Fall DIY Dollar Tree Shop With Me On a Budget! | DIY Supplies Haul (Fall 2018)

Fall DIY Dollar Tree Shop With Me On a Budget! | DIY Supplies Haul (Fall 2018)

Hey everyone So today I wanted to take you with me to the dollar turkey to look at all the fall supplies and decor that they have My Dollar Tree was still getting some of the fall supplies, but they still had a good amount out So I thought I’d just go ahead and take you along with me today, I was needing to shop for some fall DIY supplies for some all DIY decor ideas that I’m Going to be sharing with you guys next week and next week’s fall Friday video. So be sure to come back for that. I Was really impressed to see that they had a lot of new stuff that I didn’t see in previous years But then they also had some repeat stuff from the previous years Something I did want to point out is that they have the fall hydrangeas again last year I did a DIY fall wreath with these hydrangeas So if you’re wanting to recreate that this year I’ll have it linked to the card above and you can go ahead and get the supplies. You need at the Dollar Tree Still this year, which is awesome All right now that you’ve seen what my dollar tree is carrying for fall, let’s get into the Hall everybody So I wanted to show you what I got from the Dollar Tree It’s actually like a week later from when I went shopping and I got baby river here with me. He’s sleeping You hear any weird noises? He’s kind of like snoring right now. So it’s wearing him in this baby Kitana He’s been kind of fussy today And so he just wanted to be close to me. So this is what we’re doing today So these items I purchased are for a fall Dollar Tree DIY decor video that I’m going to be doing It should be up next week. So next Friday So be sure to stay tuned for that and you can come and see what I’m using these supplies for what I make out of them But the first thing I got which I thought was really cool for the Dollar Tree are these metal words? You get three different words, it comes with thankful harvest and welcome and they’re just like a galvanized metal But I just thought that was so cool It’s something you would find out Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s and it would probably be like at least ten dollars or something like that So I just thought this was a really really fun fine. There’s so many signs that like kirklands and Hobby Lobby That you find already made that have these galvanized letters on them. So this was just really cool to me next I got two of these little straw. Hay bells so they’re just little miniature ones I’m actually planning on taking these apart possibly just to use the hay or a DIY So we’ll see how that works out. Then. I got two sets of these little clip on pumpkins They’re red. I’m not sure if they have other colors. I there was only two left at my Dollar Tree I actually need some more of these for the DIY that I’m going to do I might even go today or tomorrow to go check and see if my Dollar Tree got more Because I do probably need at least like two or three more of these packages for a specific DIY But I thought those were really cool, too Then I got these felt leaves. I got two sets of these as well. There’s different colors there’s green yellow orange and red and there’s an assortment of different leaf shapes and everything and I’ve been noticing. I think if I’d have been in Pottery Barn had some Felt leaf decor so I might try to recreate one of those things with Those leaves so we can do that very inexpensively. And then I just got one of these wreath hoops They have these most most of the time anyways But I need one of those and then something else that they always have as well. Are these little washcloths? I just wanted some sort of like paper or fabric That had like a either Buffalo check or a plaid print. So that’s what I was looking for so these will hopefully work for the DIY then when I Be doing and then I needed a frame So I got to this frame just because this was like the right shape and size that I was needing This actually has a kind of a cute picture in it But I’m gonna be taking this out because I can I just need the frame and then I got some of this craft paper You get like a whole roll How much it’s actually called postal wrapping paper, but I call it craft paper You get two and a half feet by five yards. So that’s actually quite a bit I’m actually using this for not next week’s DIY but a future DIY That’s more Thanksgiving themed so I decided just to go ahead and get this now But that is everything I got again. All those supplies are gonna be for a few DIY decor ideas that I’m doing and that video should be up next week. The only other things I need to get are two more Sets or two or three more sets of these pumpkins and what I spent this time was 1185 I’m planning on being able to make four DIYs three of them will be for next week ones for Thanksgiving that will be later on so, um once I get those other pumpkins, it’ll be more like $15 or so fifteen sixteen dollars. So that’s four DIYs for under $20 I think that’s pretty So you guys want to see what I end up making be? Sure to come back next week hit that subscribe button and a little notification bell that’s right next to it that way you’ll be notified when that video goes up and you can see all of our other videos that we post my husband and I do all different kinds of videos and now we also have little river here that we’re gonna be doing videos with So be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for that Give this video a thumbs up if you like shop with me and halt type videos. I do have a Shop with me at Hobby Lobby. That’s fall themed in a hall and then My husband and I also went to Bath and Body Works and we have a shop with us at Bath & Body Works and candle Hall, so be sure to check those out I’ll have them linked in the card above and I’ll see you guys in our next video. Bye Screams let me carry you

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  1. Okay, this is weird but I’ve wondered for awhile does Brylan sing the intro? (Sounds like it could be the same voice tone to his voice so just curious)

  2. Hi Lisa and River!
    Looking forward to seeing ALL your upcoming videos. Thanks for sharing your haul with us!

  3. wow you guys have a really nice dollar tree. We will have to stop by ours. We LOVE the dollar shop at Target but the dollar tree really stepped up their game.

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