [Rachel] Was it the best birthday ever? – Yeah. – [Rachel] That was so cool, huh? – Mm hmm, thanks for
hanging out everybody! Comment down below what your party’s gonna be about or when you birthday is. And if you enjoyed my party, give a big thumbs up. Thanks for watching! Subscribe down below and hit that notification bell. Mahalo! (upbeat soft rock music)

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