– [Bryan] What Missy? – How did we do that wrong? (groans) – [Bryan] We’re the worst. – I think I can fix this. – [Bryan] This may be a disaster. – I don’t know if I can fix this. – Now Christmas is ruined! ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it. ♪ ♪ Live it forever! ♪ – [Missy] Good morning my boys! You guys look so handsome today. Morning guys, it is Sunday and it is a beautiful day. We got up this morning and we’re off to church and we’re excited for a fun, fun day. Boys where are you? Come on! We’ve got to go! Hey Ollie, do you want to
show them where we found Fred today? Where did we find him? We couldn’t find him for forever. (shouts) He’s pretending to be baby
Jesus in the nativity scene! Fred you should not be
impersonating Jesus! That is not a good thing to do! No, no, no don’t touch him! You almost touched him! Don’t touch Fred! You could hurt him. He could get owies. By the way, sometimes
we don’t vlog everything and sometimes we do a lot of Instastorying or Instagraming so if you guys aren’t following me, make sure you are or Bryan
or even Ollie and Finn ’cause they do a lot of Instagraming too. We’ll have that all linked
down below for you to follow. Yesterday I actually
Instastoried finding Fred and it was super duper cute. All right look at the boys are all ready! – We’re ready for church! – It’s always a little
hit or miss with Finn when we drop him off at nursery. You never know if he’s
going to start crying. He usually cries. We’re all ready. We’re going. I’m actually wearing a
little lettermansweater and it has a B on it for Bryan. – Aw thanks babe. – Just for you. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Okay I just had to
vlog Finn waiting so patiently to get his crayons out of his box. He’s being such a good boy today. There you go Finny. Ollie and Finn are doing such a good job at coloring their coasters. Good job boys. They have been such good boys all day. It’s so crazy the things that
they’re starting to say to us. – I know and even to each other. They just love each other so much. – They’re starting to become
like really good friends and they’re probably
on their best behavior because it’s Christmastime. But I got in the car and Ollie was like Dada, you’re awesome and I was like thanks you’re awesome too. You are so awesome. I love you boys. All right guys let’s cheers! Cheers! – We are home and Finn is
just waking up from his nap. He does not sound very happy huh? – Yeah. – He took a nap in Ollie’s room and he just woke up and he is not happy. So I’m just like you come
out when you’re ready. But we’ve just been kind of relaxing and getting out all our Christmas decor. Yay! For the tree huh? Because we still have to put
together our family tree. Fred did not get us a tree. He didn’t decorate our
tree which is a good thing ’cause we like to decorate our tree and normally we do it like
way earlier than we are but I guess we just kind
of have been falling behind this year but we’re really excited. I was just going through
all my decor though. We’ve got lots of different things. I think we might get a
few more things at Target. I was plugging in all the
lights and my lights do work. We’re going to go get our Christmas tree? – Yeah! – [Missy] All right. Are we going to get a big one or like a small one? – I think we’re going to get
just a little bigger one. – [Missy] Okay cool. Let’s go pick it out. (upbeat music) All right we’ve piled into the truck because we’re going to
put the tree back there which we’ve never had a
truck to get a tree with. We always have to strap it to the roof and then be scared that it’s
going to fly off our car. Finn is up from his nap. Are you happy now? – Yeah! – He woke up a little grouchy but I think he’s happy. First up we’re going to
Target to grab a few things so we can decorate it
and it will look good and then we’ll go get our tree. (upbeat music) – So we are now shopping
in a Target wonderland. Yes it is true. All the weird ornaments, even the pickles. (laughs) We had to pick out a star. We need a tree skirt, we need lights. – Lights and maybe a
couple more ornaments. – [Bryan] Yeah. You guys they finally
have an elf ornament. Look it! It’s Buddy the elf! (upbeat music) Ooh the boys got some hot chocolate and we have made it to
