Gabriel Meets Santa Claus!

Gabriel Meets Santa Claus!

Hey everybody we’ve got a special weekend adventure for you this week We are on our way to see Santa Claus for the first time and I tell you that getting my parents my parents came in To visit getting my parents Sarah’s mom Sarah, and I and the baby Out of the house has been a bit like the McCallister’s leaving for vacation at home alone, so here we go. Hope you enjoy We’re leaving to go see Santa Claus The Gabriel’s the only one that’s not excited We’re gonna be here for a minute From us there So you see that sign Down at the bottom, there’s a little a little bar that says sorry no personal cameras are permitted professional photography only Yeah, so we may not get in and we may not get any video of Gabriel the sand falls But I’m gonna try See what happens I mean, it’s my phone I’m gonna put it up to my ear and 4/10 and aim I’m gonna aim While I’ll watch ya Gabriel’s at Santa Claus right now Who knows what will come out? They shut us down my dad was filming from the side And it will look and see how much of the shutdown you can actually see But we guys we got a little bit of good footage when we got all the pictures. We’ll be sure to include He cried, it was awesome He tried to other grabs and his beard Santa wouldn’t let him Santa said it That’s what he was like Gabriel said. I can’t if I can’t pull your beard you and I are gonna be friends So we’re done. I I think it’s the only time I’d be happy that my baby cried Taking a pit stop All right, so We all went to lunch After that Gabriel is down for a nap right now. Everybody else is at home. I think everybody else is down for a nap, too Y’all know. I don’t app And I get things done. I’m pretty busy body so I’ll write up to CBS real quick to print some so the pictures of Gabriel with Santa Claus because they sold them to us on a thumb drive so I came up two for two that we like the best printed off a bunch for For family and everybody like that so now I’m headed home, and hopefully Gabriel will be up pretty soon And then we’re gonna go into grapevine into a Main Street grapevine and look at the pretty Christmas lights. We were the kickoff for that Posting that up here We were at the kickoff for that the other night didn’t get to stay until they really flipped the switch because the Gabriel’s bedtime But we’re gonna Do that tonight my family really enjoys seeing those lights and we always have a good time doing that every year So we’re gonna attempt to do that tonight And probably stay up a little bit past Gabriel’s bedtime, but it’s a special occasion So why not everybody’s rested up from their naps and now We’re in downtown grapevine to see the lights We dancin You Historic Kraus the Sun funeral home event space available Hey, baby Tara look at that That shirt behind you represents Hodgins. I like you very much Sir our baby no And we’re back home we had a full day and a whole lot of fun Lots of memories I’m glad that my parents and Sarah’s mom were able to be there for and Gabriel’s first Santa experience even if Gabriel didn’t really care for it all that much He had say that didn’t seem to get along at first I’m sure that’ll change as he grows up anyway If you liked this video give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our channel to see more Click that bells to get the notifications and leave us a comment Tell us about your your child’s first Santa experience, and what anything else you want to talk about. Thanks for watching We’ll see you guys on Wednesday

23 thoughts on “Gabriel Meets Santa Claus!

  1. jajaja! grampa getting footage! baby Gabriel not impressed with the big guy jaja! loved the giant nutcracker and the big gingerbread house! loved this vlog!

  2. What a treasure to get to experience this with y’all! It was magical and we already miss little G-Man. Next year we are going to ride that carousel!

  3. aww great video.  I think most little ones react the same to their first santa sighting lol  Loved how you edited and added the music, very special moments.  Thanks for sharing…oh and i'm a new subbie 🙂 Sue

  4. Thanks for that beautiful tour!! Amazing!! Those huge Santa ?? boots! I think we live in a now fun town!! The visit with Santa! Loved the secret footage! ?

  5. Aww poor baby wasn't impressed. I want to make our way to grapvine and the gaylord. We try to get over that way every few months. But we haven't been since this summer.

  6. Watching you guys with Gabriel takes me back to when my boys amd girl was so young and doing this stuff for them. Miss that. Great video as always!!

  7. I have had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this. Last week, when we got 4” of snow in South Louisiana helped, but my spirit melted with snow. I think this video may have done the trick! How fun. I loved Gabriel’s face when he was watching the carousel. ❤️

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