Yo what’s poppin loyalist welcome to
the channel this is Dimez ENT aka a glitch guru and this GTA 5 online video
I’m gonna be showing you guys the solo DM glitch but how to freeze the
Christmas mask so we can get any outfit out of this so the very first thing that
we’re going to do is go into story mode and we’re gonna go into director mode
once in director mode we’re gonna go to actors we’re gonna go
to animals and we’re gonna sure it lists our bird you guys can use any bird if
you don’t know how to unlock the bird character all you guys got to do is eat
a peyote plant that turns you into a bird now we’re gonna back out and we’re
gonna shirtless our online character we can do that by pressing triangle and
then we’re gonna back out and hit exit to story mode
once the story mode we’re gonna start up a invite-only session and we’re gonna go
online once we’re online we’re gonna go to the current time trial now this is
the current time trial as of July the 28th 2019 once we’re near this time
trial we’re gonna open up the interaction menu put our spawn location
on last location and we’re going to make sure that we have on a very simple
outfit you guys could get a standard outfit at the clothing store under the
outfits section label standard once you have that we’re gonna come to the time
trial and we’re gonna put on a parachute so once we put the parachute on we’re
gonna wait for the orange loading icon to show up disappear and save the game
and from there we’re gonna get into a vehicle smack right on the d-pad to
start the time trial and then we’re gonna flick to a story mode character
and we’re gonna go back into story mode once we’re back into story mode we’re
just gonna open up the interaction menu a kin and we’re gonna go to director
mode now alright now that we’re in director mode
we want to go to our short list actors and we should see our two shortlisted
actors here our chicken or a bird whichever one you used and our online
character from here we’re just gonna hold down or up on an analog stick so
you guys can flick between these two characters what’s going to happen as
these birds are gonna duplicate it takes approximately 26 minutes for a distant
glitch out so we need our online character to be standing over there on
top of the haystack that takes approximately 26 minutes guys so you can
put the controller down or a rubber band around it and go afk so once you have
your characters standing on top of the haystack like this you guys want to
delete the bird remove the bird from your shirt list and press the triangle
to remove the bird and we’re gonna back out and we’re gonna go into actors and
we’re gonna go into beach bums and we’re gonna press square over these outfits
here over these styles and we’re gonna see if we have modded outfits if we
don’t have mud at outfits you guys want to go back to your actors animals put
the bird back into your shirt list and then go back and forth into your
character is standing back on the hay stack over there and then remove the
bird again once you see your character on top of the hay stack and then all
you’ll have to do is go back into actors beach bums and press square to change
your parents over these different styles to see if we have modded outfits if we
do have modern outfits which you guys want to do is hover over board Walker
and you guys want to find a style that has a Christmas mask on it once you do
press triangle to shortlist that style and then press square again to look for
another outfit we want to look for three of these and we want a shortlist three
of them once we have three of them shortlisted go back to your shirtless
actors and remove your online character now I’m going to show you guys how to
freeze the Christmas mask now that we have three different Christmas masks and
our shirt list we just want to hold down on the d-pad and spam square really fast
right here while holding down on the d-pad to create lag then we’re gonna
press circle to back out go inside actors really quickly beach bums and go
down to body builder and spam square slowly this time all right if it don’t
work we’ll just repeat the process go back into your shirtless actors hold
down on the d-pad spam a square for about five
seconds back outgoing to actors beach bums and down to where it says
bodybuilder and spam square a little bit slower this time and we should happen
this your mass should freeze that may take some time for you to hit but it
does work guys I just did it and it do take some time it took me a long time to
hit it this time around but we did it yesterday on the live stream and we did
it today as well so if you do get to this part guys
all you need to do now is find an outfit that you like and then you guys want to
inspect it to make sure it doesn’t have any items on it that is blacklisted like
a Christmas scarf or Christmas pants I’m not sure what else is blacklisted but I
doubt you guys can get invisible legs so once you do find something that you
think you can get press triangle to shortlist the outfit so I’m gonna press
triangle to shortlist this outfit I like it you can get invisible arms this does
work for me it did still stick when I took it online so once we have an outfit
that we like all we need to do is shortlist it press the triangle back out
back out let’s see your shirtless actors go down to that outfit that you like
that you shortlisted here and just select it it’s gonna take us into
director mode and I suggest that you guys are wait here for about 10 to 15
seconds just wait around a little bit once you guys have waited around for
about 10 to 15 seconds hold down on the d-pad and switch to any story mode
character you should be taking it to story mode with the outfit that you
selected we’re just gonna weigh here for approximately 10 to 15 seconds again now we’re gonna hit the pause button
we’re gonna go to online and we’re going to start up a invite-only session now
when you get into the invite-only session you’ll see that you have the
outfit on that you selected but you’ll get this alert message just press
continue will get taken back to story mode now you guys want to do is press
pause go to online and start up an invite-only session all you guys need to do now is make your
way to the clothing store and save this outfit as you can see my invisible arms
did stick I’m very happy I’m very thrilled I’m very shocked that it worked
but I had an idea and I followed it through and it worked now we’re gonna
take this over to the clothing store and we’re gonna save it also the good thing
about this outfit this particular outfit that I chose with the racing gloves I
can put a mask on without my outfit disappearing without my arms coming back
basically but that’s how you do the frozen mask glitch guys I know you can
hit it let’s try to get this video up to 200 likes please share it with a friend
comment below let me know what outfits you guys are getting that’s all we have
time for is shit boy glitch guru officially ill peace remember stay low ha


  1. Damn g thanks i just got the white joggers and now ima try to grt the blue ones! Im definitely finna share this wit my friends.

  2. Doesnt work, when i hold down on dpad and spam square for 5 secs then go to beachbums so on and when i change appearance to see if the mask is froze it doesnt work

  3. bruh once i shortlisted 3 christmas masks and did the down on the d pad and square glitch, no more modded outfits show up help.

  4. If your first Christmas mask outfit has no blacklisted components, but you haven't frozen the mask onto new outfits, can you keep it?

  5. Question.
    Does it have to be specific masks?
    And when I did this I was holding down on the D-Pad so it would freeze then I right away stopped and went to Bodybuilders. Instead of it being modded outfits it was just the regular bodybuilders. What did I do wrong? I did everything you said in the video.
    Please help.

  6. I like how i explained it other YouTubers don't explain it slow so i get confused but u took ur time and explained it multiple times thank u man

  7. Everything worked thank you so much like I'm dead ass everyone, the only thing that didn't work was frozen mask so I had to look for a mask and an outfit ?

  8. I’ve been doing it for 2 hours and no luck! It’s almost 3am and I wanna give up but I don’t want to restart:(

  9. gave up after doing it for 3hours straight… didn't even freeze so just picked some random outfit with christmas mask

  10. Can you help me? The part where to shortlist 3 christmas masks is not difficult, but after that you need to make all the appearances have the christmas masks but it doenst seem to work for me….

  11. I picked an outfit and it had something on it and didn’t give it to me, but i shortlisted more outfits but they won’t stick when I got from director mode to story mode, how can I fix this?

  12. I’m guessing it’s patched, judging by the fact that every recent comment says “it doesn’t work”. Like why would rockstar patch something so insignificant, stupid bloody ‘company’…

  13. Im using female character and after freezing the mask and I go to beach bum its on female. so by the time im on male and bodybuilder it wont stick there

  14. It worked and took me 3 and a half hours, But then it didn't show up in online even though nothing was blacklisted 🙁

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