Flo Milli “In The Party” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Flo Milli “In The Party” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

“In the Party” is pretty old. It’s new to everybody
else but it’s pretty old. I used to like chill with
one of my good friends and we would like sit in a car and we’ll just rap ’cause
she was a rapper too. We was literally like looking
through beats on YouTube and then I came across
like a NLE Choppa beat and I was just like, I’ll fuck with this. So then like I played it and then my friend was like
you need to finish that shit. I put it on Instagram
before it was even finished and I just posted it on Instagram to see if they was gonna fuck with it. And they fucked with it so I finished it. I’m not finna sit here
and act like it’s easy. It’s not easy so if I
sit here and told you like oh yeah I just be
flying through songs, that’s not true ’cause
I care about my craft. First of all, I got curves. I feel like my aura and my whole being, me, myself, will make a dude like get hard just by talking to me. No, I hate authority. Like even when I was little, I could not take my teachers serious ’cause I’m like who are you talking to? Like, I run this shit. I’m not the average because I don’t do what everybody else does like a lot of people may think I’m like one way but I’m actually very introverted. People would say I’m mysterious ’cause I don’t give a lot of information like I don’t let everybody in. I mean there’s probably other
girls like me too though so they ain’t average. Nine times out of 10
once I leave you alone it’s for a good reason and it’s gonna be forever. I don’t care what retrograde is going on, you’re not coming back nigga. Dudes have begged, cried, but I be feeling like nine times out of 10 I
gave you multiple chances before we got to this predicament. And then niggas now a days, they be crying and still be lying so it’s like why the fuck should I take you serious right now? You can have a pretty
face but you gonna get old and ugly one day so what you gon’ do then? What you gonna have to depend on? Your mind, so I gotta keep it strong and you gotta stay gifted, yeah. Everything I know I taught myself so it’s like I’m kinda self-made in a way. Like you can’t judge me if
you weren’t apart of like me. Now all of a sudden like dudes they need to know we in a new generation. Like girls now a days
are flipping the script like and they can’t take that. I think they really don’t like it. It was more like a petty
ass shit that make her mad. Come get him if you can, if you think you can. Flo Milli is just like an entity, she’s like a aura that
comes to fuck your world up and show you how fierce she
is and how confident she is. Like I definitely have people behind me. Like if I come to them with something they gon’ have my, yeah. But it’s not like I’m sit here and just threatening anybody, they go for people who fuck with me so if you fuck with me then
all bets, all bets off. I consistently leave people on read. If I left you on read
you said something stupid or you turned me off and I just don’t wanna
talk to you no more. A dick on his gun and his dick so those are the two dicks in the party. And you can kind of apply
it to whatever you want. He ’bout to catch a body so, yeah.

100 thoughts on “Flo Milli “In The Party” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. I’m always so reluctant to click on these when I never heard of the person. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.. sometimes I’m not.

  2. Your basically an average girl in this generation that knows how to rap which is tuff.

    Dont get me wrong tho your music is still fye just wanted to get that straight.

  3. "..to see if they were going to fuck with it………..and they fucked with it,so I finished". I live by this.
    Thanks flo milli

  4. She all "id be lying if i said i fly through song but thats not true because I care about my craft"

    But she also be like "d*cks up when I step in the party"

  5. Reminder: rapping about sex doesn't make your music any worse or less vaild than someone who raps about AIDS and being depressed.

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