First Moon Party

First Moon Party

First, Jenny got it. Then, stupid Vicki got it. And I tried everything to get my period. Nothing. So, I faked it. Hm, looks like Florida. Yeah, I got it, it s so red. Cherry slush club! Blood sisters. They bought it. Hey Katie, what s this? What do you think it is? I m on my lady s
days. What do I think it is? Rubylicious nail polish. But she doesn t need to know that. We have to celebrate. No we don t. Oh, it s family tradition. We re throwing you a First Moon Party. What the hell is a First Moon Party? Oh, it s one thing to lie to me, but to take
that tone? It s on. Hi, do you make vagina cakes? Hello? Then, people started showing up at my house. Grandpa! Sweetheart, you re so grown up! My grandparents, my friends… This is so weird. My mom s friggin coworkers! There she is! I got you the super pack. These are coffee filters. Yeah, I wasn t sure what brand you liked.
These kids… I just didn’t expect my mom to be such a freak. Pin the pad on the period! Alright, step right
up! Pin the pad on the period? Seriously? Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus
pinata? I used to like marshmallows. Not anymore. This next one s for Katie, and the weirdest
birthday party ever! Mic drop. Music: I m a queen bee come get it, no trippin
, I got everything you need. And when things couldn t get worse… My dad showed up. (Scream) What are you doing? You re missing the vagician. You need to stop this. No one is having fun. What are you taking about? This party is a
hit. Your grandpa is bobbin for ovaries like a
champ. I faked it. (Laughs) Well, maybe you should open this first. Period starter kit? Aren t you going to ground
me for lying? Why do you think I threw you the First Moon
Party? What’d she think, I wouldn’t know? Periods don’t have glitter in them. Sometimes you just gotta wait. 00#��$�����`��/ ��=!��”��*,bd������
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100 thoughts on “First Moon Party

  1. To every girl who hasn’t gotten her period yet: Enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy the freedom of not having to bleed every month for 5 days while you still can.

  2. The night before i had the puberty talk at school, my mom went into my room and just basically told me everything about girl puberty

  3. Is she kidding me…

    She tries everything to get her period and I’m here like I hoped not to get it and guess what… I got it but she needs to be patient…ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM!!!

  4. Some kids don’t understanddddd… some kids WANT braces to look “cool” some kids WANT their period to look grown up but hun it’s best to wait ?? some kids even fake having a frickin boyfriend to look popular! Bruh! Our world needs to channnge ??

  5. I’m the only girl in my ENTIRE school with a period. I’m terrified to go to school on my period I’ve only gone to one place on my period I hovered above the seat I wear a pad every day maybe when I’m in 8th grade I’ll stop wearing it every day-….

  6. I’m 17 and still haven’t gotten my period and I am living my best life. (And yes before you ask I have seen a doctor about it)

  7. Hahahahahaha omfg I hid when I first got mine from my mom for 2 months and had my cousin mail me pads from Arizona. Cuz I was afraid she was gonna do something like this hahahahah

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