Festive Christmas Lights Makeup Look | TEE

Festive Christmas Lights Makeup Look | TEE

hey guys today we’re gonna do fasik
makeup because as you can see I missed out on my Christmas makeup tutorial
starting off I’m going to use my favorite foundation from Estee Lauder
in the shade we just now I’m gonna shove into this video I’m
using let’s move on to the eyes I’m starting off with a transition shade I’m
using Bobbi Brown in a shade golden light so now I’m going to apply onto my
crease area as a base for your darker colors major trim my Christmas tree next I’m gonna cut my highlighter from
the bow mary-lou manizer on top of my cut crease area which is
I’m just going to Pat it because heading it onto my lip makes it more pigmented
now I’m going to quickly blend out the harsh edges with the combined shape
repeat the same step on the other eye I’m gonna apply the same combined shape
onto my lower lashes then I’m gonna brush off my baking powder because I
don’t want it too long so now on to the Christmas light I’m
going to draw a Christmas light on my face so I’m drawing a swirly line that
connects each like bulbs actually this makeup look is inspired by
Nicole I love a tutorial let’s move on to the next step
now I’m going to outline the Christmas ball by the way I’m using the NYX liquid
liner not liquid liner
mixed matte liquid liner home tang Hong Kong tables wanting home
whoa I’m going to apply the color to my life
I’m using the same palette for 335 feet this is the red shade in the palette the
next color I’m going to use the green shade in the palette the last color I’m
going to choose this yellow I think I’m going to put a tiny bit glitter on top
the natural light next I’m gonna use my usual combo which is the lashes from
lash bar in the code m01 and also my favorite mascara from Too Faced to
finish off the look I’m gonna use

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