Feeney’s How to Fluff Your Artificial Tree

Feeney’s How to Fluff Your Artificial Tree

drew from Feeny we’re here today this
little film to try to show you how to your Christmas trees to look like these
in the show room so come on over to it to the detailing table and we’ll show you
how it’s going first thing when you take your tree out
of the box the pointed end on the bottom is the first section so put it in a
stand don’t tighten it in the stand and take your band off and all the branches
will fall down this is the part that everyone wants their tree to look like
and here’s how you accomplish that you need to create these little walls to
hide the center post of the tree so work your way out towards the end when
you get out here near the end you want to make sure that you spread all the
branches and think in terms of live tree it’s going to grow towards the sunlight
you don’t want the branches to be flat another really important feature is plug
the tree in if you had an older tree a couple years old you this is a really
important feature for you because we need to replace burned out bulbs as soon
as you see them you’re going to touch every branch so you’ll be able to see if
you have any burned out bulbs and now the time to replace it so same process
these branches on the bottom are going to be longer than the branches on the
top so you’ll have a little bit more to do on the bottom and you will on the top
but this is how you get the tree to look as real as possible so follow this
procedure do the whole entire section when you’re done unplug
take it out of the stand and just set it on the ground and bring the second
section and put it into stand it’ll hold it upright for you so you can do the
same process let’s grab the second section we have the second section first
thing plug it in make sure everything lights same procedure fluff your
branches out creating these little walls to the inside and when you get all
finished complete it take the stand to where you’re going to put the tree and
put all your sections together rather than trying to carry the whole tree to
where you’re going to place it so love your whole second section just like you
did the first take it out on the stand on the side put your top in the stand same procedure with the top set your top
in pull your branches down plug it in everything lights and same procedure now
your branches are getting very very short same same procedure when you’re
totally totally done if you have any holes in the tree like this if you have
any holes in the tree like this you can manipulate branches to fill your halls
so stand back and look at it and adjust it as you need to and when you’re all
done your tree should look like that’s what your finished product should
look like I hope this helped you and your tree looks like our trees in the

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  1. I watched a different video on fluffing a tree which helped but the way you explain it in this video is more detailed while at the same time very simple to understand I mean of course it's simple to fluff but having it put the you do in the video made it much more comprahendable if that makes sense anyways thank you GOD BLESS! and have a wonderful christmast!

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