Final ROBLOX Black Friday 2017 Sale Update and Robux Giveaway

hey guys as the roblox Black Friday sale
was coming to an end I thought I’d do a Robux giveaway yeah
initially I thought I’d just give away an item that I’d purchased in the roblox
Black Friday sale but then I thought well maybe you guys don’t want what I
have maybe you want to get something for
yourself so I thought well the best way to do this is to just give away some
Robux yeah so I’m gonna give away 100 bucks so
stay tuned and I’ll show you how to win some Robux now we’ll just quickly go
through the updated items in the catalog a few things have come through in the
last 24 hours if we actually just go and have a look
at the roblox Twitter feed which I thought was going to be the best source
to find out all these new items you can say they haven’t really posted much at
all there’s a couple of these festive outfits and some wings that’s pretty
much all they posted since yesterday and that’s pretty lame by roblox
they should at least keep people updated on what’s going on in the catalog so
I’ve purchased both the blue goof and the red goof now they’re both coming up
obviously a little bit at this stage not as much as the golden bling braces that
sort of skyrocket to nearly two thousand at one stage but I think it’ll go up
after the sale people are just hanging on to their Robux so they can
actually spend it on big-ticket items so we’ll just have a quick look and see if
there’s anything new in here so these waynwood branches these came on sale I
think they were like half-price yeah they’re half-price so they might be
worth getting you never know they might turn into a limited item at some stage I
did purchase the a red rolling hoverboard I thought it would be pretty
cool and played out in game but haven’t figured out which game are complaining
and then it cost 25 Robux and it was 150 so that’s a massive saving so I
thought I’d just get it anyway okay so some of the other new items are these
majestic eye swings and techno wings you know if you’re into that sort of thing
awesome but I’m not really so I’ll just have a little bit more of a look at the
catalog here and we can see the green goof face is now available so I’m going
to go ahead and put just that that’s what you could buy with
your 100 Robux if you win in the giveaway but yeah you want to get in
fast so just go buy that now there’s still
40,000 available I’m not even sure the blue goof faces actually sold out in the
24 hour time so you might be lucky there now there was another item here that I
was pretty keen on getting it was the snow Fedora but somewhere along the line
here he used to go on missing there it is the hot pink snow Fedora so I’ll
probably buy that in fact I’m gonna go ahead and buy it now it’s available for
another two days but it’s a pretty cool Fedora
and well hot pink a little bit crazy a little bit gangster so I’m gonna go
ahead and buy one of them now now the other thing that came on sale was the
gold like a legend a little bit of bling but at 25000 robux
it’s fairly pricey but I reckon this will be something that’ll go definitely
limited at some stage will it get cheaper than that it’s hard to say I
just don’t have 25,000 Robux so as you see there’s not to a great deal of
updates here go ahead and get your green goof now as I said before I’m gonna do a
little bit of a Robux giveaway so to enter the roebucks
giveaway just leave a comment down below with your favorite item from the roblox
Black Friday sales then when this video reaches 100 views I will do a random
draw from the comments so don’t forget to check back in the comments so I can
get your in-game name and transfer the 100 Robux to you now you’ll also need
to join my group called let’s do this crew the reason why you need to join
that is because that’s the way I can distribute money without you guys
haven’t have builder’s club so yeah there’s me there and there’s me making
an announcement to this group so come in join the group it’s called let’s do this
crew and yeah I’ll put a link to the group in the notes below so I hope
you’ve enjoyed these a roblox Black Friday sale videos they’re being fun to
make and I’m always up for a bit of a bargain so that’s pretty cool and don’t
forget to leave a comment with the best Black Friday item and when I reach 100
views on the video I’ll do the draw it’s a pretty easy way to win 100 robux
so good luck and until next time it’s bye for now

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