Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 14 – Watercolor Markers & Unmounted Stamps

Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 14 – Watercolor Markers & Unmounted Stamps

– [Kristina] Before we get
into today’s card video I wanna let you guys know that we are having
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at the same time. I hope you’ll check that out and now onto today’s card video. (cheerful music) Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day 14 of the
Holiday Card Series for 2017. Today I’m using
a bunch of stamps from Purple Onion Designs. This is from their
latest release and these are actually
unmounted stamps. So I’m gonna show you
how you can use them with some Tack ‘N Peel and also, I’ll show you
another way to use them without anything special
later on in the video. This is some Tack ‘N
Peel from Tsukineko. It has a full sheet like this. And you can actually
cut this down for use on multiple blocks but I’m gonna use it altogether
on my Compact Stamp Press, and I decided to do it this way because some of these
images are really large so I would need to use my
Compact Stamp Press anyway. The first thing I did was
I used an alcohol wipe just to clean up my press because there was a
lot of ink left behind from previous projects. I then used a baby
wipe just to clean off the surface of the stamp press. So, I needed to
take off the corners of this large piece
of Tack ‘N Peel, that’s because otherwise
it would interrupt the foam pads on my
Compact Stamp Press. So I peeled up the yellow
kind of like a backing on it and then pressed it on to
my Compact Stamp Press. And then I’m going to peel
up the clear protective sheet and I’m gonna save this
because I’ll need it for later so that I can put that
sheet back over the top so that the sticky surface
of the Tack ‘N Peel doesn’t get dusty or
anything like that. Now I can press
these large stamps down onto my Compact Stamp
Press and they will stick. I can also use my regular
clear stamps with this. Today I’m using some
Strathmore Bristol paper and I’m also going
to be stamping in Versafine Onyx Black ink. I’m using these
products in particular because I’m going to be
using watercolor markers and they happen to work best
with this waterproof ink and on this
particular card stock. This card stock if
you’ve ever tried to use watercolor markers
on watercolor paper sometimes it can be a
little bit frustrating but if you try it
on Bristol paper it’s night and day and
it’s absolutely wonderful. I stamped that snow globe image onto some Bristol paper and I’m gonna stamp
this little snowman near the bottom of this
five by seven Bristol paper. This card is actually going
to end up being five by seven. I will trim down
this piece eventually but I wanted to have
the spacing just right, so I decided to stamp the image and also the background using
the five by seven paper. So while that stamp
still has ink on it I stamped it down onto
some masking paper, and I’m going to
cut out this image and then place that
mask over the top. And this is going to
protect the snowman image while I stamp the
door scene behind him. I have this really
cool door scene and I’m gonna ink that up with
my Versafine Onyx Black ink. And then I’ll put that
right over the top and then you’ll see why I
needed to have my snowman masked because otherwise that
door would have gone right over the top of his head. I’m gonna ink up this other set, this is actually
the door decor set and I just stamped
those altogether. You could definitely
cut those apart but I just stamped
them altogether. I’m using the Arteza, I
think that’s how you say it, Arteza Watercolor Markers. I just got these off
Amazon, a pretty good price and I thought I’d
give them a try. I’ve never used them until today and I just wanted to
see how they compare to my current
favorites which are the Zig Clean Color
Real Brush Markers. I’ve got my water
brush here from Pentel. This is a Pentel Aquash
Brush, this is the small size. I just filled that up
with some more water. And now I’m taking
all of these markers and I’m going to paint
this entire scene. And the one thing I wanted
to mention while I’m painting is these markers behave
practically the same compared to the Zig Clean
Color Real Brush Markers. I have the same kind of effects. There’s just different colors and I think the brush tips on
these are a little bit longer and the pens itself or
the markers themselves seem to be a little
bit longer as well. They’re not quite as short. Now you’ll see here
that I do use a black Zig Clean Color
Real Brush Marker. That’s because I cannot find a black marker in
the Arteza set. Turns out it was there, I just
wasn’t looking hard enough so, eventually I will use
the Arteza one as well. I’m gonna go ahead and turn
on some Christmas music so you can see all
of the painting and I will catch up with
you in just a minute. (lighthearted
instrumental music) After all of the painting I cut
out all of the little pieces that I’m adding on to my door
scene including the wreath. And I just used an X-Acto
Knife or a craft knife to cut out the interior
area of that wreath. And I’ll eventually place
it right on the door and because some of the
white areas around the wreath were a little bit
too noticeable, I decided to go ahead
with the green marker and just paint all
of those white gaps. And also on the other
pieces that I cut out to make sure that
they look nice, I took a black brush tip marker and sort of painted the
white edges of the card stock that are really obvious
after you’ve cut it out. I then took some more
