FAMILY FALL FASHION STYLE 🍁 Black Friday Deals (Fall Fashion Trends)

I’m gonna take you on a tour of my
closet today because today I’m gonna show you a video of all of the new
clothes that I got for me and my girls first of all check out my shirt do you
like it I do also enter my giveaway I’m giving away a two hundred dollar gift
card to modern vintage boutique I’ve got so many fun styles right now for the
holidays I mean don’t you love this Buffalo plaid it’s my favorite I’m
obsessed with Buffalo plaid I mean check out my closet there’s this and this and
then I’ve got a ton over here that you can subscribe to my channel and leave a
comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing and I will announce the
winner in the comments of this video tomorrow I hope you guys will
participate in this giveaway and then watch the rest of this video because I’m
just gonna show you all of the things that I got for me and my girls at modern
vintage boutique and even freshly picked I got a really cute new diaper bag even
though I don’t have babies and I don’t have diapers for my babies well I mean I
still call Owen my baby he’s three and a half almost four he’s my baby but I like
I love diaper bags even though I don’t haven’t had to carry around diapers for
like two years now so but diaper bags are just so functional with kids you
always need to bring snacks and drinks and extra codes and stuff so I love this
new diaper bag that I got and so I’ll show you how cute it is freshly picked
is having their biggest sale of the year so now is the time to do your shopping
at all the places that I’m gonna show you right now cuz Black Friday you guys
you know all the best sells are coming up right now so go do your shopping
right now and check out all these cute clothes I got this is my closet
ok you guys my dream closet this used to be empty space above our garage we were
able to figure out how to make it this one great big walk-in closet and it’s so
functional because I got this whole side is Shan side and then this side is my
side I even got a lot of the kids clothes in here as well just works out
because we got her bath room right here big bathtub and shower so I get the kids
ready for bed and then I get them in their jammies right here
this is fun hey this is actually a really cool thing you guys I will also
put a link to this in the description of this video but it’s really good for your
lymphatic and it’s just that one of those shaker vibrating machines and then
I’ve got my washer and dryer right here and over there I’ve got my treadmill
I’ll show you so there you go that’s my closet

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