Hero Arts October 2018 My Monthly Hero Kit & Add Ons Card Ideas (Tall & Skinny Christmas Cards)

Hero Arts October 2018 My Monthly Hero Kit & Add Ons Card Ideas (Tall & Skinny Christmas Cards)

Hello guys and welcome back to my channel,
today we are making tall & skinny Christmas cards using clear stamps, coordinating dies
and copic markers. Hi everyone I’m Yana Smakula and I’m hoping
you’ll love this video. Now why tall and skinny cards specifically?
Because Why not? I’ve never really done non traditional card sizes much, I did like
2 tall cards this Summer for the first time ever and I loved playing with that new size,
you know it’s different, I have more room, more real estate for my ideas, I have space
to try new ideas or re-invent my old cardmaking sketches and ideas. So I decided I’d make
a couple tall and skinny Christmas cards to share in this video. Now, you will have to either go and see what
size envelopes you have before you make these tall & skinny cards to make sure you do have
an envelope to put this card in, or you can be like me and just go with whatever size feels
right and simply make the envelope yourself later using an envelope punch board or another
envelope making tool. The cards that I am making today all showcase
the brand new Hero Arts My Monthly Hero October 2018 kit and of course some of the
fabulous add ons. You can see that stamp set and dies from the kit on the screen right
now. I feel like I’ve made a ton of Christmas
cards already, and I even have some that I haven’t shared yet and some of you are probably
wondering why the heck do I need that many. Well, I don’t, I don’t need that many.
I make them because I want to. I make them because it’s my way to relax, to get away
from cleaning the apartment or working or everyday problems. It’s my therapy, so while
I might not need to make this many Christmas or cards in general I make them because making them makes me happy. And if making handmade cards makes you happy – you go ahead and make a bunch. So all of my cards today feature a scene.
I decided I’d with winter sky in the top portion of my card and snowy hills in the
bottom portion. Here I’ve already heat embossed a snowflake
background in white embossing powder on light blue cardstock and I used one of the background
stamps that is an add on this month. There’s two background stamps with gorgeous snowflakes
and I do use both of them. I’ve also picked the images I wanted to
use and arranged them to create a scene on my card. I’m going to go ahead and stamp
all of those images on white cardstock in alcohol marker friendly ink, I am using my
mini MISTI today as these are brand new stamps and I want to make sure I get perfect stamping. I will be coloring all of these using Copic
markers and my thing is to use a few colors, a few shades if possible. I’m not a certified
Copic instructor, I just color with Copics because it’s fun and, fo me, it’s
quick way to color. So now I’m also stamping the ice skating
rink on one of my snowy hills and I’ll go ahead and color that directly on the hill,
there’s no need to cut it out and adhere on the card, I can just stamp it right there. I’m also stamping a Merry Christmas sentiment
on the bottom hill and I’m using black ink here. So this card for most part, except for the
that white embossed background is created using the Kit contents only. I always try
to create and share at least one card using things that come just in the kit so that if
you want to re-create my cards you juts need to get the kit. And The kit actually has some
snowflakes stamps that you can use to heat emboss a similar background, it will just
take you longer as you’ll need to do more stamping to fill the entire background. But
totally doable. I’ve moved onto coloring here I am using
G99, G94 and YG03 colors to color the Christmas tree. I am coloring it with the light source
in mind. I want to have a street light or a lamp port to the left of the tree so the
right hand side of the tree is going to be the darkest and the left hand side – the lightest. This is the only tree or the only card where
I take the light source into consideration, the other trees and other images on my other
cards are all colored without taking the light source into consideration. Taking a light
source into consideration is not that hard, it just takes a little pre planning before
you color. So here I’ve cut these images out and I’m
actually showing how the lamp post, once colored and lit will affect the shading on the tree.
It will illuminate the left hand side of this image. My coloring is done, I didn’t show you how
I colored the rest of the images as that really was super simple, I have all Copic marker
numbers listed below and in my blog post and I’ve already assembles the card front. I
adhered that white heat embossed snowflake background and I added my snowy hills on top. I’m going to use foam adhesive and glue
to adhere everything in place, i’m just playing with the image placement here for
a bit to make sure I’m happy with how everything is situated on the card. I was planning to have the bend next to the
lamp post so it was also colored with the light source in mind, but I placed it in a
different spot. I should have fixed the coloring and shading on it, but I think it looked just
fine like that. With everything being so white I added some
shadows under the die cuts and I used a W3 and W1 markers to do that. IT just helps to
ground these elements and it looks more natural this way. I also used these gorgeous sequins from Hero
Arts – I added 3 snowflakes onto my card and I loved this look! So here’s a completed card, you can see
all of the coloring and the snowflakes. I also used a white pen and I added snow onto
the Christmas tree. I don’t have any fake snow products in my stash, but I really wanted
to add snow onto the tree, so I just drew it with a white pen. Okay, guys! Moving on! The next cards will
all combine the kit and some of the add ons that are available from Hero Arts. Here I already white heat embossed a few additional
background and I die cut the snow hills for these cards and now i’m just planning my
sentiments. I love this set with the sentiment – the Love, Joy and Peace, I loved the font,
I loved the size, it’s like this set was made for me. I know I will be using it a lot
in the future this year and also in the years to come, it’s just like a collectible stamp
set to me. Next, I went ahead and added some ink blending
onto my white embossed backgrounds. I heat embossed them on colored cardstock, and on
different colors too and I did it for a reason I did that because I wanted to add ink blending to create a night sky. You can
