Historic Chicago Bar Burns Down | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Historic Chicago Bar Burns Down | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Jesus. How? Wow. This was our life,
our livelihood. -Tom Jr.: And now it’s gone.
-Bridget: It’s gone. Gone. Tom Jr.: Everything
was on the stage. So by the time
the firemen got here,
they put the fire out, the problem was
that it was smoldering
for a long time. Heat got trapped
up in the ceiling. Even on the bar upstairs,
all the tappers
were all melted up there, -’cause the heat got so–
-Pat: Intense. So then we had the fire,
then a couple months later, in the apartment upstairs, all the pipes froze
and flooded the whole place. Oh, my God. The place is destroyed.You can see the devastation
of this place.
The devastation
on the Looney family
and what the fire
has done to The Abbey. It’s really, really
heart sickening. And everything,
as you can see, got rusty because it got
water on it. I had no idea
it was this bad. All right, Ma.
Yeah, let’s go. I must say, I’m devastated. I had no idea
how bad it really was. Tom Jr.: You know,
there’s been 80,000 musicians
on that stage. -80,000 people
just on stage at The Abbey.
-Right. That’s how long
this has been going. I made great friends
at The Abbey. I met the finest people
on the face of the earth
at The Abbey pub, and I miss that
so very much. Pat: It’s been 10 months. The longer it goes,
it’s harder to imagine
everything’s gonna come back. It’s bad. It’s very bad.

14 thoughts on “Historic Chicago Bar Burns Down | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

  1. Why has the cause of the fire "never been revealed"? Seems a bit odd. What's the big secret?And why didn't they have the water turned off so the pipes upstairs wouldn't have frozen? Also odd. 30 years she owns this bar, it burns down and in 2 years she hasn't even entered the bar to see the damage? Also odd. Isn't the ex-manager son a fireman? Also odd. Too many unanswered questions and things that don't add up. Perhaps there is a reason why in 2 years the insurance company is not honoring their claim. I've never heard of a GoFundMe campaign where the business owners are looking for donations to rebuild a burned down business, yet are unwilling to reveal what caused the fire in the first place.

  2. A buddy had a cousin who had a business set-up financially by his parents over-seas. This guy was a total weasel & a scumbag. He tried to commit insurance fraud by setting fire to his business. He got trapped inside & melted off his ears & mangled his face. He also did some jail-time for it after he healed. Women already thought he was creepy before so he moved back-in with his parents & never goes out.

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