the Christmas tree farm! We did photos here a couple years ago. It’s really, really pretty. – Christmas trees! – [Bryan] Yeah you want to go pick one? – Yeah! – [Bryan] And cut it down? Finn, did you bring your saw? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay cool. I’ll let you cut it down this year okay. (upbeat music) Merry Christmas throne! That’s so cool! Look at you boys! You’re in Santa’s chair. (upbeat music) So there is three different
types of Christmas trees here. There is a Douglas fir,
there is a Noble fir and there is a Grand fir. Let me know in the comments down below, what do you guys normally
get for like your family Christmas tree? We always get a Noble but
I love like the bushy look of the Douglas firs and they’re like really soft and they look like classic Christmas trees but it doesn’t really matter what kind ’cause it smells amazing in here. I’m like loving (laughs) this smell and vibe right now. It’s pretty dope. (upbeat music) Alrighty I think we’ve found it. – Do you like this one? Is that cool? – [Bryan] We got a Christmas tree! I think this is the one we’re getting. Aw! (upbeat music) – All right we’re home and
Bryan’s bringing the tree in in just a minute. We just moved the couch just a little bit so it’s a lot closer to the TV and we have more room
over here for the tree. Here it comes! – Imagine that! A Christmas tree that
fits through the door! – [Missy] And one that you
can do all by yourself. Usually I have to have my dad help us. Look at that! Oh it’s so good! – So this year we actually
got what is called a Nordman fir. I’ve never heard of it before but it definitely looks
like a cross between like a Noble and a Douglas. – Yeah which is perfect
because I really wanted a Noble and you wanted Douglas. – [Bryan] Yeah these branches
are so pretty looking. They’re strong. Look at that! That is our Christmas tree you guys! It’s so pretty looking! I think that is a good looking tree, babe. – I love it! It’s a small tree but it’s
like the perfect size. – [Bryan] I always want to
go with a tree that touches the ceiling. – But it makes it so hard to decorate. Like they honestly kind
of always looks like eh. (laughs) – [Bryan] And it takes like four hours. (laughs) – Hey Daddy! I’m matching you! – We’re matching! Isn’t that so cool? – Yeah! – Yeah. – Hey Finn! Now we are both matching! – [Bryan] Whoa they’re both matching now! (laughs) And we’re all matching! We’re all matching and we are going to now
decorate the Christmas tree as a family and I thought this year we need to do a time lapse. So we are going to get that set up. Ollie, are you going to put
those beads on the tree? – Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s a lot. (upbeat music) All right so before we
start decorating the tree, we have to put ornament hooks on our bulbs because we got new bulbs this year and Ollie knows how to do it and I am so proud of him. So you put that hoop in
and then what do you do? And then you pinch it. – Good job! – [Bryan] You did it! See how that makes it so much easier Ollie to hang it on the tree? So we are trying to put all of these on these. Finn’s like I don’t know what is going on. Last one Ollie! Put the hook on! Pinch it. – There you go! – [Bryan] Boom! All right! Should we put all of these
on the tree now boys? – Yeah! – All right you guys. We are all in our matching pajamas and it is time to decorate the tree so this time we’re going to
do a little bit of time lapse. You boys ready to decorate? – Yeah! – Let’s go! (indistinct talking) (upbeat music) What Missy? – How did we do that wrong? (groans) – [Bryan] We’re the worst. – I think I can fix this. – [Bryan] This may be a disaster. – I don’t know if I can fix this. – Now Christmas is ruined! – All right you guys we may
have figured out a solution via an extension cord. – Ribbon time! (upbeat music) – Got beads? We do. (laughs) We’re going to put them on our tree now. (upbeat music) – [Ollie] Dada, you’re doing
really great with that tree. – Thanks guys! – You’re welcome. (upbeat music) – All right now we’re going
to throw all these balls on there. (laughs) For Christmas. Boys! Mommy and Daddy need your help! So we are now going to put
