Happiness is In Your Mind | Truth About Happiness | Happiness Challenge Day 1 | Swami Mukundananda

Happiness is In Your Mind | Truth About Happiness | Happiness Challenge Day 1 | Swami Mukundananda

have you ever had the experience of
getting into your car in the driver’s seat turning on the ignition switch and
pressing the accelerator only to discover that the car is not moving
ahead as expected and then you realize that the handbrake has not been
disengaged now with the handbrake engaged if you
had continued to press the accelerator it would have resulted in one of two
consequences either the brakes would overheat and have a meltdown or the
engine would overload and have a breakdown we need to check whether in
life are emotional brakes are disengaged or not today on the first day of this
happiness challenge I am going to discuss with you the first tool to
manage our mind and thereby become a happier person and what is that to
disengage our emotions from the external situation very often the circumstances
are not under our control I’m reminded of a geologist who went to
survey the holy Ganga along with a map in his hand
as he walked along in one place the map said the Ganga should we’re to the right
but the Ganga was turning left would this man became frustrated he threw the
map and went from there saying if the Ganga is not going to follow my map then
it is useless now is that a proper expectation should the Ganga follow his
map or should his map follow the Ganga in the same way the world is as it is
can we not just shift our attitude a bit to make it happier two friends having
been in an accident together were admitted to the same ward of a hospital
both were bedridden but the first friend would be made to sick up for one hour
every day to drain out the fluid from his lungs during that time he would get
to see outside the only window of that warrant he would describe the wonderful
garden outside with the migratory birds bathing in the fountain that was at the
center and the flowers blossoming on all sides and wonderful old ladies basking
in the Sun hearing it all the second friend’s world would come alive what a
stark contrast to the dreary hospital environment but then he began resenting
why does this guy get to have all the fun why is God so unfair upon me one
night the first friend began coughing it was a
different kind of cough as if he was choking the appropriate thing would have
been to press the emergency Bell but he could not think of it the second best
thing would have been for his friend to press his emergency Bell and call the
staff but he was so full of hatred he thought he is suffering good he deserves
it the first friend continued to cough for a little while and then all was
quiet in the morning the nurses discovered the dead body and removed it
without much ado the second person allowed a few days to go by to avoid any
suspicion then he made a request can my bed be moved close to the window the
nurses said that’s fair enough he was moved to the other side he then
requested I am now reasonably well can I be made to sit for a little while they
hoisted him up and he looked out of the window and saw the stark wall of the
nearby warehouse he asked the hospital staff what is this
they said this is the warehouse next to our hospital but he asked what was it
that my friend was seeing they responded that was the beauty of his own mind the
moral here is that no circumstance can force us to be unhappy if we are gloomy
it is always a choice that we make and we can do
to think differently let us exercise the stool to make ourselves happier when
circumstances make us unhappy let us remember that it is not the only option
we have we can as well choose to be joyous in other words nothing forces us
to be miserable it is only a choice that we make as the saying goes in English
two men looked out from the prison bars one saw the mud and the other saw the
stars we will continue this happiness challenge and I wish to provide you to
equip you with similarly powerful easily accessible internal resources without
any need for external essence to enhance your happiness and the happiness of
people around you thereby making a happier world for all of us you

100 thoughts on “Happiness is In Your Mind | Truth About Happiness | Happiness Challenge Day 1 | Swami Mukundananda

  1. In this Day 1 of the 21 Day series, we learned the truth that happiness is a choice we make in every situation. Share your thoughts on how you can apply what you learned in today's video.?

  2. Really It moved me on. I too was surrounded by lots of circumstances but this video helped me how to react in a positive way to every situation. and definitely, I will try to pass it on as many as I can and help them out

  3. The message from Swamyji I like and got thrilling to understand that " Happyness belongs to Beauty of Our own Mind thinking & choice to think differentyly. O My God Thanks.

  4. Happy new year everyone!
    What a wonderful way to start the new year by taking #happinesschallenge
    Learnt to disengage our emotions from the external situations.

  5. A simple yet an eye-opening message put forth by Swamiji- Rather than letting external circumstances take charge, one exercises the choice to be happy always.

