Fear Pong House Party! | Cut

Fear Pong House Party! | Cut

– Okay, let the audience
pick any square inch of surface area in the house, and then stick your tongue on it for one whole minute. Don’t pick the toilet! – Let’s go! (choral music) – [Man] Hi, you guys. – [All] Hey! Hello! What’s up? – [Man] Are you guys roommates? – We are.
– Yes. – We live here in this house together. There’s five of us, and
there’s an interesting dynamic, and we kind of fucking hate each other. So, this game is gonna be amazing. – [Man] Who’s gonna win the $200? – For sure, us. – We’ll let our game do the talking. – Yeah, yeah. – Y’all can go first. – First shot of the night. – So easy, it’s so easy. – Oh! – This game is just so easy. – Balance a cup on your head
for the rest of the game, refill it every time it falls. – I think that we’ll both do
better if we just skip it. – You’re such a puss, dude. – Feel my fucking head. Do you see that? – It’s fucking pointy. – [Man] No, no, right here. – You would put it right here? – No, no, no, right– – You’d go like this the entire game? (laughter) – Yes! – Let’s go. – Call your parents and ask them to bail you out of jail. I have Asian parents so
Riley’s going to do this one. – What should I say? – He gave a girl, an underage
girl, drinks at a bar. – Oh! (phone rings) – Hand me that soap, bro. – [Woman] Riley, how are you? – Do you have like two or
three minutes real quick? I– – [Woman] Yeah! – My friends and I were out at a bar and, um, somehow ended up happening, I bought an underage girl a drink and the bar ended up arresting me and I need someone to pay off the bail. – [Woman] Are you okay? – I’m fine. – [Woman] Hang on just one second. – Yeah. – [Woman] What do you need
me to do with this money? – I’m going to give them your number and I’m going to have them call you and they’re going to let you
know what you have to do. I got to go. They’re saying I got to go. (applause) – Well done, well done. – That was kind of fun. – You psycho! Jesus! – That is so easy. – Swap your shirts for your pants. (laughter) – I’ve been waiting
for this my whole life. – [Man] Do you guys see
each other naked a lot? – A couple times a week. – Dude, we’re wearing the
same fucking underwear. – We didn’t plan that. (laughter) We didn’t plan that. – We’re going out to bars later. I think they should have
to go out like that. – How do we look guys? – Oh god. Oh, baby. – Nope, oh yeah. – All right, fill it back up, baby. (mumbles) – You’re so good, Dan. – Eat a stick of butter. Give me that shit right now, dude. – [Man] You both have to to it. – We both have to do it? – Fuck it, let’s go. – No, I kind of want to eat it like a, like a ice cream cone, ya know? Is this organic butter? This is pretty good. – Can I help him with a bite? – Can I– (laughter) – Hey, this is only a half stick, guys. (mumbles) (gags) – No! – They did it, they did it. – Ah! – How’s the butter? – It’s fucking delicious, baby. – I needed something
before we go out, ya know? – Practically unique. – My shirt’s falling off. – All right, there you go. – I’m doing a celeb shot. – I’m subbing in for Dan. – Motherfucker!
– What’s that, okay. – Let the audience pick any
square inch of surface area in the house, and then stick your tongue on it for one whole minute. Don’t pick the toilet. Oh my god, dude, ah fuck! – I believe in you, Ma. – Hold on, I’m sorry Dad. – Let’s go! – (mumbles) – Three!
– Two! – One!
– Two and a half. – Let’s go!
(bell chimes) – You’ve been training
your whole life for this. – What do you want me to say? (laughs)
– That’s awesome! – Wait, wait, wait! – Three, two, one! (cheers) – I actually threw up a little bit. – I actually threw up. – Hey Zoe, give me a kiss. – Oh!
– Cold, dude. – All right. I made it, I made it. – Wet!
– Three, two, one! (cheers) – Yes, ma! – Let the audience figure
draw you for three minutes. Model for them in the nude
with the appropriate props. – No, absolutely no. – [Man] You said you’ve
all seen each other naked. – They haven’t! – I’m drinking. – Oh! – Not even making that, bro. (all cheer) (applause) – Bam! – Let everyone at the party
blow raspberries on your belly. – Let everyone here just (mumbles) – That’s it? This is worse for us than it is for him. All right, let’s go! (lips buzz)
(applause) (lips buzz) (laughs) – Does the dare say everyone in the room? – [Man] Well… – Oh, oh! (all cheer) (lips buzz) (lips buzz) – Ooh! – [Man] What’s the score right now? Where are you guys at? – That’s four, four,
we have one dare left, they have no dares left. – Find someone to hold your
hand for the rest of the game and it can’t be a significant other. If one of you lets go, drink. – Jake, it has to be Jake. – Get over here, Jake. – I just killed this beer,
so I have a free hand. – Interlock fingers, both of you guys. – Got to. – Whoa! Whoa! – We’re getting rid of the cup so that we don’t have to
put a cup on our head. – Even though we’ve spent a million hours on this already. – All right, you go. That was in. – [Man] It’s almost over, guys. – No clue. – This is a great look. – Which ball? There’s two. – [Man] The ball goes into theirs, it’s the end of the game. – Woo! – Drink a glass of raw eggs. – I’ll crack six eggs in my mouth. – Drink the raw egg!
– Drink the raw egg. – Salmonella, baby. – I’m excited, egg. – Let me, oh. Nailed it! – It’s better if you just– – I’m trying to enjoy my eggs, okay? – Put it in your mouth.
– Oh! – Wait wait wait, you
got more, you got more. – Nah, Riley’s gonna get it. (laughter) – Ah! So easy. – There, you made it, we lost. – Fuck!
– Whoa! Let’s go! – All right. – All right, when I take a shot. – [Man] All right. It’s a tie, it’s down the final cup. – Lick my butthole!
– Until now! (yells) – Losers on the outside. – [Man] How was this game? – It was so fun. – It was the easiest fucking
game of my life, dude. – I’m just gonna say, my money was on these two the whole time. – Oh my god. – That’s fucking wrong. I mean, we wouldn’t have
won without this man, so… Woo! – [Man] All right, here’s a real question. Would you actually buy that game? – Abso-fucking-lutely.
– Oh yeah, dude! I got to lick so many things today, and it’s been good. Aww.
– Come here, come here. – [Man] Good job you guys.
(applause) – I’m sorry, this is all
I can do without my hand. – Are you responding already? Literally, technically you’re in. – (mumbles)

