Father Slaps His Son Over Unsanitary Food Conditions | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Father Slaps His Son Over Unsanitary Food Conditions | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

– I’m not sure this
is completely done. And they’re freezing cold. – [Man] Oh my God, yeah. – Yeah, I mean these are cold. – Hi, guys. – [Man] Hey, how are you? – [Michael] I’m Michael. – [Man] Hi, Michael. – [Michael] Jon
wanted to send me in to make sure that you
guys didn’t have any of that ready-to-eat food. – Excuse me, folks. They just said it was cold. – The kids are
back there cooking, no gloves being used whatsoever, and then I watched them going from the cross
contamination of raw chicken, the dirty door and then garnish all this food. That is really, really,
really dangerous. – Well, the first of
all, I didn’t know what was going on. So I can send out another
order, if you like. – Absolutely not,
they’re gonna pass on it. – All right. – Get rid of that out of your… – [Woman] Take it. – [Man] Do not eat it. – [Woman] Don’t eat it. Wow. – Damn it, now
I’m (beep) pissed. Damn it, Joey. Why aren’t your gloves on? – (beep) leave me alone. – [Owner] Why? – This kid is ready to lose it. (breaking) – Oh (beep). – Did he cut himself? – Richie, you should
know better, man. You grew up in the business. You know, you
understood how it works. Let me tell you right now
for the last time. (beep) – Uh oh. – You’re supposed to
check these (beep) before you serve it. (hand slaps)
– Oh! – You hear me? (beep) handle it
for a change. (beep) – He just slapped
him in the face! – Oh my God! – Oh man, that’s not gonna
happen while I’m here. – No.

76 thoughts on “Father Slaps His Son Over Unsanitary Food Conditions | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

  1. Yes, hit your hand on a paper towel dispenser so hard you start to bleed. That’s the best way to release to your anger

  2. I'm sorry but this Jon taffer guy is such a fucking hack I can't ever take him seriously on this show anymore..

  3. I don’t think I agree with him hitting his son on tv and embarrassing him like that. He shouldn’t hire family. He can’t handle it and neither can his sons. There is a reason why I always hear people say don’t hire family. Maybe his sons deserve to get fired but definitely not abused. If this happened in public like that I wonder how many times he has hit them like this or worse in private

  4. I am the man I am today bc my father knew how to raise boys into young men and if it wasn’t for those slaps and the “are your stupid “ I’d probably be in jail or worse

  5. Lol you are all panicking over a slap in the face he’s lucky that’s all he got mental abuse is worse than physical abuse I can tell you that

  6. Damn
    Hitting your kids when they grown ass adults is just wrong
    Makes you wonder what he did when they were younger

  7. Good on ya Pops. Nothing will fix someone like a good smack from your father. I dont care what this soy generation says.

  8. You definitely are not required to use gloves in kitchens. Many health inspectors like them but plenty don’t because it gives cooks an illusion of cleanliness. Just saying…

  9. If the dude he smack was his son.. I say Goood smack his ass he can get u a lawsuit. Maybr next time he will think.
    My mom would have came with a spatula and had a fry pan in the other hand.

  10. Nah, I love my dad and respect is mutual between us, but if he ever slapped me like that, it would take everything in me to prevent me from dropping him like a hot rock.

  11. Babyyyy that would have been the last time he'd been standing on his feet or alive because that bowl or cutting board would have met his face after you slap me like that. Idgaf if that was my father or not

  12. What movie was that when the guy said sometimes I gotta slap him around a little to make business run right. The God father 😂😂😂😂.

  13. I really want to see jon tear into this ass hole it wasn't even that fucking sons fault it was the hot head dumbass

  14. If anyone needed slapping it was that other dude that kept bitching and almost broke his hand from hitting a bit of plastic

  15. How many dudes yawned at the slap and said to themselves,
    "yeah it was wrong, but what a funny way to slap someone.."

  16. Hr slapped the wrong son ..he tried to tell his brother he said leave me alone than when there was a complaint he slapped the one who warned him smh

  17. The dad is a bully and a coward. He had NO right to slap him at all. If he did that to me, I would punch him.

  18. Its really sad cause you can tell the father picks favorites. The skinnier son throws a tantrum at work over being told to wear gloves so you can tell he's been spoiled and the bearded son doesn't even react much to getting hit meaning dad has done it so much he's used to it….that's so fucking sad

  19. I have NEVER met someone under 30 that doesn't need a good slap to the head.
    Shoulda kicked the moron in his dumb ass as well.

  20. The one time my dad slapped me in the fave i put him in a wheelchair for 9 months and i gladly never seen him again. Just FYI it was abusive. Not Disciplinary.

  21. The people wonder why children go crazy and go on a rampage killings people. He is a disgrace to every father and to every real man. Government makes it as easy to get a automatic weapon as it is to order a pizza, because our president receives millions of dollars from the NRA as well as Republican senators receiving millions of dollars in donations to ensure no additional laws and stricter back-round checks are approved. millions of good people would do anything to be able to have children and they are unable, but there are people like this man, who do not deserve to have children. I’m sorry not everyone should be allowed to have kids. If you’re an alcoholic, if you have a criminal background, if you’re a drug addict, prostitute you should not be allowed to have kids

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