these on the Christmas tree and we need your help
to do it strategically and nicely okay? – Okay! – Okay. – Don’t let another color
next to another color. – [Bryan] How about right here? – That means that! – [Bryan] Whoa you did it! That was so cute! He was so proud of
himself for putting on his first ornament! (laughs) Ollie you’re doing such a good job buddy! (upbeat music) Okay now it’s time to
put on an assortment of ornaments that we have
acquired over the years. Some are like kooky and
weird and some are just downright ugly looking but they’re ours so they go on our tree. (soft music) – That’s coffee. – Or actually there’s hot chocolate. It looks like those are
little marshmallows. – No I think that’s coffee
with (indistinct) in it. – Oh really? – Because coffee is black. (soft music) – You want to put the birdy on Finn? – Where did this come from? (soft music) (indistinct) – You did it! He’s so happy! (soft music) – [Bryan] Look at you with your reindeer nose. That’s a fun one huh? All right the tree is all done and now all we need is
to put the star on top. So boys I’ll give you each a turn. Okay so you put the
star on top of the tree. Sound good? – I want do it! – And this year we don’t
have to use a ladder and practically make it fall over. – [Bryan] I know. It’s always been very
crazy every single year but now we have a average sized tree that is pretty grand. Let’s put the star on top okay? – Okay. – All right! So you need to grab this. – [Missy] See if you can do it. – Here’s the star and put this piece on top of there okay? – [Missy] Put it up there Finn! Oh my gosh! – Put it on! – I get it on! (laughs) – [Missy] Did you get it? (laughs) His face! Put it on there, good job! (laughs) Right there, perfect! You did it! (cheers) – It is Ollie’s turn. – [Missy] Okay. – And I brought a chair
because Ollie weighs a lot. (laughs) So go ahead. – [Missy] Oh my goodness! You’re doing it! Get it on there! (cheers) – High five dude! Love you! Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas Dada! – [Bryan] All right it’s time
to shut off all the lights. All right now it is
time to light the tree. Let’s do it! Three, two, one, light it up! Woo! It works! – Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! (cheers) – It’s Christmas! – [Bryan] Yeah it’s
Christmastime now buddy! (soft music) I love our tree. It is so pretty! – [Missy] It’s so pretty! – [Bryan] We did a good job! – We did so good with the lights! – [Bryan] Are you so
excited for Christmas boys? (squeals) Oh the squealing, that could stop. That’d be cool. (laughs) – [Missy] All right
boys it is time to open our advent calendars. So we might have missed yesterday huh? So we get to open two of these and two of these so that will be nice because then you guys each get one and there’s no fighting! Also a lot of people have
questions as to why I start with 24 and I like to count down so we’re going to open up 23 and then 22. I don’t know. I just like counting down. It might be the wrong way but I think that it’s fun
to say there’s 22 days until Christmas instead
of like oh it’s the third. Open three. (laughs) All right Ollie. You’re opening up 23. What’s in there? What is it? I don’t know which one that is. We’ll have to put it together. You need to open 22 okay. Press that one. Right there, get that one. Okay so Finn got this one and Ollie got this one. All right Finn gets to
open up 23 of this one. There you go get it out! Who is it? Oh my gosh it’s Rapunzel! Ollie gets to open up 22. What’s that one? A Christmas tree? Oh that’s so cool! I wonder if some fit
in the Christmas tree. You guys I bet they fit in here. So Rapunzel fits in that one and then I bet we’ll find
one that’s even smaller that’ll go in that in the top of the tree. Isn’t that cool? – Yeah. – [Missy] How neat! This one’s really fun. No assembly required when you open it. Okay guys it’s bedtime. So so so far past our bedtime so we’re going to go
ahead and end the video. Make sure you visit vlog a big thumbs up. We enjoyed decorating
our Christmas tree today. It was such an awesome
day, I really enjoyed it. We’ll see you guys tomorrow! What do you say Ollie? – Bye! (upbeat music)

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