Globo Navideño con Santa Paso a Paso

Globo Navideño con Santa Paso a Paso

Hello friends welcome once again to
its channel Arte in Your Hands I’m Sam project that we bring you today is
this Christmas globe because from now We start with all projects
Christmas for you to enjoy them so they are prepared for this date
so special so friends a big hug and hands
the play and these are the materials that we will
need, Christmas colored fabrics, rubber eva (foami) skin color, black and gold
frosty, we need 3 meters gold cord, 1 meter of lace or ribbon
gold, in this case I used this you can use the best
They prefer, also gold thread, 4 bells, 4 buttons Christmas
roughly about 10 centimeters hits off (velcro or hook and loop fasteners) as well 2 crazy eyes and a red pebble 1
Polystyrene ball (polystyrene) number 20 is coming by halves, 1 ball number 5 and a
3 also use a number Christmas installation, Christmas lights, a small basket proportional to this ball roughly this size skewer stick, scissors and our hot silicone,
good friends now with the two halves Ball biggest what we will
do is take the diameter of the sphere and we will be divided into 4 parts, in this
If using a sewing meter gave me a diameter of 62 cm, divided into 4 gives
15.5 cm, then what we do is take from here take the edge and make a mark
started measuring 15.5 cm and we making another brand until we complete
4 sections and having scored the 4 parts, which
we do is guided by the same brand and we will take this measure
above, from here to the other side and that extent we
divide in half in this case was 31 centimeters
15.5 half is marked in the center and We do the same with the other 15.5 cm mark, so we can draw
the center, then … doing the same but as we will mark with the same meter we help
We hold the meter with a pencil we draw to remove Here are the four equal parts and do the same with the other, now one of
the halves can we draw a right in the center circle
helping us with a glass or a glass ….. preferably something
transparent so we can see for they can be centered well, and we
then a pencil mark the circumference and we have thus well centered, the
opening of this glass is 6 centimeters you can do this same diameter and
now what we will do with help a cutter Spearhead
preferably let’s cut there and we will take that piece or part and so
cut finishing this part we took the piece and we will be well
on one side now with pencil on each
sections will start dialing, to do points provided thus A) Yes… distributed evenly and this
we will do in all sections 2 balls or spheres of polystyrene (Styrofoam, Styrofoam) after that at each mark
we did we introduce the skewer stick to go through
the other side just do it once and now, with that size left is that enough we will do all
points that we mark good friends and now after having
made all the holes with the 2 halves skewer stick to what we do
It is to take this another ball (sphere) and make it a 1 centimeter hole in the center
with the knife tip we launch the hole and cut, as will
patchwork technique applied thereto and scalpel will start making a
soft past few smooth cuts on the lines had already drawn, we
a smooth cuts without us go to to the other side must be very
care about that, make the cut more or least half or slightly less, then
of the past he has done all lines with a file parrot’s beak or object
so have flat tip we can review a little to enlarge a little
cut, ready friends then and after to have that so we will use fabrics
He had shown them before and let’s cut these pieces in every color we will use 2
colors and in each we will cut 4 parts, the mold or template is this Here are the steps you for you
know what size to cut using this sphere size
ready friends … then as are 4 rooms we will begin to introduce with the file that had already shown them
so settled this small hole, we introduce the tip of the file and so gently we pushing the fabric for her to go
entering the slot so the technique becomes patchwork we do 2 sides if suddenly we introduce much to one side,
we drop and settled This we will do with the two tones
cloth first one and then we do the same with the other we will intersperse colors thus it becomes then I’m still here and I show them
how it will be … ready friends and so is our and lined areas now what we will do is take
these points, we get a little fabric and we will cut the end of this just the tip of the fabric, about 1.5 centimeters, after cutting this, because this part will stick
here, here and apply silicone paste and in the other hand so that we
to do is apply silicone thus we applied at the edge and
we will push the fabric out this way We push and hold after it is well sealed, what we do is cut with scissors over of what is left by
all this edge and this will do with the 2 areas and after cutting the
over what we will do is take gold cord and let’s start
this area which is without the hole in the center, let’s stick from one end
other with silicone and here we will cut and we will do
the same in that part similarly in this other sphere, I will
simply applying silicone paste by the edge and paste We leave a small
piece here and then we cut friends and well and ready with lace
hits in the two pieces what we do is take the velcro, or paste off
and we will cut into chunks 1.5 centimeter wide and then
distribution in this part, in 4 parts we’re going to stick then what we do is peel it off
and paste one of the pieces in one of the spheres and the other part in the other sphere, to
We will mark this as where it will begin to take into account that
empaten two sides perfectly when we’re going to stick must take into account that it faces
against the magical closure (velcro) when peguemos with this brand I did in
