Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Part 3 !!

Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Part 3 !!

I think we might live How many battles that we survived between us So Davos Seaworth Survivor of both the Blackwater and the Battle of the bastards or without a shred of combat ability. Hmm So Jaime Lannister fabled hero of the siege of Pyke fable loser the Battle of whispering wood. Yeah – Brienne of Tarth seated the Hound Part of me lady Brienne. She’s not a sir you not that night Women can’t be Knights. Why not suggestion some tradition I’m no king. But if over by 1910 times ho Any night can make another night Lady she want to be nice and not Me In the name of the warrior the charger to be brave The name of the Father the church kids were just The name for mother but charge you to the fatty acid Love rise Brienne of Tarth the night If you go there It’s compound bang It’s mine so you still have a family Yes, I love to defend them with it Right He taught me how to become happy have to do what’s right It’s fucking stable a real detainees memory To guard the realms of men I’ll see you when I start How about a song One of you must know them So that all you pray for a quick death Booya By in the halls of the Kings, who are Jenny would dance with her goes No one she had lost and the ones she had fun And the ones who had left of the most The ones had been gone for So very long She couldn’t remember the names They spun around on the dumb post Oh spot away all the sorrow and pain and she never Wanted to leave Thank you to me No Menti raped her He loved her An American secret after a girl fell on the truck. She had a son What it murdered the baby if you ever found out man, yeah than you So the last thing she did Now she bled to death on that birthing bed was gave the boy to her brother No stop As his Buster My name Music on Carrie Rachel Jesus brah I’m sorry. He’s sorted Samwell confided You read about their marriage and the sits down without him. Not what it meant a Secret no one in the world who? Accepted your brother and your best friend Doesn’t seem strange to you As should I I notice It what tree every year the last male struggling It have claim to the iPhone Andina the chase in the face The technical buddy here And I’m just wondering which character each of you would like to spend your last night with before You do every once in a while you want somebody that’s like–that’s hungry then speaker that’s ready to please That’s incredibly knowledgeable. I’m talking about Samwell motherfucking Tarly You would get you get the whole fucking package Come it’s like he’s read Westeros his Kama Sutra, which I can’t be fuckin imagine what the fuck that that actually that would be incredible and then this guy probably fucking is he’s gonna be a fucking eggs in the morning type of motherfucker to freshly fuck to kind of hangover from all the awesome wine that he put That he gave to you and then you look over he’s just sitting there sauteing those eggs. Just sweetly just sweetly in the morning

100 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Part 3 !!

  1. why this kinda video isnt deleted cuz of using movie scenes? there arent any copyright problems ? is it ok to use like that? just asking n curious

  2. At least you get to see it first. We get it over here in the U.K Monday 2am so its shown at the same time as its aired in the U.S. Well its US production company making The best tv show ever made mainly in the UK with mainly A British cast. The Only Two countries that matter in the world really.

  3. WHERE IS YOUR 3rd Girl?? THE GIRL WITH BLACK HAIRS AND RED LIPS!! I loved her!! i'm so sad we doesn't see her in your season 8 videos 🙁

  4. Now this joke really matters and is appropriate:

    Bran: I saw you being knighted
    Brienne: tears in her eyes
    Bran: You were so beautiful

  5. "Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

    Be brave and upright that The Seven may love thee.

    Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

    Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong – that is your oath."

  6. I love how, ever since he arrived on the show, Tormund has been The Audience. This scene really exemplifies that.

  7. These people are just pretending to be huge fans for the camera. If they were as big a fan of the show as they seem, why go to a place where everyone screams at the top of their lungs over the dialogue, every time a character opens their mouth?

  8. Next week I'm covering all of my windows with the blackest duct tape in the entire world so I can actually see what's going on.

  9. "Don't worry, it's gonna work out well for most of you" is a sentence I never should've been able to use to describe the episode that follows.

  10. Burlington Bar crowd is AWESOME!!!! Fully invested in each and every moment!!!! Love it!!! By the way, @SeanTankTop is cute!!! Just throwing it out there. Lol

  11. Not a particularly huge fan of Briene but the chemistry between these 2 characters are among the best in any series. It offers a lesson irl about who your around can bring the worst or best out of you.

  12. It's just unbelievable to listen and see people reaction to Podrick's song.A minute of pure artistic silence.So heartbreaking and warm at the same time.My favourite scene by far.Magnificent.

  13. This episode was the true finale of GoT, just pretend the episodes after this are a horribly written fan-fiction

  14. When Jon reveals to Dany his parentage the subtitles say:
    "An American secret after a girl fell on the truck. She had a son What it murdered the baby if you ever found out man, yeah than you", etc. These subtitles are horrible. :-/
    "Music on Carrie", "Rachel Jesus brah", "It have claim to the iPhone"…

  15. So i turned on the English subtitles, right at the 2:55 mark:

    "The name for mother but charge you to the fatty acid"


  16. Who would have thought that the knighting of Brienne would be the last truly great Game of Thrones moment, and yet here we are. This makes the series for me.

  17. In the name of the mother, I charge you to defend the innocent. That part had me ?. Leaders of all superpower nations should be charged with the same responsibility.

  18. This bothered me. They could have at LEAST knighted Jon and sent him away. Alliser Thorne kept his title despite as a knight. Despite siding with the Targyens during Roberts Rebellion. Yet with Jon it was just "thanks for letting us know about the white walkers. And the army of the dead who are going to kill us all. Repeatedly fighting them more than anyone. Bran is king now. K thnx bye"

  19. Idc what no one says this episode was by far one of the best episodes ever…old stories and enemies came up and were amended…everyone was making peace with one another…knowing that they would die in the long night…We all know that didn’t happen…but first watching it…it was just WOW !!!

  20. Greyworm kissing Missandei goodbye is the most sincere and intimate display of a soldier, saying goodbye to his loved one, i have ever seen on any show. Together with Podricks song… well… that hit me … hard.

  21. if the guy that has this channel is the same with the owner of this bar then he has probably made even more money from game of thrones than its creators

  22. Welp, glad I got to at least watch a crowd's reaction to the last great episode of Game of Thrones. The shitshow that follows for the next four episodes is truly something else. Honestly David and Dan shouldn't have wrote the end to the show, it should've been Bryan Cogman. He's the one who really understood these characters.

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