First Bars Workshop Final Performance – 30 May 2016

First Bars Workshop Final Performance – 30 May 2016

Rafael: (things are swinging and) moving,
and this backdrop’s sliding around, there’s a band scoring in the background on the other
side of the room. There’s bass, drums, we have two keyboards. They’re shooting it all
on a RED and there’s sort of a big team that’s been placed (to move everything around). Rafael: Um, but mostly, this is mostly just
a moment just to be in the space when the thing gets created. It’ll go up online within
the next week. You’ll all be the folks who were in the room to help this thing happen. Daveed: Also, the first time I’ve seen any
of this was just at the workthroughs today. Like, I haven’t been here every week. Rafael: You’re in a show. Daveed: So, uh, this shit is crazy. So, like,
I don’t know, if these are your friends or family members or whatever, you should be . . . However
much you are capable of seeing from the floor, like, you should be unspeakably proud of these
people. Like, this is, like, an incredible undertaking, and as you can see, like, totally above and
beyond in all aspects. So, and then really starting, like, from the writing up, I’ve just been in
here all day like, “You motherfuckers are crazy! Why would you do this?” But thank God
they did. Rafael (as Calvin): “Hobbes, old buddy, I
hear the call. It’s time for us to play a game of Calvinball.” Rafael (as Calvin): “And now that I said it,
I bet you will have to agree.” Daveed (as Hobbes): “What’s about to happen
has not ever happened, a rap and theatrical music medley.” [chatter as Daveed and Rafael explain that Daveed has had that coat for years]

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