Happy Merry New Year’s Eve Bash Holiday Celebration Spectacular Extravaganza (feat insert name here)

Happy Merry New Year’s Eve Bash Holiday Celebration Spectacular Extravaganza (feat insert name here)

Happy Merry New Year’s Eve Bash
Holiday Celebration Spectacular Extravaganza (feat
insert name here)! My name is of course,
and say it with me, insert name here. What the heck does all that
mean I hear you asking? Well, it means welcome to 2014. How was your year 2013? What was
your biggest achievement? Do you have anything you wish to
accomplish in the year 2014? Let me know all about it. For me, I
have to say some big things that happened in 2013 were that I
had my SRS surgery. That was the major thing and finalized my
transition. Another big thing was starting to see a
psychologist to help with my mental problems. And, just back
in July was when I started these videos. Making these videos has
completely changed my life. You all have completely changed my
life. I want to thank everyone so much for all the support you
have given me. You really have helped me so much. For all of
you that have taken the time to listen to what I have to say,
what I struggle with in my life, even if you cannot relate to any
of it, I thank you so much for your support and acceptance.
Some of you have said I have helped you, but it is also
you all that have helped me. We have mutually learned from
one another, which is what I hoped for from the very
beginning. I truly do appreciate everything you have done for me.
Regarding plans for 2014. Well, I plan on continuing making
these videos. I still have quite a few planned, including some
that have been requested. If you have any suggestions, please
let me know. I mentioned in a previous video about doing a
live stream at some point. I still am considering this, but
don’t know when I should do it. I cannot guarantee anything
though. So, if I don’t mention it, then it may not happen. I
also mentioned a YouTube/Google+ feature called ‘Top Fans’ where
it shows me the people who have the most engagement with my
videos. I think I have decided against this since for one, I
wouldn’t want people to feel left out if I did something
special with those top fans. So if I did use it, it would only
be to see what the most engaged people are doing. But it
also lists people that are not subscribed. Which, that doesn’t
really matter. The bigger concern is that it puts some
people that are abusive as top fans. That is because these
people would go to several of my videos and post hateful comments
and people would reply to them to put them in their place,
and then they would reply back, making them an engaged person
on my channel. I wouldn’t want those people as top fans
so I’m probably going to abandon the feature altogether. So, that is the year 2013
for me. I hope to see you all in 2014.
Thank you for watching!

42 thoughts on “Happy Merry New Year’s Eve Bash Holiday Celebration Spectacular Extravaganza (feat insert name here)

  1. Happy Merry New Year's Eve Bash Holiday Celebration Spectacular Extravaganza to you also Autumn. Hope everything continues to improve for you and thank you for your videos.

  2. Have a great Christmas. you are awesome and keep making awesome vids. And btw I think you looked soooo cute (you look cute in all your vids but a specialy in this one)


  3. i started seeing a specialist and stuff and i plan to start hrt at the end of january
    ps congrats autumn on a great and prosperous year

  4. Happy New Year. Hope you had a great Christmas. My wish in regards to you for the new year, is for you maybe to make these kinds of smaller more upbeat kind of videos once in a while. And this is in no way a critique of your longer videos with serious topics, because they have certainly both helped a lot of people and yourself. And they are important. … Anyways see you next year for more great content. Awesome makeup btw.

  5. happy new year and i love what i se  yr vitality is amazing keep up the good work and hope always u and yr loved ones a better year than the year before 
    ps yr smile is mazing u should always smile

  6. Happy New Year Autumn. You  always have so much information a good way of teaching. Looking forward to your classes in 2014.

  7. I thumbed this up in the first 5 seconds!  I wish you well for 2014 and always.

    My biggest accomplishment this year, I suppose, would be taking a step back from all of the suffering that 2012 and 2013 have brought me and realizing the good that has come of it.  It sounds strange, but I've come to realize what a beautiful clusterfuck it all has been.  My goal for 2014 is to finally complete my certification and end the academic chapter of my life; I'm too old to still be studying in preparation for my lifelong career.

    Oh, and that lipstick!  I love how it seems to be black with a deep purple shine to it; I wish I were fairer-skinned, because I couldn't pull it off, myself.

  8. And, Happy, Happy New Year back to you, too, Autumn!!!  Hope it's a great one for us all.  Geeze, It seems so much longer than just a couple of months.  You've shared so much with us, it's like we've known you for years!  Keep the great videos coming!!!


  10. I achieved something quite massive in 2013, I went from only being out as Trans to about 3 people to over 60, including my parents, my band and my entire university. Here's to 2014!

  11. Omg! You are so sweet and beautiful!! Happy new year to you too!! I hope this year may be the one that you overcome all your problems and achieve all your goals!! Wish you the best 🙂 !!!

  12. Oh no, Thank You mademoiselle and Happy New Year to you too Autumn! Your videos are well done and the topics you chose are quite interesting and enlightening as well. I just can't recall any other person in youtube with such interesting topics presented in a very proper manner. So, yeah, keep 'em coming! as for 2014, among other things, I plan to keep watching your videos just because they are so well done and interesting and fun specially with the Weird Comment section that you have hehe. Changing topics, have you heard of Krista Tippett? well, she has a podcast and touches on topics on ideas, meaning, ethics and religion. You might want to listen to her and the amazing people she interviews. it's always great listening how others face life from their own perspective and side of life.

  13. Oh and amazing lips! I picked up a purple for trans purple day here but it was matt lilac… not made from pure ground awesome like yours. Tute?

  14. @AutumAsphodel Hello:D I've seen your videos and It gave me a wow! Amazing really, since I was 16 I was curious about DID but I didn't bother to watched videos until now. It is unbelievable of course but wow really wow TO: autumn, Iris, sexual alter,host and unknown IF you don't mind can you make a video? Like a non cut video, like you're going to change from Iris to host without the scenes cut, like a continuation .. no need to redo the make-up.

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