Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse & Google Home

Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse & Google Home

Paid promotion for Google. Google Home is an audio-only product. Should we play with Mickey Mouse? Hey, Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure. Sure.
Let’s get Mickey Mouse Adventure. [ding] Hi-ya, pal. It’s me, Mickey Mouse
and boy am I glad you stopped by. I’m performing a sold-out
magic show tonight, but I took a nap
and accidentally overslept. The show starts in 10 minutes
and the theater’s all the way across town. Will you help me make it
to the theater on time? Sure, Mickey. Hot dog. I knew I could count on you. Uh oh, looks like the bus
is starting to pull away. Uh, quick, yell, “Wait” real loud. Wait! It worked.
The bus stopped. Oh, nice going, pal. Hello, Mr. Bus Driver.
Let’s go. [music] Wait, uh, um, the bus just pulled off
to the side of the road. The bus driver’s getting off. What?
He’s ordering food? Yikes. We don’t have time for this. [music] Well, good thing is, we’ve stopped
in front of a bicycle rental store. Or I guess I could just
drive the bus myself. I am a certified bus driver. Should we use the bike
or drive the bus? Drive the bus. Okay, I’ll do my best. Well, hi, everybody. My name’s Mickey
and I’ll be your bus driver. Just ring the bell
when it’s time for your stop. [bell] Oh, this is the stop for everybody, huh? Oh, well, gosh,
then that’s convenient. We’re making great time. I think we’re almost at the theater. Oh, no, we’re about to hit a dead end. Should we go left or right? Right. Right? You got it. [crash] [groaning] Wow, we crashed
right through the theater wall and onto the stage. [applause] And the audience
thinks it’s part of the show. Well, hot dog. We did it. [music]

95 thoughts on “Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse & Google Home

  1. This is actually awesome. Disney is really getting some good technology these days.
    P.S. This reminds me of TellTale Games a little, the fact that it says "Created your story". Just saying. xD

  2. Disney , if you listen me and hundreds , please add game named "Ducktales Scrooge's loot" back


  3. The way how Mickey looks like in this animation reminds of the Rayman style because his body isn’t completely together but is one body.

  4. Mickey didn't steal the bus
    On google home, he asked the bus driver and he said bring it back before his break was over

  5. Mickey: Should we use the bike, or drive the the bus?
    Kid: Drive the bus!
    Me: And you just landed Mickey Mouse 5 years in prison!

  6. 70% people talking about mikey stealing a bus.
    50% people that are saing random stuff
    and 1% of people saing something that's this.

  7. "Hot Dog!" -Mickey's Catchphrase through the adventure
    The driver stopped at a fast food with a hot dog logo on it
    Did anyone get the reference?

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