  6. 20 years back (1998) one of my gurujis (Sri Sri Ravisankar) said ACCEPT THE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE AND ACCEPT THE SITUATION AS IT IS. Today you gift me with visualisation. From today onwards i will see all your programmes. If possible give us astavakra gita and katopanishad.

  7. Radhey Radhey Swamiji! Thank you for creating 21 days Happiness challenge series video. I simply love it. They are worth to watch it multiple times. No management school or doctor can teach you to remain Happy forever. I guarantee whoever will invest 20 min to watch this video will get a big smile on face. It does nourish the mind and Soul. Thank you very much, Swamiji

  8. Dispassion and detachment need to be developed to emotionally disengage from results, whether good or bad. Thank you for your kind message, Swamiji!

  9. External circumstances can not make ourselves unhappy. We have a choice to be joyous by changing our perception of judging the circumstances.

  10. Irrespective of the external circumstances we can choose to be happy …..
    Wonderful gem of wisdom by Swamiji…
    Radhey Radhey

  11. Happiness is a state of mind .It's just according to the way you look at thing. So swamiji also say two men look out if prism one saw the mud and other saw the Star.

  12. Wow… what a wonderful message to us…..?… really…..?????????? ….. ?………………

    BE HAPPY…………. ??

  13. Swamiji you are an Awesome ? orator?. who not only have a Optimistic ✌ision but also is a magnetic and temting personality to watch ? always.

  14. Happiness is a choice no matter how the external circumstances is miserable, it's depend on us how we take the situation and what's our own perspective to look at life.we can not control the external circumstances but we can change ourselves from within to a positivity. Wonderful tool of happiness challenge Swamiji narrated here..

  15. pranam guru ji i am roshan kumar , first of all thank u so much for this episode i have seen first time and this is good to work on our body and mind …. thank u so much for this episode and i hope this that u will continue with ur WILL POWER to change the daily habits and the problems of the human beings..

  16. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. Your videos are helping me to feel happy and relaxed again.

  17. Swamiji emphasises here that do not let anybody or anything make you unhappy. Control the mind and control the senses to be happy. Make the deliberate choice to always be happy.

  18. Why good people lead into bad habits . They have no self confidence it is not develop in their body when self confidence develop in his body then no bad habits comes to his near not possible .

  19. Sawami ji ur videos r really life changing ……thank u to all by my heart…..eagerly waiting for more videos.

  20. Regardless of life situations – if we can learn to keep inner calm and peace – we can also improve our overall health. Thank You for this Wonderful Challenge!

  21. Swamiji says so beautifully that happiness is our choice. I can totally relate to the examples of driving with the hand brake on, or of the man who wanted the Ganga to flow as per the map. If we allow our mood to be controlled by external events, we will never be happy. Thank you, Swamiji!

  22. It needs a lot of practice to always live in this awareness that "Happiness is in your mind" – it does seem to be working… Thanks for this wisdom!

  23. Swami ji can u please tell me why the lord has put us in the world
    Before creating the universe we and god were one and were happy there so why lord has separated us from him
    Swamiji dont tell that he want to share his wealth with us because before creating the universe we and him were same and were eternally happy

  24. Swamiji revealing that happiness is the choice that we make, external circumstances cannot force us to be miserable rather internal world that we have created has to be diverted towards God. In this world negative people are there but we need to keep in mind that they are too parts of God so that we do not develop any ill feeling. Seeing goodness in everything makes us to feel happy.
    Thank you Swamiji for beautifully explaining the essence of happiness.
    Radhey Radhey

  25. Beautiful initiative by JKYog….the Happiness Challenge! I've gone through this and have benefited tremendously! Watch these videos and learn the tools to becoming happier!

  26. Thanks Sammy jee, v.Very good, where you hand bean, because all your stories had all been told before 100 years in Indians, but now you are telling this to foreigners, that too much, shame on you sammy, … please stop this, Englishers are LAUGHING on us, sorry.

  27. Thank you. I have been very very unhappy for many years. I really want to grow into a happy person I was always

  28. Very often the circumstances are not in our control. No circumstances can make you unhappy. THANK YOU SWAMIJI!!!!

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