He Was Chased From Birthday Parties For Being Too Dirty-Mathwiti Maingi Ngaii | Tuko TV

Tell me about the ‘Mathwiti Maingi’ song I had attended a birthday but was chased Where exactly? At a friends house When was the last time you saw your mother In 2017 Why? I don’t know where she is right now because she left me under the care of my grandmother You were chased from that birthday party because you were dirty How did you feel about it? I just went outside and began to cry Another man approached me and asked me what the issue was I told him I was chased from a birthday party. He then left I decided to go home while I was still in tears I wasn’t able to shower because whenever my mom left, she would always lock the door So because you were unable to shower you just attended the party that way? Yes There’s something you told me initially that people usually accuse you falsely. What are the accusations? There’s a neighbor of mine whom we usually go out to play with It’s like a habit he formed every time we are out playing and he steals items One day when he came home to play, he stole a ball but we never reported him He repeated the same another time while we were playing and we neither confronted nor reported him He stole a bicycle again but this time around we did not take it lightly You know I learnt that he plans this with his mother then they accuse me So why do you think they accuse you? I don’t know You really have a nice song. Do you love it? Yes Who assisted you in composing it? Steve What kind of help did he give you? Basically he was directing me on what to do What was the feeling when you were shooting the video? I was excited You were looking really good in the video Thank you You are welcome My producer also told me that so many people are excited about my song Especially when I say ‘Mathwiti, maingi Ngai!’ What do you love doing? I love to read and look forward to growing up What would love to do in future? Pilot Oh! You want to be a pilot? Yes That’s amazing Supposing your mom is watching this, what would tell her? That she should come back home I miss her

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