Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 18

Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 18

(festive music) – [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to Day 18 of
the Holiday Card series for 2016. Today I’m going to be making a
card completely from scratch. I’m not using any
stamps or dies. I’ll be watercoloring
the entire card. You see my sketch up
there on the top corner. I had a little idea for what I wanted my
card to look like. So I’m sketching it out onto
some Arches watercolor paper, and just with a
really light pencil. Now, I’m taking some Drawing
Gum, or masking fluid, and I’m going to mask
off the two mittens as well as all of the words. And I’m doing this because I
want those areas to be white so that I can paint on top. The words in particular, I’m
going to keep white completely. I want them to be nice
and bright compared to the outside color that
I’ll be adding later. So, I needed to make sure
that I masked that on. If you were to do
something like this, and you don’t have
masking fluid, you could go around the mittens, and then use a white
acrylic paint, or gouache, something opaque to paint
on the lettering afterward instead of having to
mask off the lettering. So while that masking
fluid was drying, I taped my watercolor
piece down to a board, and I also tested out
some different colors of watercolors just
to get the colors exactly where I wanted them. After it was dry, all
of the masking fluid, I started to go in with
my background color. And I’m using sort of
like a muted aqua teal. It’s kind of a
really, kind of dusty kind of color once it’s dry. I want to have this as
the background color. It’s going to be creating kind of a shape
around the entire picture around the mittens
and also the words. I wanted to do this because I didn’t want it to have just
a plain white background. I wanted it to have
a little bit of color so it would give it some tone. I’m just using this shade all over the entire area. I’m watering down some areas
using a little bit less paint, so that I have some
different interest. I’m also going to
do a second coat, dropping in some darker areas of that paint. Just so that it spreads around, and I get a little bit
of variation in color. I’m using the same
shade for this. I’m just watering it
down a little bit. So I’m not gonna get a
huge difference in color, and you’ll be able to see
that once I have it dry. You can see there are
a couple dry patches, but it’s not really a
big difference in color. So, I decided to go over it
with a second coat of paint. In some areas, I’m
just adding water, and in others I’ll be adding a little bit of a
darker paint color. Just less water, more pigment. This is going to give it
a little bit of interest. I also wanted to
soften those edges around the shape a little bit, and that second coat
of paint did that. So after it was completely dry, I’m gonna go ahead and
remove the masking fluid. The thing with masking fluid
that you have to remember is you never go on to the next
step unless everything is dry. So after you apply it, you
have to let it completely dry. And then after you paint it, you have to let
it completely dry. And then you can remove
the masking fluid. I’m using a Xyron
adhesive eraser to help me remove all
that masking fluid. So now I’m going to start
painting on the red areas on the mittens. I’m going to do this in a
variety of different ways. I’m going to do
it in flat washes, as well as adding some
more masking fluid, and just doing some
simple designs. So I’ve dropped in some
plain colors of red. Now, I’m going to
do kind of a little zigzag shape. And I’m going to have
the zigzag be white. So I’m going to start by
painting the top of the zigzag, and then I’ll go ahead
and paint the bottom. I don’t think this design
is particularly difficult, I think most people, if they break it
down into steps, could probably create
a card similar to this. It’s all just a matter
of slowing down, being patient with yourself, and giving yourself plenty
of time to work on this card. I think most people could do it, especially if you simplify
the mitten even more. So I’m adding some
masking fluid details, some snowflakes, or stars,
and then also some dots. I let that dry. And I’m going to add in
a very light wash of red, kind of a more
muted tone of red, over the top of the snowflakes. And this one on the left was dry before the one on the right. So I’m going to move on to
adding some darker details on the wristbands
of the mittens. Then I went around the mittens, and I added a little
bit of a shadow. I wanted to give these a
little bit more character, make them look like
they’re standing up off of that page. So, just adding a little
bit of a darker area. I did the same with the
lettering down below, just adding some shading. And I tried to
make it look like, or I thought in my mind
to help me do this, that the light was coming
from the upper left corner. So, as long as I had the light beam down from the
upper left corner, I knew where I needed
to place my shadows. So I painted in some
additional dark areas of red. And then made sure everything
was completely dry, before I removed those
dots and snowflakes that I drew with masking fluid. Used my heat tool to speed
up the drying process. You could definitely just
let this air dry if you want. But I wanted to make
sure everything was bone dry before I removed
the masking fluid. So I’m removing that
masking fluid once again with a Xyron adhesive eraser. This just helps
me grab all of the masking fluid, and
makes sure I get it all off my watercolor piece. I’m almost done here. I’m just going to add a few
more details onto the mittens. I’ve realized that
that large area at the top of the mittens was a little bit too flat for me, so I thought I would add
just a couple stripes in the darker red shade. So, I removed it from my board. I took off all that blue tape. And I trimmed it
down to 4 1/4 wide by 6 1/4 tall. And this is basically
3/4 of an inch short from each direction
of a 5×7 card. I then created a 5×7
card base out of some Simon Says Stamp
schoolhouse red card stock. I just scored that
at five inches to create a
side-folding 5×7 card. And then I adhered
my watercolor piece down onto the card base using some foam tape. I decided to add a
little bit of shimmer using a clear Wink of
Stella glitter brush pen. I just went over a few
of those red areas, and it’s hard to see in photos, but in real life there’s
a little bit of shimmer. So, that’s the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. I will see you very soon for Day 19 of the
Holiday Card series. Until then, thanks
so much for watching, and I’ll catch you
guys next time. (festive music)

100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 18

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  3. Very pretty Kristina. Love the painting it is natural and the colors are really soft and special..Different…and I love that.
    Happy Thanksgiving..

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     =]  MIchele

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