Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 14 – Snow Buddies

Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 14 – Snow Buddies

(calming music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day 14 of the
Holiday Card Series for 2018. Before I get into today’s card, I wanna let you guys know
about a new holiday card class at, that I’m teaching with Jennifer McGuire. We just announced it over the weekend, and there’s a whole list
of amazing guest artists that are joining us for class. This class is all about clean
and simple holiday cards that are easy to mass produce, and that really pack a lot of punch and have some awesome style to them. So if you want to take that class, I’ll have a link down below, and also, I’m giving away three spots in the class. So if you want to be
entered into the giveaway to win a free spot in class, just click on the link down below that’s for my monthly giveaways, and you could possibly win a spot in class. So today’s card features a stamp set, or a couple stamp sets from Honey Bee. So I was at an art
retreat a few weeks ago, and I actually saw this stamp set in person, by the person who designed it, and I was like, I need that stamp set. I need it. So thankfully, Melissa, the owner of Honey Bee, was very kind enough to send this stamp set to me, and here I am, making a card for you guys. Hope you guys enjoy,
and let’s get into it. So the stamp set I’m using, which started this whole card design,
is called Snow Buddies, and not only does it have
these really cute snowmen in it, but it also has all the accessories for the snowmen, and then
some bunnies and birds. So I’m gonna be using
mainly the snowmen today, but I will bring in one of the birds. I’m mostly using the Fa La La stamp set from Honey Bee as my greeting, and I’m gonna start out
by doing a rough stamping of my card design so that I can get all the spacing just right. So I’ve got my greeting on there, and I also have the three snowmen. Now, this greeting, if you’re looking at the final card, you’re wondering, why did the greeting have to move? Well, I eventually got all my stamping and painting done, and then that greeting just didn’t look quite right in that spot, so I did end up moving it. Anyway, so I’m, moving on, I’m stamping all the little accessories on the snowmen, and also the little bird on top of that middle snowman, and then I’m going to take the elements that need to be masked, and I’m
gonna stamp those first. These are the elements that intersect with the lines of the
snowmen, so I’m going to create paper masks for them, to protect the interior
areas of these images, so that when I stamp the
snowmen, it won’t overlap. So I’ve stamped each one of those in some black ink onto masking paper, and then I fussy cut around each image so that I can place it on my
card design, here, in a minute. So I’m using some watercolor paper, today. This is Arches cold
press watercolor paper, and I’m going to be creating
a five by seven card. So I had a scrap of watercolor paper that was exactly seven inches wide, so I just had it seven inches wide by about five and a half tall, because I’m gonna be putting some tape around the edges, and I
wanted a little bit more room. Normally, I would have the dimension of the watercolor paper
be seven and a half, but since I was using a
scrap of watercolor paper, I just went with the seven. So I stamped those four images, and then I put the masks on top. This is going to protect those areas, like I mentioned before, and then I’ll go ahead and stamp all three snowmen. The black ink I’m using today
is a Versafine Onyx Black, it’s a pigment ink, and it’s fantastic for stamping onto watercolor paper when you’re gonna paint over the top, because it’s waterproof and
it won’t smear or smudge. Now, because the watercolor
paper is textured, it was a good idea to
stamp the images twice so that I could get
really solid black lines. And I did that with all
of the images except for when I stamp the arms, and at the end of the video, you’ll be
able to see the difference in what was stamped twice and
what was stamped only once, and I’ll point that out
to you when we get there. So I stamped all the arms
and the little bird on top. In fact, I changed which
bird I used because I wanted to use this little bit
taller bird, instead. So then I removed the masks. You can see that it made it so all those images look like they’re on top of the snowmen, and then I saved those masks on the back of my stamp set. So I’ve taped down my watercolor piece to a hard board using
some blue painter’s tape. I’m gonna go around those edges to make sure everything’s glued or adhered down really strongly, and then I’m going to be using some watercolor paints today. I’m using my Mijello
Mission Gold watercolor set, and I’m just going to paint the snowmen, and I’m also going to
