HITMAN 2 – November Roadmap 2019 (Anniversary Celebrations)

HITMAN 2 – November Roadmap 2019 (Anniversary Celebrations)

Hi! I’m Clemens. Community Developer here at IO Interactive. November marks the one year anniversary for HITMAN 2.
Therefore, we celebrate that by bringing you the most live content in a single
month than ever before. So, buckle up and get ready because *this* is November in
HITMAN 2. November 7: Legacy Escalations. The Bahadur Dexterity and The Teague Temptation. Two fan-favorite Escalations are coming. The Breaking and Entering
Challenge Pack. Become the infamous burglar in Whittleton Creek and commit
your greatest heist ever and get rewarded with the burglars dream tool; the ICA Titanium Crowbar. November 14: The Montague Audacity escalation. You’re
going underground in Colombia. Bring your hacking skills, steal the data
and get out. Legacy Challenge Packs: Master Fortune
Teller and The Art of Revenge. It’s time to hunt the streets of Marrakech as the famous fortune teller to unlock your favorite TAC-4 S/A Desert.
You’ll also need to travel to Hokkaido to get your sweet revenge… dressed in yellow. And when you’re victorious, you’ll unlock the Masamune Blake’s Endeavor Challenge
Pack: You’re going on a treasure hunt on the Isle of Sgail. Sneak in, steal the
filigree eggs and other gallery items. You even have to fiddle with a cannon to
unlock the Arkian Tuxedo. Legacy Escalations: The Arthin Occultation and The Szilassi Darkness Two awesome legacy escalations are coming your way. Legacy Challenge Packs: the Plumber’s
Apprentice and Master Sniper You’re not done in Sapienza just yet
because we need you to help the plumber in this beautiful coastal town and when
you’re successful, you’ll unlock the claw hammer. And *THAT* is quite a useful tool
but you’re also required to bring your sniper A-game to unlock the Jaeger 7
Covert. November 22: Legacy Elusive Target The Fixer. Xander Haverfoek has
stumbled back into Marrakesh once more so be ready; you’ve got one chance.
November 28 brings three awesome Escalations; the McCallister Ransack. Become
the Not-so-Known third member of the Wet Bandits. Steal items and leave the sink on when you leave the house. You know… your M.O. In the Quimby Quandary, you need
to steal briefcases and become the Phantom Menace of Sgail. The Bartholomew
Hornswoggle: Ahoy Matey! It’s time for a real treasure hunt. You need to find all
the pieces of the treasure map and then bring pirate havoc on the remote island. When you’re a successful pirate, you’ll unlock the Buccaneer. Yep, this is correct.
This is your very own pirate outfit. November will also have; IOI Monthly
Episode #9, a Game Update with all its goodness and of course Featured Contracts.
The November theme is ‘Special Occasions’ so jump on over to hitmanforum.com and
add your contribution now. Who knows you might get Featured. We celebrate the
hitman 2 anniversary with a bang [expensive fireworks sound effect] We’re talking 10 Featured Contracts, 8
Escalation Contracts, 6 Challenge Packs, 5 items to unlock, two suits to unlock and
a Legacy Elusive Target. So that’s a lot of things to do. So what are you still
doing here for? Go play some HITMAN 2! I’ll see you in December.

19 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 – November Roadmap 2019 (Anniversary Celebrations)

  1. First, happy anniversary but out of all the Elusive Targets, none other than the Fixer! Don't mean to mean I love Marrakesh, it's the best Destination for me but that Elusive Target is the worst of them all, I really hate it and just this one Elusive Target, what's wrong with featuring another Elusive Target in Season 2, I love the Legacy but I just wanted another one.

    I really hope that the Jaeger 7 Covert would have at least a variable scope if not a versatile one.

  2. I was hoping there would be a new Sniper Assassin mission or a new expansion mission in general where we pick up from where we left but I hope that happens in December.

    P.S way to go, I'm always supporting that amazing game.

  3. It's funny because it's my birthday this month and this is the best way to celebrate a very special occasion thanks ioi interactive

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