Gemmy Orchestra of Lights Demo & Review

Gemmy Orchestra of Lights Demo & Review

– Hey, it’s Mike with and today we’re doing a quick review of the
Gemmy Orchestra of Lights. Now, these are cool LED
lights that you can decorate your home with for the holidays. What’s really cool about them is how ridiculously easy it is to set up. You pretty much just need to
get the Orchestra of Lights hub which then connects to
your home Wi-Fi network, install the lights wherever
you want in your house. Now, you can just string them
like regular Christmas lights and they all connect
wirelessly through the hub and that’s pretty much it. You’re gonna install the app on your phone and then you can control the lights using your smartphone app. But not only that, if you get the speaker
that comes with the system, you can actually have all of
your holiday lights dancing and flashing to the music. Alright, so let’s take a look
at what the app actually does. Once you set up the hub
with your Wi-Fi network, you’re going to then scan for all the different lights that you have. Check out the Gemmy website to
see all the different options from the C9 lights that go in your gutters to these candy cane pathway
lights that you can get. So, once you scan all those then you can control them with the app. Here’s all the different
things you can do. You can choose from
preset colors including some different holiday combinations as well as your own custom
colors or color combinations. There’s a lot of different
presets to choose from. There’s also preset light
shows that you can choose from which has preset shows
where all the lights are gonna actually flash and sync to different color patterns
and they just look really cool. So you don’t even have
to program anything. You can also use a custom
color button to then choose what kind of color you want
your entire house to look like. There’s also the shake
option which is kinda fun. Once you shake your phone, you can then actually
shake different effects. Every time you shake your
phone, it’s going to switch to a different effect. Now, here’s the one that I really love. If you get the Gemmy
Orchestra of Lights Speaker along with your system, you can actually have the system
playing some preset music. As you can see there’s
a few different songs that you can choose from and it’ll just play them in sequence. But what’s great about it
is it’s all preprogrammed to flash your entire house
to the music that’s playing. And it sounds really
good because you’ve got the speaker playing as well. And we’re gonna show
you an example of that in just a moment so stay tuned. The last couple of things I
wanna show you is the timer. So you can actually set
a timer instead of having to have one outside. You can just program that within your app. And the fun part, if you
wanna have your own music and you don’t wanna just
use it for this holiday, you wanna use it for
Halloween or something else, you can then actually
connect with Bluetooth to the Gemmy Speaker and then the lights will actually play and
sync to your custom audio. What makes it fun to use
is I can actually change the color configuration, the light show and the way
my house looks everyday if I want to. So, that makes it really fun to use. Now, I’ve talked about what the app does and what the lights do
but let me show my setup using some of the preset songs
that come with the Gemmy app. Check it out. (“Jingle Bells”) (“Deck The Halls”) (Christmas music medley) Well, there you go folks. That is the Gemmy Orchestra of Lights, a really big wow factor for
your holiday decorations for a very simple setup. Now, for more information of it and to see what options you have in terms of lights, make sure to visit the Gemmy website. And of course, don’t forget
to follow Top Daddies on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Until next time. (ethereal music)

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  1. At the beginning of December I purchased a wreath, two garland strands, the shorter icicles, the 3 spotlight/speaker set, and one set of the snowflake pathway markers. After a day or two I liked them so much that I replaced all 4 of my string lights with their c9s, added the candy cane pathway markers, and just recently added two of the 36” trees. I absolutely love these lights. My only complaint is that it’s hard to choose what colors to have set on it daily. I have a video on my channel but it was before I swapped my inflatable trees for the orchestra of lights ones.

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