Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 6 – Masked & Blended Tree

Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 6 – Masked & Blended Tree

(upbeat music) – [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. This is day six of the
Holiday Card Series for 2017 and today I’m going to be using the Snowflakes stamp
set from Avery Elle. They do have a
coordinating dye set that you see on screen right now but I’m just going to be
using the stamps today to create a really fun, gold
embossed Christmas tree card. I’m going to start out by creating a mask for
my Christmas tree. I found the center
of my card stock here and this is four
and a quarter wide by five and a half inch tall Neenah Solar White card stock. And I just made a
mark that’s just shy of one inch from the
very bottom of the card. And I’m gonna draw
a horizontal line. And then I made a
mark at the center top and that’s going to be the
top of my Christmas tree. I’m gonna take some two-inch
wide Post-it masking tape and I put that along the bottom. And I’m just taping this
down to my work surface. I decided to move that
dot up just a little bit on the center top of the card, then I’m gonna put my Post-it
tape right on that dot and kind of swing it around and bring it down
onto the very bottom. This is going to create the
side of the Christmas tree then I’m gonna take another
strip of Post-it tape and I’m going to meet it up
with that dot that I’ve drawn and then bring it
down to the bottom. And doing it this way just
having a few measurements helps me get a Christmas
tree completely centered in the middle of
this card stock. Starting out with some
Distress Ink colors, this is the color Crushed Olive. I’m using a mini
round blending tool to blend on the color. And I’m mostly bringing
in this color in the top and a little bit down
onto the right side. And then I took the
color Forest Moss and this is more of a subdued, almost more of a brownish green. And I’ve put them
in on the side. And then the final
color is Pine Needles and I’m gonna bring that
up in the bottom corner and up to the side and have it meet both
of those other colors where the overlap will sort
of create additional colors. So, my vision for
this was I wanted a Christmas tree shape with just different shades
and tones of green so that it looks a
little bit ethereal. And I really loved
how the Pine Needles overlapped the Crushed
Olive and the Forest Moss and give it a
really cool effect. I’m pulling off all
of my masking tape, all of my Post-it tape and you can set those
aside and use them for other cards if you want. Or even the same card,
just make duplicates. And I’m just
setting those aside. And I love how crisp
those lines are from all the blending. Now, I’m gonna start in
on all of my stamping and I’m going to
arrange my stamps over top of this Christmas tree. I’m doing this now before
I prep for all my stamping because I’m just letting
the Christmas tree dry as much as I can. Distress Ink even if
it’s dry to the touch it still takes a
little bit more time for it to completely dry down, so you don’t want to put
your embossing powder on this right away
because it will just stick the entire triangle
Christmas tree area. I’m gonna use a pencil and just put a little mark
right on this grid paper that I have in my MISTI tool and that’s just gonna
give me a good guide for where I need to
place that card stock back into my MISTI when
I’m ready to stamp. Now I’m doing a
bunch of prepping to make sure this area is ready
for heat embossing powder. I’m heat setting this, I’m helping the ink
to dry some more and then I’m taking an
anti-static powder tool and going over that
entire tree area. I’m very generously
applying this powder. I don’t want any of my
gold embossing powder to stick to areas where
I haven’t stamped. And because I don’t
want it to do that I’m gonna test it before
I even start stamping because if it sticks now then I can brush it off
and then dry it some more and put more powder in,
some anti-static powder to try to get this ready. All that I’ve done so far
seems to have done the trick, so I’m putting my
card stock piece back into my MISTI tool and I’m gonna go ahead
and coat this another time with my anti-static powder tool. I don’t want this
gold embossing powder going anywhere where
I don’t want it. I’m taking my VersaMark Ink Pad and I’m inking up my snowflakes and also that greeting making sure I get a really nice coating of my VersaMark Ink and then I’ll press down. And I’m really pressing down on each one of these
snowflakes on the greeting. I’m making sure I
hit all those points because I pretty much know I’m not really gonna have a
chance to stamp this again just because I knew that
the stamp would be sticking, kind of pull up that
paper and move it around. Now I’m using some
gold embossing powder, this is from Brutus Monroe, this is the color Guilded. And like I mentioned in
a couple videos back, I’m trying out the Brutus
Monroe embossing powder and I’ve really been impressed with the colors
I’ve used so far. I’ve used the white and now I’ve used
this gold shade and it is a very
finely milled powder. I’ve been really
impressed with it. I’m gonna keep using it
for a little while longer but this might be my go-to
gold embossing powder. I’m heat setting that
with my heat tool until all of that powder
is smooth and melted. And then I’m going to trim
down this Christmas tree piece just a little bit because I didn’t
want it quite so big and had to have quite so much
space around the outside. I’m trimming this down
to five inches tall by three and three
quarters wide. And I’m also going to be adding
some gold paper behind it so I’ll be doing that
in a minute here. I’m scoring some white card
stock for my card base, this is Neenah Solar
White 110 pound and then here’s that gold paper, this is some Gold Foil
specialty paper from Altenew and I’m gonna cut this so
that it’s just slightly bigger than my Christmas tree piece. And I just want a
little bit of this gold to be sticking out around
the edges of my stamped and ink-blended pieces. Using some Tombow
Xtreme Adhesive just to adhere
these two together. And it’s going to
give a really nice, little thin narrow border
around this entire piece. Put some foam
adhesive on the back and then I’m placing that
down onto the card front. And that finishes
the card for today. I think this would
be really, really fun to do a series of cards where you change up the
color of the Christmas tree. You could even make
one more rainbow or shades of blue and purple
would be really pretty as well. So this is day six of
the Holiday Card Series. I’ll be back tomorrow
with day seven. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you
guys next time. (lively music)

100 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 6 – Masked & Blended Tree

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