heat emboss on white and ink blend everything, I like to cheat by heat embossing on colored
cardstock and doing much less ink blending. When I heat emboss on light blue like I did
here I just had to blend medium blue and dark blue to have a pretty ombre background. But
if I were to heat emboss on white I’d have to start blending with that base color and
that would take more time and I’m all about being as efficient with my time as possible. So here I blended Pool and Navy inks to create
that night sky kind of background. I also sprayed with the iridescent shimmer mist,
I love this product, I’ve been using it for a long time now and it rocks, it adds
fabulous shimmer and it’s just fantastic. So I’ve already stamped, colored, and cut
out the images for this card and now i’m just making a card base using white cardstock.
And i’m going to make this one 4” wide by I’m not yet sure how tall, but I am staring
by folding an entire letter sheet in half to create a cardbase for this card. Going to adhere the sky first, and before
I adhere the hills I need to finish my stamping – I’m going to stamp the sentiment directly
onto one of the hills. You can see that I have washi tape sticking from the back of my die cut
hills, I use it to keep my hill cluster together while I assemble and plan my scene, it’s
super helpful this way. I’m using Navy ink to stamp sentient, since
my sky is so deep blue I figured I didn’t want to stamp it in black so I went with navy. I went adhere and adhered my hills on the
card base and I used foam adhesive for the last hill to pop it up. This card is so tall
it doesn’t even fit in my video frame. And you will see me later zoom out little bit and you will be able to see my messy desk from all of this cardmaking. Next, I’m just going to foam mount everything
in place and call this card done. I wasn’t sure where to add bench here, so
I decided to cut into 2 pieces to make it look like I have 2 benches and adhere one
next to the tree on the right hand side of the card and other one next to the sentiment
on the left hand side of the card. I also made yet another tall and skinny card
with even darker sky this time and I went with a different sentiment, this reads – the
Simple Moments Bring You Joy, and I white heat embossed Bring You on red cardstockm and I
foam mounted that over the sentiment to add a pop of red here. This sentiment comes from
yet another add on stamp set that’s available from Hero Arts. So here’s a look at all 3 cards I made so
far – all of these are much taller than usual A2 card, they measure 4 1/4 x 8”, thats
the first one that I made, 4” x 10” tall – that’s the one with Joy to The World sentiment
and 3 3/4 x 10” tall, that’s the one that I just showed you. My last card idea for today features another
simple scene and a ton of heat embossing to create a night sky. Here’ I’m starting by heat embossing the
word Peace in white embossing powder on a panel that’s cut to 3 1/2 x 8 1/2”/. I
will add “on Earth” part of the sentiment white embossed on red cardstock and I’ll
trim that into a strip and will foam mont once my card is done. Next I want to do some scene pre-planning
and i’m going to stamp a few images to map out their placement on the card. I will foam
mount identical images on top, so there are just like a sketch here I only need them bececuase
I want to heat emboss little garlands going from the lamp posts and I need to see where
the lamp posts are to have the right spacing and placement on my card. I’m heat embossing
these in white and I’ll be blending a ton of ink over these so while you can’t see
them now, you will see them once the card is done. Here I am starring with a white panel and
not a colored panel because I want the bottom of my panel, the section under the bench to
be white to look like snow. Next, I’m going to work on my snowflake
background by heat embossed a bunch of snowflakes from another stamp set that is an add on this
month. This set is like a layering snowflake kind of set, or build your own snowflake.
And the idea is to stamp different snowflake layers in different colors of ink so for example
you have a blue snowflake stamped in blue and light blue. I am only using white embossing
powder here because I want these on a dark blue background, but you can totally stamp
these in different ink colors on a white background. I went with 3 large, 4 medium and 5 small
snowflakes for this background, I didn’t layer all of the, some of them looked beautiful
and complete as is, with only 1 layer. Now I first ink blended the background to
be able to better see and better tell if or which snowflakes here needed that that 2nd
layer. I used 3 colors of ink here – starting with soft sky, next I used pool and finally
navy once again to have that beautiful blue winter sky. I also sprayed this with the iridescent shimmer spray to add some sparkle to the background Now while I was ink blending I knew I’d
need to add some yellow to the background where lamp posts were going to be, but I didn’t
want to blend yellow ink with an ink blending tool because it would have been too big of
a blob. So I decided I would use a yellow pencil instead and color over the ink blending.
I used my Polychromes pencils and just colored a loose circle over the lamp post. I kind
of need to get better at this, maybe next time I’ll take a dive and try to ink blending
and will hope I will not mess up the background, with the pencil it was much more confident
I had much more control. I kind of new what result I could expect so I didn’t worry too much about ruining the background. So here I went ahead and added those 2nd layers
to some of the snowflakes and heat set that. I foam mounted the background onto a card
base and next I started foam mounting everything else in place – the little red sentiment strip,
the bench and the street lights. I also added a little mistetoe over the bench just to connect
those two garland images together. So this is it! All 4 of my tall and skinny
Christmas cards are done! Be sure to visit my blog for a full list of
supplies used to make these cards and join the Hero Arts blog hop for loads of additional
inspiration. Thank you so much for watching, if you have
any questions, please leave them in the comments section below and be sure to subscrite to
my youtube channel if you haven’t yet done so, check the bell icon on the homepage of
my channel to be notified every time I share a new video or post on my community page. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you next time! And now I am off to make more Christmas card. Because that’s what I love to do.

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