paint the background sky. And I’m gonna turn on some Christmas music so that you can enjoy the painting. I’ll be back in just a few more minutes to finish up the card. (Beautiful Christmas by Katrina Stone) I wanted to create a snow scene above the snowmen, so I’m going to be splattering some
white gouache on top, and to protect the snowmen
that are already painted, I decided to just use my kind
of rough-stamped card design, and I cut that out, and
then I placed it on top, and I’m just going to have
those areas protect the painting while I splatter on some white gouache. So I’m gonna take a little tiny dollop of this white paint, and
I’ll add a little bit of water using a paintbrush, just so that it’s thin enough
that I can splatter it, and then I’ll run it off the edge of this acrylic block and
splatter on some dots. It’s a really fast way
to get some snow falling. And I find, doing it this way, that I have a lot more control over where that splatter goes, so that I don’t have it speckling
my entire work area. So I wanted to add a few more snowflakes, just to get closer to the snowmen, so I’m drawing these
on with my paintbrush, just dropping a little bit of paint down, drawing a little circle. After that was dry, I
moved onto the greeting, and I kind of played around with where the greeting would be placed. I realized that, with the dimension of my watercolor piece, here, that if I tried to put the greeting directly above that middle snowman,
where the bird is, that it would be too high, and then my card wouldn’t fit on a five by, or my design wouldn’t fit on
a five by seven card base. So I moved the greeting off to the side and kind of rearranged
the words a little bit, and then I prepped that area with an anti-static powder tool, and stamped the greeting in Versamark ink. And I stamped this twice, just because I want a really solid image, just like when I stamped the images in black, and I needed to stamp them twice. I already know that,
because of the texture of this watercolor
paper, that I would need to stamp the greeting twice, as well. So I sprinkled on some
gold embossing powder. This is the color Gilded,
from Brutus|Monroe, and then I used my heat tool to heat-set this until it was smooth and melted, and gives it some nice
metallic gold shine. I adhered my watercolor piece to a five by seven card base using some foam tape, and I just placed this on. And because I had some
weird dimensions going on, trying to make sure I
fit that greeting on there, it was cut a little bit short on the side. So after I have it on my card base, I’m gonna take my paper trimmer and just trim off, it was a little over an eighth of an inch, just to square that up so it’s more even all around. So you notice that those arms on the snowmen are quite a bit wider. That’s because I only stamped those once, so to finish off the
card, I used a black pen and went all of those arms, and this just makes them look,
makes them not stand out, basically, compared to all the other black lines on the stamped images. And that finishes up the
entire card for day 14. I really love how that card turned out even though I did have
some dimension issues, there, and I had to change up my design. I really love how it
turned out in the end. Before you go, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
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for you to check out. These are the day 14 videos
for the years 2017 and 2016, and if you wanna see the day 14 videos for even more years in the past, I’ll have those listed down
below in the video description. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday for day 15.

73 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 14 – Snow Buddies

  1. You make this look so effortless! I wish I could watercolor like you, I suck at it! What kind of paint brushes are you currently using? I can't seem to find any I like! Awesome card!!!

  2. wow, thanks so much. Love watching the seasonal cards you make every year. It must be so fun to do, and great to receive as so much work goes into them. Looking forward to the rest of the card series for the holidays this year and some decorative envelopes- which I also love to watch. Thank you 🙂

  3. I binge watch your videos , especially to watch your water coloring inspirations. This is a super example to add to my favorites! Have a wonderful holiday season, Kristina! You rock! Thanks for all the inspiration you give to me, a 70 something great grandma!

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  8. Oh My Gosh Kristina! This card is soo soo stinking cute! I love the snowmen especially the one in the center! Great addition to this years Holiday card series! Thanks for sharing this video. sincerely, Katz Baugh

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