Four Kinds of Christmas

Four Kinds of Christmas

I like the darkness… at least it’s cheap,
I keep adjusted to the gloom, the creeping doom, that soon consumes the earth in tombs, I hum its tune. Assume its tone and make my
home right here in the only world we know.
This world of woe. Let others throw their festive flings,
I think I’ll keep my five gold rings. Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two
Turtle Doves, (She loves the doves.)
Yeah shove it on the card above. …No never fear my dear, I’ll pay it all…
Next year. For now we’ll drink to Christmas cheer!
And deck the halls with tinselled bling, Forget what our tomorrows bring
We’ll raise a glass of festive sherry, Eat and drink and be quite m… Merry Christmas everyone! And what’s your
wish from me, my son? A hamper full of festive fun!
With snowdrops, rainbows, furry mittens; unicorns and mewling kittens. Santa’s sleigh may bring them near,
but were you good for me this year? Why YES, I think. I didn’t sink as low as
some I know… although…
Hey, No! Father Christmas, mind your own business! The kids might believe but they are naive.
I know for certain, I see through the curtain. But when you strip it all bare, what exactly
is there? See Scrooge looks darkness full in the face, embracing the chill but he loses the will to hope The Shopper copes better, throws off fetters,
wears garish sweaters, but becomes a debtor, spending now but nothing later,
tending down into death’s crater. Santa offers Christmas cheer,
the most wonderful time of the year, but is it real?
At least Scrooge knew the deal with the dark. In this stark world can we face facts like
Scrooge? Then paint it rouge like the Shopper?
Proper banter like Santa, But below the Ho, Ho, Ho, can we know a truth
beneath treacle? Good news of great joy for all people? Are we able to strip back to the stable,
This fable made flesh, our Maker enmeshed in the mess. To bless us, possess us, and be heaven’s Yes to our race. To embrace us in grace, evermore in our place. Pledging flesh, blood and bone.
To exchange a throne for a manger. Endangering all to be present to you.
To be God’s present to you. If you’re Santa or Shopper,
or any such thing. If you’re shepherd, or Mary or Joseph or
king. For this the herald angels sing. In Him the Light shines and all is forgiven.
To you this Christmas Child is given.

10 thoughts on “Four Kinds of Christmas

  1. "You'll never believe what happens at 2:16!" (I'm not sure if the people writing click-bait ever actually mean it, but in this case, I really mean it!)

  2. Great video Glen, but unfortunately, as is often the case, it'll probably only be seen by the 'already converted'. Sorry, I don't mean to sound pessimistic and I really do hope that loads of people watch this, pause and start to think about what Christmas is really all about.    Isn't it time we stopped spending loads of money on gifts we can't afford for people that don't need them and started to think about those less fortunate than ourselves whilst remembering that it's the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ that we are celebrating.

  3. Amazing!!! Excellent!! Love it! Thank you for such a great tool to share The Good News! May de Lord keep blessing you!

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