9 thoughts on “Great soap for travel | Lush Shampoo Bar review

  1. You mentioned that you used the other travel soap for a variety of uses. You then said that this shampoo bar completely replaced your other choice because it lasts longer: will this bar of soap still work as a dish/laundry detergent?

  2. I bought my first solid shampoo bar about 3 months ago and it's only about half it's original size. But I've only been using it as shampoo. If I used it as soap, I'd go through it a lot quicker.

  3. Never heard of Lush, thanks. I’ve used Bronner’s bar and liquid soaps for decades. I cut the full-size bar into quarters and can keep one piece for weeks in a ziplock. Does all the usual stuff: hair, clothes, body, shave, &c. I would recommend to anyone getting Lush products as a result of your endorsement that they use it for a few weeks before committing to taking it on the road as your sole cleaner. You want to be sure your scalp and skin like it.

  4. I was wondering if those shampoo bars can be polyvalent like Dr.Bronners. I like both product but I prefer solid products because im an extreme minimalist. And I was wondering if I can also use it to clean my clothes with it as a Dr.bronner solid soap that I really like can do. Im trying to have a one polyvalent all-in-one so it takes the less space possible in my bag.

  5. i just returned the "Jason and the Argan" because the smell was so strong and persistent, plus the dye they use stained my counter. Too bad, because I like argan soap for my hair. I replaced it with one that was virtually unscented. If you don't dry the soap off before putting it into the tin, it will stick.

  6. It's looks nice, but I recommend another YVBER soap bar that best for travel, it's just like a lipstick and using very conveniently and not fall.

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