FURRY SANTA CLAUS (w/ @Ruffa Husky)

FURRY SANTA CLAUS (w/ @Ruffa Husky)

Majira: Hi everyone my names Majira, and I am here with..Ruffa Husky! Ruffa: Ruffa Husky! Majira: Yaaaaayyy Majira: So, we have this like beard thing… Majira: Were going to uh… pretend to be Santa Claus Majira: and then, were going to get people to sit on out lap and tell us what they want for christmas! Ruffa: Yessss Majira: Okay, let’s get started! Ruffa: Oh hello young miss. Unknown Miss: Helllo! Ruffa: How are you doing today? Unknown Miss: I’m good Santa, How are you? Ruffa: Good, My name is Ruffa Claus Unknown Miss: Ruffa Clausss.. *Ruffa HoHoHo* Ruffa: And what would you like for Christmas? Ruffa: Why hello Majora.. Ruffa: How are you doing today? Majora: I’m good.. Ruffa: What would you like for Christmas? Majora: I would always like to be popular on the Internet Majira: What do you want for Christmas? Ruffa: Ants? Ruffa: Ooooh, How would I ever guess? Vixndwnq: Your Antlers fell, Santa.. Majira: Oh no my Antlers.. Ruffa: And what would you like for Christmas? Unknown Miss: I want Anime and Yarn… Ruffa: Anime and Yaoi, Okay Unknown Miss: NOOO Yarn! Ruffa: Merry Christmas! Ruffa: HoHoHoHo Unknown Miss #2: Can I have a Big House for all my Bitches? Unknown Miss #3: I Just wanted a big hug from Majira Ruffa: eeuhiwhf I like your Eyebrows they’re very pretty Ruffa: What can I get you for Christmas? Ruffa: Awww… That’s really sad.. Ruffa: HOHOHO Merry Christmas! Fake Majira: ‘Cause I’m Majira! Fake Majira: …And I’m really cool Ruffa: Majira! Is your name Majira? Fake Majira: Yeah! VixNDWNQ: Santa.. Santa.. Your loosing your beard a lil bit.. Majira: Oh No! Majira: No My beard is Physically attached to my face Majira: Don’t worry Drunk Man: I want chicken nuggets.. Ruffa: Chicken Nuggets? Ruffa: McDonald have the 5 for 5 Deal.. Ruffa: What Can I get you for Christmas? Unknown Miss #2: I would like some Gay Fanfiction to read.. Unknown Miss #2: While I slack off everything Unknown Miss #2: Preferably some Overwatch.. Unknown Miss #2: Some Overwatch Gay Fanfiction Majira: Overwatch gay fanfiction? Unknown Miss #2: Yeah, Specifically Gay Majira: I think I can make that happen Unknown Miss #2: I don’t want anything straight Drunk Man: Yeah I would like a pitcure of beer Ruffa: A Pitcure of beer? Ruffa: You already have one of those, Don’t you? Crazy Cat Thing: I’m.. I’m.. Mooshi the cat.. Ruffa: Mooshi the cat? Ruffa: What would mooshi the cat like for Christmas? Crazy Cat Thing: A box.. English CC by CHACKAL (twitter.com/chackal86)

100 thoughts on “FURRY SANTA CLAUS (w/ @Ruffa Husky)

  1. Furry Claus: "What do you want for Christmas?"
    Child: "Anime and Yarn"
    Furry Claus: "Okay, Anime and Yaoi, Merry Christmas"

    Now this, Is comedy gold.

  2. "Can I Get Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Prologue and a Ps4!!!! and Rika As a Real Fox,Damn it she died After falling of Santa's laps"LOL

  3. Weaponized anthrax, immediate death, chicken nuggets, 50 pounds of cheese, gay Overwatch fanfiction.

    Sure, I'll go to the grocery store and get these.

  4. Aww. I love you guys. You really made my day (again). I wish I could give you something in return. Lots of hugs from Finland.

  5. Majira I had a dream last night that they was a furry night at our church and you where there! Also I got a new fursuit in it too. Lol just sharing how weird it is for someone else I look up to be with me in a dream. It was a really weird dream lol you can tell right?

  6. one of my best friends is scared of fursuit furries and I wanna get my own suit one day ; ^; btw "I WANT A BIG HOUSE FOR ALL MY BITCHES"???

  7. I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  8. Ruffa:and what do you want for Christmas
    Girl: I would just really like some friends
    Ruffa: oh, that's sad… ho ho ho merry Christmas move it along

  9. I would like to stop the hate and bullying between fandoms like furry and mlp but mostly furry!
    ^-^ that's what a want for Christmas!

    Ruffa Claus: What would you like for christmas?
    3) A big house for all my bitches, and the gayest of the gay

  11. that was good,
    but i think it would have been better if you had put on a real santa bearedย and actually aranged to be the malls official santa.

  12. MajiraClaus you know what i want for christmas

    your candy cane in my gingerbread house ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

  13. Today is the 3 year anniversary of when you uploaded "FURRY SANTA CLAUS". ?

    EDIT- 2:19 P.M.: finishes video 3 minutes later

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