Holiday Card Series 2015 – Day 7

Hi everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to Day
7 of the Holiday Card Series for 2015. Today I’m using the Christmas Scene Trifold stamp
set from Art Impressions. You’ll notice that I have a little bit of a different backdrop
here. I’m actually working at my kitchen table today. That’s because I’m having my carpets
cleaned at my house and I’ve been kicked out of my craft room for the afternoon and overnight
so that they can dry. So here I am at my kitchen table and I’m just going to make this card.
So I’m starting out by following the instructions on the back of the stamp set. It says to cut
your paper to 5″x11″ and then score at 3 5/8 from each short end, so I’m doing that. I’m
using some Arches water color paper today. Going to do a little bit of water coloring.
Because of that I’m going to start out by stamping these images in VersaFine Black Onyx
ink or Black Onyx. The first thing it tells you to do is take the large Christmas Cottage
stamp from the stamp set and stamp that in the center panel and have that be about a
half an inch from the top of the card. So that’s what I’ve done here. A nice crisp impression.
Then you turn the paper over and you stamp the snowman stamp on the left side of the
paper right next to that score line. Then you stamp the mail box image on the other
side. Now these are eventually going to be folded in, so they are on the opposite side
of the Christmas Cottage and it makes it so that as I’m working and painting everything
stays flat. So I’ve stamped these all in advance so I can break out my water colors and get
it going. Before I do that water color there were a few pieces of each image that just
didn’t stamp really dark and I wanted to emphases those and kind of make sure those lines looked
complete. So I took my black pen and just went over those lines once more. This is a
water proof black pen that is from Pilot and if you are interested in that pen it will
be listed in the supplies. So I’m looking at my scene here and I’m going to be referencing
this scene as I water color. I’m going to be using nearly the same colors and I really
want to look at that and glance back at that image multiple times so that I get my shading
in the correct areas. I’m using the Kuretake Zig Gansai Tambi palette today for my water
colors. I’ll be using a size 4 round brush from Silver. This is a silver brush black
velvet. It’s a size 4 and I really love this size. So I’m going to go ahead and turn on
some music and speed up the painting process. This was actually a really lengthy painting
process, so it benefits both you and I to just speed it up. So I will be back and the
end of the painting to pick up and let you know what’s happening next. All of the painting is almost complete, but
I’m going to add some gold areas using my Fine Tec Metallic water colors palette. Just
grabbing one of the really pretty gold colors and I’m going to add gold to the present on
the bow and some of these other presents that don’t have color yet. I’m also going to add
gold to the Christmas ornament bulbs that are hanging down from that pole. That’s going
to give it a little bit of shimmer. To make it complete I’m going to turn it over and
add a little bit of gold over onto the wreath on the Christmas cottage as well. So I’m just
going to flip this over after I finish the snowman here. Flip it over and I’m just going
to add a few little dots of gold. So now that my painting is all complete I’m going to finish
the card here. I started by doing that by folding in those edges and you’ll notice that
some of it is starting to crack. This water color paper is very thick so I was anticipating
that it might start cracking. To help with that I’m going to take my Teflon Bone Folder
and just run the edge right along those cracking parts. It’s just going to smooth them down
and give it more of a finished look. I do this a lot with cards and card stock that
starts to crack. I just run that Teflon Bone Folder over the edge and it kind of presses
all of that cracking back into the paper and give it a nice finished fold. So I took my
scissors and followed the instructions on the back of the stamp set. It says to trim
out the images and then take it all the way to the score line and then cut straight up,
so you’ll notice that I’ve got those cuts in. Next to the snowman I accidentally cut
down too far. I think the best thing to do is to not have it come down into that V-shape
by the snowman, but in the end it worked out okay. Took the sentiment from the greeting,
or the greeting from the stamp set and stamped that is VersaFine Black Onyx ink down at the
bottom. So now when the card is folded in the entire greeting will be hidden. I realized
that I forget to paint the sky above the cottage. So I mixed kind of a grayish blue color and
then dabbed that on around the top edge of that house and in order to soften the edges
I brought in a little bit of water after I had that color in. I just brought some water
in to soften out those edges. Then I took a, well today I’m using Kleenex, because I
didn’t have my paper towels, the ones I like down in the kitchen, so I’m using a Kleenex,
but you could use any towel or cloth just to dab up a little bit of that color. So after
that was complete the card is almost done. I’m just going to add a little more detail
using my Uniball Signo Broad white gel pen. I’m going to add some dots to a present. Then
I’ll also be adding some stripes and some kind of a check pattern on to one of the other
presents. Then I’m going to take all those white dots and make them into snow. So I’m
putting it over that sky area that I’ve just painted. It’s going to give a little bit of
detail to the top part of this card. So that’s the card for today. Everything is nice and
finished. One thing I did do after I turned off the camera is I adhered this card onto
just a single panel of Taffy card stock. The Taffy color is from Bazzill. So you’ll see
that in the final photos. Just wanted to let you know that’s how I finished off the edges
of this card. Just wanted a little bit of color peeking out. Hope you guys enjoyed.
I will catch you guys on Monday for a new card in the Holiday Card Series. Thanks for
watching. Thanks so much for staying until the very
end of the video. On screen right now are the 6 previous years of the Holiday Card Series.
I can’t believe I’m doing for 7 years. This is definitely the 7th year. If you’d like
to check out what I did on Day 7 for the previous 6 years of the Holiday Card Series you can
see them on screen right now. Just click on any of those images and it will take you directly
to those videos. I will be back on Monday with Day 8 of the Holiday Card Series, until
them happy card making and I hope you guys enjoy today’s video.

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