both pieces then guided us so that we remain well centered thus because here we will follow the
then the fabric color after doing this we will take the
lace or tape that we have achieved and we will begin paste into the union but
only in the top having We note that the hole goes down will
Paste in the area of ​​the part of up to cover us all this
union because I’m going to hit and I teach them so is our lace and
I need only stay stuck stuck on top because
we leave that can separate now what we will do next
It is working with the basket …. to the basket with a marker pen can we
4 parts mark the cross we will make a small mark on each
one following with lace we will begin to hit at each end
leaving a small curve joining it in each point we had done and
after hitting the cord as they He had indicated decorate the basket like this, paste
buttons on the side where is this tip, paste the Christmas buttons and the golden thread tie jingle bells
on the other hand apart from that cut strips of lace
20 centimeters long and glue them from the bottom out so this way glue them where this
tip also in each of these parts and to introduce these cuerditas
on our globe we took the party bringing the hole that we will
take a measure 6 centimeters from this side, from this edge
inward we take a measure 6 centimeters and in this part of the
lace side will make a hole with the help of stick
atraviece skewer until we make a good cavity that each
there will happen the cord and this we will do in the 4 sections, measuring
6 centimeters as he had told them after that, then carefully
We introduce the cord and using the stick can also
we pushed until atraviece thus and in this part of what we do we are
apply a little silicone in the tip and we will stick This we will do with each
laces …. and after gluing and cords remain this way what
we will do is take the piece Polystyrene (Styrofoam, Styrofoam) left over us at the beginning and with a piece fabric green we will cover only
one-sided top, apply Silicone ….. and this piece will cover
to put it in the bottom of the basket to give a little more height
when peguemos Santa us stayed a little raised so we are left and this simply paste it in the background in this way we have so and now to make our Holy then
we will take the number 5 with a sphere piece of red cloth, let’s take a
as well and the fabric has distributed
what we do is apply silicone around and we’ll wrap we will make pressure until
paste we cut over so the area is already covered in fabric
We cut the excess with scissors Now what we do is take the
another sphere, No. 3 using a container or something we will thermoformed
we place on something that allows us push the rubber eva (foami) because we will use
gum and a skin color plate then we place the rubber
warm it and to this piece thermoformed It is hot as what we do is put
about this and thermoformed, push down in this way we will give and the piece now we end up applying silicone here
and cutting the excess this way only need half we
stay lined …. it is done this way when it is dry then proceed to cut the surplus something similar like what we did with the
cloth we well cut A) Yes so that it is thus we and now with red fabric cut this piece that goes
to be the hat this we will put so around we going to do first
cap and then paste let’s go accommodating our Santa Claus gradually taking shape and so is our holy and armed here what I did was finish decorating the
head cut pieces to make them beard strips also on the web
white to do all these pieces hicei also to put a ball in the
hat, sticking her eyes, and piedrita I did belt with rubber eva
black and gold gloves also …. I’ll show you how I made arms what I did was cut a
3 centimeters rectangle 6 centimeters and remove the piece
which it is eva rubber glove and what I did silicone was applied at one end and start wrapping I rolled this way and I end up applying silicone and so is our arm I put the piece of white
to give us this effect besides also muñequito
we will make the sack of gifts this cut a square of 13
centimeters by 13 centimeters in this fabric, also 13 l 13
cutting a piece of gold cord 13 centimeters that what we will
do is take a little bit on the web We have left over we put it in the center we do this to give us a way
bag … and we took the cord and simply knotted something easy we will serve to complement the
decor then we will stick here to
it is us this way and we finished our
project all that remains is put the installation of lights
You will by then already here inside them show how we will do so is our lights
and put in the balloon here as I realized at first started
enter each light by holes we had already made the
I first started with a tip facilities to bring them into
spiral and here on the other side is the Plug I started but has also introduce
to the contrary, this is me installation piece is the
and we leave it at that and to arm just consider where you are going
to get this to make it us to back, we look for the front and let us join our 2 pieces considering that the switch is back and thus it is already our Christmas globe and I’ll show you how it is with the lights on good friends and so is appreciated
the globe and with the lights I hope this project has pleased them
thank you very much also for all comments because we are always
earrings all their views, we hope that these projects please them all
which we will continue to bring to you and the people who see us
first time or have not yet signed, subscribe to share with
you all our ideas so a big hug to friends
all of you and thank you very much we are in the near video

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