Happy New Year From The Cointelegraph Team! | Hodler’s Digest

Happy New Year From The Cointelegraph Team! | Hodler’s Digest

According to the Chinese calendar, this was
the year of the dog, but in the crypto market, it was definitely the year of the bear–and
a ferocious one at that. 2018 was anything but boring in blockchain
and crypto space. Scams, hacks, scandals, lawsuits, government
regulations and so on and so forth and of course Twitter drama – we had it all. We are lucky to witness how one of the most
promising and dynamically evolving industries in the world is maturing at a frightening
pace. Prices are jumping up and down, companies
are going out of business and events that used to attract thousands of visitors are
deserted. But to be honest I think this is perfectly
natural and these are growth pains and it is actually a good thing because a whole bunch of non-existent projects and
products that tainted the industry are now gone forever. The strongest survived and only things that
matter are still here. And despite all the predictions from the mainstream
media, guess what! Bitcoin and crypto are not dead! And to those of you who purchased Bitcoin
last December: well, it could have been worse. Happy New Year! I think 2018 was definitely a good year despite
the popular opinion. We’ve visited so many countries and attended
so many events and met so many people. We’ve met Joseph Lubin, Jimmy Wales, CZ,
the president of Malta, the prime minister of Malta. At this point, I feel like we’ve met all
the government of Malta. I am looking forward to the next year because
I along Joseph Lubin believe that the future looks very bright. The SEC started to get serious about upholding
their laws in the face of lawless ICOs. Bakkt was announced along with rumors and
plans from other major institutional players. But I think the most important thing that
happened this year was the proliferation of all different kinds of stablecoins. The appearance of all kinds of stablecoins
on the market this year tells me that the market is looking for something
else from cryptocurrencies. It is looking for somthing that’s more like
money something that’s still decentralized, it’s not controlled by a government or a
corporation, but something they can spend and that they can save without losing 80%
of it’s its value over the course of the year. My first ever cryptocurrency conference last
January was also my first ever week of work at Cointelegraph, where they sent me to San
Fransisco with what seemed like a lot of trust in an incredibly rookie reporter. And my first interview? Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, one of the Magical
Crypto Friends. And he was a normal guy! This was the same time as the Coincheck hack,
and we spent a while talking about the consequences for the crypto space, explaining things to
me that I hadn’t fully understood as a complete newcomer (i.e. the legacy of Mt. Gox). As time went by, I was asked to do a series
of video interviews at another conference, and my very first video interview subject—Charlie
Lee’s brother, Bobby Lee! Who made the interview easy by chatting about
his participation in world poker tournaments and his writing a book about crypto. My initial starstruck behavior by meeting
these big crypto figures has faded as the year went on, and I no longer bat an eye when
McAfee slides into my DMs to offer me a .3 BTC for .5 BTC now!—only if I’m ready
to the send the money. But, whenever Charlie Lee likes a family vacation
photo on my Insta feed, I still feel a bit of that excitement I felt one year ago, my
first week at Cointelegraph. And all of us at Cointelegraph wish all of
you hodlers out there a very sincere and bullish 2019! And as always, remember to like subscribe
and hodl! Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year From The Cointelegraph Team! | Hodler’s Digest

  1. 2018 is the "The Dead Cat Bounce" year… All you can do So is either Hold or Continue to Buy thru Q3 in 2019, that's when the Crypto-verse will move Up positively, Halving in May 2020 is the Only Reason why. Be Realistic… …….God, GunZ n Beer…

  2. Happy new year guys wasso wasso wasso wasso Wassuuppp!! This year was epic!! Can't wait to see what 2019 has to offer…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. My 2018 has been brilliant, buying XRP in the dip and averaging down just that few cents more before it came back up.

    Glad I did too, XRP going to be the future.

  4. Stable Coins are NOT Decentralized! If the bank shuts the stablecoin's bank account down, then the entire coin is dead immediately! USDT went from 1$ value to 90c value for some time because they thought there were no dollars in the bank to redeem them for. This is as centralized as possible!

  5. So the F-C-C won't let crypto be or let me be me so let me see
    They tried to shut it down on mainstream TV
    But it feels so empty without BTC

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