Strathmore Bristol paper and I cut it to be a
five by seven card base. So, it’s actually 10 inches
wide by seven inches tall and then scored out five inches. I’m gonna fold that in half and then I will be adhering some patterned
paper over the top. And my plan is to have
some patterned paper covering the entire
surface of the card front and then have this
painted piece on top. The patterned paper I’m using
today is from Lawn Fawn. This is their Knit
Picky collection pack and this is the 12 by 12 sheet. I’m using a nice red
and white knit pattern and I’ll place that right
over the top of my card front. So I’ve put some foam adhesive
behind my painted piece. I’m gonna put that
down on the front more off to the right
side of the card. I’m planning to put my
greeting on to the left side so I needed to have
just a little more space on that left side. Here’s the way you can
use unmounted stamps. You can just put some adhesive
on the back of the stamp. I didn’t have any
removable adhesive or temporary adhesive but that definitely works
a little bit better, it clean up a little bit easier. But I just mounted that
onto an acrylic block and then as far as what
I’m gonna stamp it on I wanted to have that same
blue color from the door. I wanted to have that
elsewhere on the card because the blue kind
of really stands out, it’s a really
large area of blue. So I thought I would
paint some of that blue onto a strip of Bristol paper and heat set this until
it’s completely dry. And I’m also coating
it in some powder tool. This is an antistatic
powder tool and I’m gonna do some heat
embossing over the top, and that’s why I use that
antistatic powder tool. I’m inking up my stamp
and I’ll just stamp that right down onto that blue
area using VersaMark Ink. And then I’ll coat it with
some Brutus Monroe Alabaster white embossing powder. And I’ll heat set
that with my heat tool until it’s smooth and melted. And then I trimmed it down so that I could put it on
to the front of the card. And I did cut a ribbon end and the way I like
to do that is cut one little strip into the center and then cut the rest of
the shape from the corner to that center area that I cut. I put some foam
adhesive behind that and then adhered it down. I also put some adhesive
behind all of my little pieces and pressed those down
onto the scene as well. For a little bit
of detail I took a Signo Broad White
Gel Pen from Uni-Ball and I added some polka
dots onto his scarf. And then I added
some shimmer pen over the top of his hat and a couple areas on the card. So, this shimmer pen is
actually from Spectrum Noir, this is one of
their sparkle pens. And it’s a really, it
adds a lot of sparkle. So now I’m back to
that snow globe image. This is the, let’s see,
it’s called Winter Friends, that’s what the stamp is called. And I’m just gonna turn
on some Christmas music and let you guys watch
all the painting. I just wanted to
include this second card in this video as well. So I will catch up with
you at the end of the video when I start
assembling this card. (lighthearted
instrumental music) Okay, so I trimmed
out the snow globe after it was completely painted and I just went around
that edge with my scissors. And then I needed something for the background
behind the snow globe so I’m gonna take
the Winter Snowflakes embossing folder from Sizzix and I’m gonna put some
Bristol paper inside of it. In order to make this work
with your Big Shot Machine you’re going to use your
multipurpose platform so don’t use the
magnetic platform. That’s usually what I use
so I had to remove that and I’m using the
multipurpose platform that comes with the machine. And I just opened
it up from one tab. And then I use the
embossing folder and then one cutting pad. And that’s just the
perfect amount of pressure to use this embossing folder. So, for the card
base for this card I’m using some Neenah
Desert Storm Card Stock. This is the 100 pound version and I’m making a
standard size A2 card, so this is four and
one quarter wide by five and a half tall, and I just put some Tombow
Xtreme Adhesive on it and then pressed my
embossed white piece on top. To make the edges
of the snow globe a little bit more finished, I did run a black brush tip
marker around the edges. And then put some foam
adhesive on the back. To finish off the scene
within the snow globe it needed some polka
dots on the fox’s sweater and then also some stripes
on the snowman’s scarf. And to finish it off, to make
it look like a snow globe, I used my white gel pen just to add a bunch of dots that would make it look
like there was snow falling. And I made sure to go
over all of the images so it looks like snow is
in front of the animals and the snowman as well. As far as the greeting goes
I though it would be fun to put the greeting right over
the bottom of the snow globe. So I used a Pilot
Envelope Addressing Pen to write the phrase be
merry along the very bottom, and it was a little off center so I decided to
add a little loop to the very front of the phrase. And that finishes
the cards for today. Hope you guys enjoyed, you can check out
this new release over at the Purple
Onion Designs website. I’ll have links down on my
supply section and at my blog, and I encourage you to check
out all of their stamps. They’re really, really cute, this is a new brand for me. My first time
using their designs and I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for watching, I will see you guys on Monday for day 15 of the
Holiday Card Series. (cheerful music)

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