100 thoughts on “Fear Pong House Party! | Cut

  1. we’re still using “you’re such a puss”? it’s 2019, we need new insults! you can be more creative then casual sexism. I believe in you

  2. Asian dude with glasses: you’re such a puss dude.
    Also Asian dude with glasses: I have Asian parents, so Rileys gonna do this one

  3. Hey everyone! This is Asian glasses guy – just wanted to make a quick statement in regards to some of the negative comments towards me!

    First – HUGE thanks to Cut for this awesome opportunity and a great time. I apologize if I came off as cocky or douchey, but you have to understand that we were playing pong with 4 of our best friends for over 3 hours in our own house. We were all just having a good time and talking smack as we always do since we have a house rivalry in pong anyways – none of it should be taken seriously! We were all messing around and just enjoying the game with each other.

    I totally get how I come off since I say "easy game" a lot, but I said that after EVERY shot, even when I air-balled multiple times because it's a running joke and it's supposed to be pure irony. Cut understandably had to condense the video so most of my shots that I missed weren't included, so I absolutely see how it could look to y'all.

    Just wanted to provide some context before you make quick judgements of my character, but either way thanks for watching and it was a blast – one of the best times I've had in a while!

  4. I tried playing that game in a house party once but having to translate everything and there were somethings that we couldnt really do in the house or outside, it was kinda hard, if you guys ever want to translate to portuguese, im up to

  5. Toilet lick – be glad they didn't make you like the underside of the SEAT! That's WAY worse and hardly ever gets cleaned in most places.

  6. I think I’d be disinherited and removed from the family register if I called my (very Asian) parents to bail me out of jail xD

  7. There was one point where he says they have no dares left and then it cuts to a clip(previously) when they got hit with the last dare. Why did this happen?

  8. It’s funny that when one of them had to tell their parents to bail them out of jail, the other one was like, oh I have Asian parents so I can’t do it.

  9. So disappointed at this video. Nothing personal to the guys but it was a very douchey episode. I wasted 7 minutes of my day. 🙁

  10. Always though you guys didn't pour enough beer, that glass is too small too. I am a Slav and I find this weak, always have.

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